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Last Updated: 26.05.19


Affordable foot baths – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best cheap foot spa but you do not have enough time to research the best models available, this short paragraph will tell you everything you have to know. Out of all the products we researched, the Kendal MS0810M is the best you can find right now. An all in one model, this one combines the benefits of heating therapy, bubble massage and vibration treatment. The foot spa is perfectly capable of maintaining the same temperature for best results. The high quality plastic it is made from is heat resistant. In case the Kendal MS0810M is out of stock, the Kendal MS0809M is a second great choice.




Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Modern life can be pretty hectic, and that can makes us feel stressed and tired, without the much needed energy for getting back in the saddle the next day. At the end of the day, when you wish for nothing but to relax, the best way to do that is by getting your feet soaked into hot water. While you can do this by taking a large plastic bowl and filling it with hot water from the tap, a better choice would be a foot spa. These simple machines can guarantee great relaxation, since they come equipped with all kinds of features that will help you relax much better. We have read plenty of the best cheap foot spa reviews in 2019 to know what features are the most important and we are going to share them with you now.


Efficient heating and temperature maintaining feature

If you do not want to just move from the bathroom to the foot spa and then back and back again, just to refill the small tub with hot water, you should really get a model that is capable of heating its own water. This is a common trait for all the best cheap foot spas, and you should keep it in mind. The manufacturer will let you know in the specs about what temperature can be achieved and if the model comes with a safe heating element. Keeping the water at the same temperature throughout your treatment is equally important, so you can truly enjoy the best relaxation.


Necessary massage features

You will notice that various models on the market come equipped with all kinds of massaging features. For instance, you should definitely get a model that has rollers, because you will be able to activate all the relaxation points in the soles of your feet, for stimulating good circulation. Vibration is another great feature, because it contributes to relaxing your feet more and even faster. Other technologies used like oxygen bubbles, cascade therapy, wave therapy or infrared, can be useful, although they are not indispensable. The more you can get at a cheap price, the better.



Do not forget about convenience. Get a foot spa that comes with a clever drainage system and possible with rolling casters, so you can move it around, even when it is filled with water, without putting too much effort into it.


Models that we liked


The best cheap foot spas currently available are showcased below.



Kendal MS0810M


1-kendal-ms0810mThe best rated foot spa is, without a doubt, the Kendal MS0810M. Any kind of therapy you may be after for complete relaxation, you will find in this all in one model.

Heating therapy is great for relaxing after an entire day of working hard, and blood circulation is greatly improved. The oxygen bubble massage feature is a nice extra that contributes to further relaxation.

The high frequency vibration used is a guarantee for smoothing the meridians, so that natural energy can regain its flow throughout your body.

If you really care about your health, relaxing every day will help you a great deal. It is important to know that this model uses a high quality heating semiconductor that heats up your water fast and manages to maintain it at a constant temperature, so you can enjoy your foot bath.

Rollers are installed for helping you unwind, and you will notice how fast you will kiss fatigue goodbye when you are using this foot spa.


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Kendal MS0809M


2-kendal-ms0809mYou will get the same great foot treatments you could only find in a spa, if you decide to give this particular model a try.

The Kendal MS0809M offers 3 pre-set programs that combine vibration with heating and oxygen bubble therapy.

Depending on what kind of stimulation you want, you can choose from these different programs.

This model is built for giving you the best relaxation, helping you get rid of fatigue and improve blood circulation in the body. Your metabolism will be easily stimulated and your Qi system will benefit greatly.

Knowledge about ancient Chinese massage therapy is invested in how this foot spa is built, so you will get nothing but the best, without having to leave your home and pay the hefty fee required at a brick and mortar spa.

The self drainage option is a great plus, since it offers you maximum convenience.


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Dr. Scholls DRFB7008B1


3-dr-scholls-drfb7008b1The best foot spa reviews also mention the Dr. Scholls among the most appreciated models currently available.

Your tired feet are in for some royal treatment when you are in need of some soothing massage.

This is exactly what this machine can offer you and you will feel delighted with the results.

You will love soaking your feet in hot water and the best part is that you do not have to move for refills, since the water will be maintained at just the right temperatures.

The basin is designed with dual massage rollers that will activate all the relaxation points in the soles of your feet. This massage promotes great overall health and you will feel rejuvenated after you are done with it.

The waterproof control means that you will not make a mess on the floor, and the splash guard is there to guarantee exactly that.


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