Belmint Shiatsu – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


First things first, the Belmint Shiatsu is, as its name indicates, a Shiatsu foot massager that eliminates the need to go to a specialized therapist that will cost you a great deal of money, besides having you schedule an appointment and leaving your home. With this foot massager, you will no longer have to leave your home in order to enjoy a great and effective Shiatsu massage. The model comes with two independent chambers in which you will insert your feet and then let the machine work its magic.

1. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

This model has two important functions: kneading and vibration. The kneading functionality delivers a deep tissue massage that will make sure that the pressure points in your feet are properly massaged. As you may well know, these pressure points are connected with the vital organs inside your body, so a good foot massage will help your overall health in more ways than one. The vibration functionality helps soothe the pain in your feet and will make the pain go away.

You can personalize the settings of the unit, so you get the massage you really want. For people who are very particular about their foot massages, this is a great feature and one that is worth mentioning here. The control panel has soft touch buttons that are very easy to operate, so it is really convenient to put the unit to work.



Benefits of using the product


There are many benefits related to Shiatsu massaging techniques that have been around for centuries. All these benefits can be enjoyed when using the Belmint Shiatsu. The ancient Asian medicine dedicates a particular chapter to acupuncture and other massaging techniques considered to be responsible for preventing diseases in the body, curing them and offering after treatment. By applying the exact needed pressure on the acupuncture points located on the sole of the foot, this foot massager delivers the same benefits as a massage performed by a professional therapist. You will enjoy overall better health and you will be able to live your life in a more satisfying manner.

The way this foot massager works increases the blood circulation in your feet. The feet represent the foundation of the human body, and we count on them more than we may be aware of. By offering the feet proper tender loving care and improving blood flow in the area, the feet will be more relaxed and you will feel more relaxed, as a whole.

You will enjoy the great quality of this machine as a stress reliever. Since the machine never tires, you will be able to take advantage of its stress relieving benefits for as long as you need.

2. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager


Owner feedback


One issue mentioned by a few consumers is that the heating function leaves something to be desired, since it is not very quick. However, since the unit allows you to fiddle with the controls and choose the type of massage you want, they praise it nonetheless and say that it is one of the best they have ever tried.