Advantages of ionic foot baths

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Every single day, you get exposed to pollutants and toxic chemicals such as the pesticides and herbicides used to grow the fresh produce we eat. A special treatment referred to as the ionic footbath claims to be designed to rid the body of those harmful toxins by drawing them out via the soles of your feet.

2.Advantages of ionic foot baths


How is an ionic foot bath used?


During an ionic foot bath treatment, you soak your feet in a tub filled with saltwater. A minute electric charge is added to the water by employing electrodes. Those who passionately support this kind of technology have argued that the electric charge generated during the treatment effectively draws accumulated toxins out through the skin of the feet, making those harmful elements exit through the nerve endings in the feet via the pores of the skin.

This renders the pH of your body alkaline, a process that transforms the clear water in the tub to a murky brown color, or black or orange. The color change is attributed to the toxins that are released during treatment, with energy getting rebalanced through the entire process. Ionic foot bath proponents also boast that this type of equipment helps reduce pain, heightens energy levels and provides relief from insomnia, allergies and a range of other medical conditions after sessions. This is aside from the device being able to remove parasites such as pinworms, along with nicotine, mucus and perhaps even heavy metals in your system.



The Ionic Foot Bath Proponents vs. the Oppositionists


Despite the physical manifestation of the supposed ‘toxins’ that are removed from the body via the change in color in the foot bath water, opponents to the whole concept of the system say that the ionic water will change color on its own as a natural occurrence, and not because it draws out the toxins through the feet. Some go as far as to cite that the body is able to eliminate toxins on its own without being aided by an ionic or detox foot bath. In a study of both urine and hair samples of subjects that used ionic foot baths, it was found that there was no significant benefit to the detox foot bath systems.

The liver is where actual detoxification happens, in which foreign substances, such as impurities in the blood, get transformed for further processing through the kidneys and for elimination through urination and other means of excretion. Adhesive devices or detox foot pads have even been made that supposedly remove toxins through the skin of your feet.However, this claim was shot down by a study that states that the reason people feel better after treatments with such devices was because they had already expected they would prior to undergoing said treatments.


Ionic foot bath manufacturers have one thing going for them: foot spas have already been proven to deliver relief from anxiety and tension, which gives users a feeling of relaxation and well being that may be magnified many times over with the special magic that an ionic foot bath adds to the equation. Whether it’s good hormones that stimulate the body’s immune system to grow stronger and better equipped to fight the daily stress and anxiety you experience everyday, or the detox array in the foot bath itself, is not really that important. What you need to focus on more is if you get relieved of your health complaints, even just a little at a time, who knows what wondrous thing could really happen to your overall health with regular use of an ionic foot bath? Besides, having a heated foot spa you can use in the comfort of your home every day won’t hurt, right?