Aveda Foot Relief – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


It contains a mix of effective ingredients

There are many options available on the market, but not all of them feature a blend of ingredients that work together to ensure excellent results. However, Aveda’s Foot Relief Cream is one of the effective alternatives, since it contains high-quality ingredients.

The exfoliating fruit acids get your skin ready to enjoy the full benefits of plant-derived oils, such as jojoba and castor oils. This means that you’ll get all of the results that you want right away.

It’s nicely scented

The lavender and rosemary oils included in the formula provide a wide range of benefits, such as soothing your feet after a long day and maintaining the skin healthier and protected against tough conditions, but they also ensure a very nice scent.

This will keep your feet happy and ready for new adventures since it means giving them the needed attention and care at the end of a long day. You will most probably enjoy this cream for both its quick results and its nice smell.


It comes in a convenient size

The 4.2 oz. size is highly convenient, as you can take it with you anywhere you go and, therefore, be able to enjoy its benefits all the time. If you know that you have a long day ahead and that your feet will need a little extra help along the way, you can grab the cream on your way out and, if needed, apply it throughout the day.


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Benefits of using the product


Invigorates tired feet

If you are active for a considerable amount of time and experience sore and tired feet when the evening comes, then the high-quality ingredients used in this cream will surely come in handy. The product is formulated to provide relief right away.

The lavender included is definitely a very nice addition, since it’s well-known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Plus, it also has an analgesic effect, besides the nice scent, so your feet will enjoy many benefits if you regularly use this product.

Moisturizes the skin

The jojoba and castor oil that this cream features ensure a deep moisturization, as they penetrate inferior layers of the skin and provide excellent results right where they are needed. If you are dealing with rough, dry skin, then the active herbs, exfoliating fruit acids and plant-derived oils included in the mix are an excellent way to resolve this issue.


Helps deodorize

Thanks to the lavender and rosemary oils, this cream has a very nice scent that ensures a good deodorization, besides many other benefits. So if you want to make your feet feel spoiled throughout the entire day, you should definitely give this product a try.



Owner feedback


Having favorable reviews at most online retailers, it’s pretty obvious that this cream enjoys popularity among the customers who have tried it or are continually using it. The top benefits mentioned are its effectiveness when it comes to relieving sore feet, as well as its quick and complete absorption into the skin with no greasy traces left behind.


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