Best compression socks for pregnancy

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Compression socks for pregnancy – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


Although magical, pregnancy comes with a lot of changes in the mother’s body, some of them irreversible. Skin breakouts, mood swings, sweating, and swollen feet represent only a few of the symptoms you will experience throughout your pregnancy. And, while other changes won’t affect your health or your daily routine too much, swollen feet are certainly an inconvenience, so you must search for the best compression socks for pregnancy to get rid of it. We think that a reliable item for you from this category would be the Physix Gear Sport Compression. The socks are perfect for both men and women and will improve your blood circulation. You can use them during the pregnancy months or when performing your favorite sports activities. They also provide increased support for your ankles. If this product is not available for sale right away, you may consider the MadeMother Pregnancy Compression as a viable alternative.



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Compression socks are used to treat and diminish the symptoms of a lot of feet-associated problems, so finding the right pair should be your number one concern. Perhaps, these following tips will help you choose some cheap compression socks for pregnancy that will do you good.

Purpose of good compression socks for pregnancy

Compression socks come in a wide variety of shapes and forms and serve plenty of purposes. The medical-grade compression socks are great for treating different medical conditions, while others are specifically designed for people with limited physical activity. Other types of socks are made for athletes, pregnant women or those who travel a lot.

Although compression socks come in various levels of compression, most people will require it to be around 20 mmHg. The socks designed for pregnant women will fight against swelling and will also offer extra support for the ankles to avoid injuries caused by weight gain.


Materials used

Originally made of spandex, nowadays compression socks can be found in a variety of materials, including rubber, lycra or nylon. Usually, these products are made of a combination of fabrics to ensure maximum flexibility, freedom of movement, and breathability for your feet and legs.

Keep in mind that you can develop allergies or skin sensibility to certain fabrics while you’re pregnant, so it would be best to first try on various types before deciding on the right pair for you. And if you still have doubts, we suggest you go through some online reviews of compression socks for pregnancy to read the opinions of other customers.


Size and tips for wearing

Finding the right size is essential. Women will go through some critical body transformations during the nine months of pregnancy, including gain weight. This is why you will probably require multiple pairs of socks in various sizes.

To determine the right size, you should measure yourself carefully and then compare your results with the sizing chart provided by the manufacturing company.  

You can wear the item under your pants while performing your daily tasks. It is perfect if you have an office job or tend to walk a lot.


And while we cannot decide which pair would be the perfect match for you, we did come up with a list of three products that you might be interested in. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need about them.


Models that we liked



Physix Gear Sport Compression


This pair of socks was designed to fit both men and women. It comes in various sizes and styles, so make sure to purchase the one that best suits your body shape, needs, and personality.

The product is made of high-quality materials that allow your skin to breathe while still keeping your legs tight. It features a double-stitched antibacterial fabric to avoid getting in contact with fungi or bacteria that might jeopardize your health.

We like that the socks can serve a variety of purposes, including for skiing, cycling or when you spend most of the day at the office. This pair of socks is durable and offers the perfect support on your heel and toe area. It will help you get rid of tension, fight against varicose veins, and will also prevent your feet from swelling.

Moreover, the product also provides support to your ankles.


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MadeMother Pregnancy Compression


This cute pair of socks is available in two different sizes, perfect for women with feet sizes US 5-9 or US 9.5-12. The product is designed to provide instant relief from pain, swelling, and fatigue. It offers true medical-grade graduated compression of 25-30 mmHg for your feet and ankles, and 15-20 mmHg around the calf area and in the middle of the leg.

Therefore, they are comfortable to wear and come with great support. The socks are perfect for a wide array of leg medical conditions, including thrombosis, edema, cramps, DVT, fatigue, swelling or varicose veins.

What we also liked about these socks is that they come with adjustable sleeve cuffs to ensure the perfect fit, no matter if you’re petite, tall, thin or overweight. Therefore, you will be able to use the product even after your nine months of pregnancy whenever you will feel the need.


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HLTPRO Compression Socks


Are you tired of the same dull designs when it comes to compression socks? Step into a world full of color and fantasy with the new line of socks from HLTPRO, specifically designed for athletes, mothers-to-be or avid travelers.

The product is available in multiple colors and prints so you can choose the pair that best matches your outfit and personality. You can also pick between two different sizes – Small/ Medium or Large/ X-Large.

The high compression level of 20-30 mmHg will keep your legs energized throughout the day. The socks are perfect for athletes who want to go the extra mile or for pregnant women who suffer from swollen feet on a regular basis. They are designed to offer pain relief and support to all areas of your leg and foot so that you can wear them whenever you want. The poly-nylon fabric is soft, comfortable and moisture absorbent.


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