AW 80W – Complete Review

Last Updated: 26.05.19


Main product characteristics


The AW 80W comes with easy to operate controls so that you are always in charge of the treatment of your feet. One of the things that puts people off when it comes to performing foot massages at home is that they cannot easily reach their feet, let alone massage them. A unit like the one presented here makes everything possible, and it comes with an affordable price tag, on top of it all. You simply place your feet inside the unit, you turn it on using the buttons conveniently placed on the top, and then enjoy a great relaxing massage of your feet.

1.AW 80W Heat Kneading Rolling Leg Calves Ankle Foot Massager

This model does more than just massaging your feet. It can also massage your calves, which is very beneficial for people who need a more extensive treatment. Especially runners and people who are exercising can benefit from this, since their muscles tend to become sore after spending time at the gym or jogging. Nonetheless, the unit is not limited to them and anyone can use it.

The heating function comes in handy, as well. It is well known that heat therapy is very beneficial for one’s health, and, in combination with applying massage on a sore, painful area, it enhances the benefits of the massage, helping it reach deeper into the tissue.


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Benefits of using the product


When your feet feel sore and tired, there is nothing better to experience than a foot massage. However, going to a therapist and paying for each session is not something everyone can afford. The AW 80W is a handy solution that helps you get rid of the soreness and fatigue in your legs in an efficient, affordable manner. For the personal care of your feet, this model is highly recommended.

You will enjoy better blood circulation in your feet and overall, after you are using this machine, in connection with its heating function. Heating promotes better blood flow in your legs, and since you can massage your feet and your calves at the same time, the benefits are extensive.

You can also use this unit for relieving stress and enjoying relaxation at its best. When your feet are relaxed and well taken care of, you feel more relaxed, as well. With relaxation, other benefits will be enjoyed. You will be able to sleep better at night, and your overall stress levels will be reduced. No matter how many problems you have to face every day, once you turn to your faithful foot massager in the evening, and get a session of massage, you will feel better and rejuvenated.

2.AW 80W Heat Kneading Rolling Leg Calves Ankle Foot Massager


Owner feedback


A customer mentioned that this is not a unit for tall people since it cannot accommodate them well. At the same time, other customers praise the power of this foot massager and say that it really serves the purposes of driving away the pain and fatigue accumulated in the legs over the duration of an entire day.


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