Aqua Cleanse Ionic Detox – Complete review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


The Aqua Cleanse Ionic Detox comes with all the features a prospective buyer might ever want to look for. It has a vast array of accessories that come with the pack and is capable of providing the advantages of virtually any type of ionic foot spas that now exist on the market.

The package includes several items, ranging from the actual machine to a variety of extras. On this account, you’ll have the pleasant surprise of realizing that the pack you’ll have shipped will be composed of 2 packs of detox arrays, a pack of pH testing kits, a wristband, a power cable, the tub as well as an instruction manual.


The New Ionic Detox Foot Bath by Aqua Cleanse is both convenient and affordable, as it can be bought for as little as one hundred and sixty dollars online. Some marketplaces including trusted retailers such as Amazon often times organize sales and discounts, which is why some buyers may be lucky enough to purchase it at an even more reasonable price.

Although it was primarily destined for the use of professionals, the Aqua Cleanse Ionic Detox can be utilized by beginners and people who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy. On this account, the user manual seems to give a helping hand to individuals who might be struggling with operating the device.

In spite of its efficiency and excellent performance, it might be worth noting that this machine should not be used by people suffering from chronic conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes. Besides, individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy are kindly asked to refrain from utilizing the foot bath. It goes without saying that using the model while one has open wounds on their feet will inevitably cause more damage than bring forth benefits.


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Benefits of using the product


Millions of people out there are suffering from some type of chemical imbalance. Multiple studies show that utilizing a foot spa cleaning system has a lot of benefits when it comes to reestablishing the natural balance of a person’s body. This machine has been specially designed to do just that. Body purification isn’t that hard to achieve provided you use the right device, and this one seems to be the good option for people looking to feel better and improve the circulation in their feet.

The neatest thing about using this product is that it alleviates pain localized in the foot and leg area. Furthermore, it’s a tremendous help when it comes to removing back and neck pain. If you ever feel like the rollers in the machine are making you feel somewhat uncomfortable, you can always remove them and still get the same benefits.



Owner feedback


Even though the Aqua Cleanse Ionic Detox is the best rated foot spa on the market today, there have been some minor customer complaints. The majority of these issues have been reported by people who claim that the rollers aren’t all that comfortable. However, once the users have removed them, they have started to enjoy utilizing the product.


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