5 tips on using a home foot bath

Last Updated: 28.09.22

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Set up your home foot bath properly.

Set the foot bath directly on the floor to ensure stability and level support on all sides. This enables you to sit in a relaxed and comfortable position with no awkward angles on any side that can prevent you from enjoying the foot soak fully. The foot bath should be used indoors, not outdoors, as it is designed to be. Choose a cool and open area of the house, distant from any heat-generating sources. You want heat on your feet and having it duplicated all around you will not be comfortable at all. When you use the foot bath in an open space in the home, the air ducts of the unit are also kept from being blocked so there’s no danger of overheating.


Sit comfortably and ensure safe use.

Refrain from using the foot bath around pets and children. You never know if your favorite pet would suddenly decide to join your feet in the hot tub. Curious children could easily just get into that nice-looking foot bath where mommy is soaking her feet while reading a magazine. Remember, you need complete relaxation while in a comfortable chair and you can’t afford to have the kids running around you and disturbing the peace–particularly your peace of mind. You use the foot spa to calm down and not get worked up with distraction from your kids. You want relaxation and not stress, safety and not an accident waiting to happen. Avoid using an extension cord that can get unplugged easily or trip someone.


Use the foot bath properly.

Remember to take note of any medical conditions that will not allow use of the foot bath, including diabetes, varicose veins, open sores, etc.

Do not put the foot spa on a carpet or soft mat, since many models already incorporate splash guards. Besides, a soft carpet or mat won’t keep the unit level and steady. Once you have the perfect spot, you can fill the tub to the maximum level of water stated in the manual or indicated on the tub itself. Then, plug the foot bath in and switch the power on prior to putting your feet in the tub. This prevents having to awkwardly reach over for the outlet when you’re already seated in the chair, which can cause accidents especially when the unit has mobility casters.

Let the foot bath warm up to the desired temperature setting. Make sure you already have your foot care products and formulations within reach so as not to interrupt the treatment, and make doubly sure too that the unit allows use of such products with it.


Use accessories as directed.

Ionizing foot baths come with coils that deliver detoxification, so follow directions on how to use those components. If you want to incorporate a pedicure with the treatment, make sure that your feet are soaked completely to soften the skin prior to using a pumice stone, which many units ship with. You might also use an exfoliating or skin-removing tool that will not be too rough on the skin of your feet.

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Clean after use.

Remove your feet from inside the tub before you switch the foot spa off or unplug it from the outlet. To ensure that your foot spa continues to pamper your feet for years, be sure to clean it after every use, which also prevents the growth of bacteria or germs from infections. Most foot baths feature static drainage valves that let you easily drain out the water easily. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning.