Belmint All in One – Complete Review

Last Updated: 24.08.19


Main product characteristics


Adjustable temperature settings put you in control

When you are receiving a relaxing foot massage at a spa, you can hardly complain that the water is too cold or too hot. Each person is different and what may feel hot for one person can be cold to another. This issue is easily solved by the Belmint All in One by employing adjustable temperature controls that can be used for nailing exactly the right temperature so you can feel comfortable and relax to your heart’s content. You will hear an alarm sound when the water reaches the desired temperature, for maximum convenience. At the same time, the unit will automatically reheat the water, so you can spend as long as you need enjoying your foot treatment.



Three massage settings are offered

While it may not provide the same numerous treatments as a spa, this unit can still help you feel relaxed and treated with care, by offering you three massage settings. Pressing the Auto button will make the switch between massage types, so you can receive a complete treatment. The Infrared option contributes to healthy circulation, while the massage for feet and calves make sure that you get the best out of your foot spa session.


The unit comes with auto shut-off function

Since this foot spa and massager comes with a timer, it is good for your peace of mind to know that the unit can shut down on its own, once the scheduled program is over. This way, you will not risk any unpleasant accidents and you will not have to worry about extra power consumption either.


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Benefits of using the product


It relaxes your mind and body

This is more than a simple unit that heats water and lets you soak your feet in it. This one comes with infrared technology that is used for increasing blood circulation, help you get rid of pains in your legs, while relaxing both your body and mind.


You will receive a calming massage

The role of hot water is to help you relax and become calmer. At the same time, the unit provides you with a soothing rolling massage that makes the accumulated tension dissipate, so you can sleep well and enjoy an overall better life. Stress is our number one enemy in this day and age, and this machine helps you relieve all the stress and become relaxed.


Ideal massage therapy is provided

Massage has the role of good therapy that applies to both your body and mind. When your feet relax, your mind relaxes, as well, and that is why you can benefit greatly from the massage therapy provided by this foot spa and massager. Since you have it at home, you can enjoy such a relaxing massage every day without having to visit the spa.



Owner feedback


Buyers highly appreciate being able to control the unit with the help of a remote, so they never have to bend. As it comes with a handle and wheels, the unit can be moved around with ease, so you do not have to carry in your arms to the bathroom when you want to drain it. Overall, buyers are impressed with the relaxing effect of this foot spa and massager.


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