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Last Updated: 28.09.22


Detox bath soaks – Ratings & reviews 2022


If you plan on pampering yourself but have no clue which are the best detox bath soaks out there on the market then here is a helping hand from our research team that compiled all the data for you. Our focus was to gather information from all available user reviews, experts feedback, and public test products. In the end, we agreed that the product that meets all the important features, mentioned below as well, is the San Francisco Salt Bath Company 817678010404. This product is amazing for the simple reason that it offers a triple action treatment, such as body detoxification, skin therapy and muscle ache soothing. If, by any chance, the San Francisco Salt Bath Company 817678010404 is out of stock, opt for Better Bath Better Body 643217821541, which is the next best thing on our list.



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Forget the doubts about what bath salts to buy. Keep reading and make sure to pay attention to the must have features that best detox bath soak reviews recommend. Don’t worry if you still feel lost in the world of bath soaks and spices because our suggestions are chosen very carefully, according to a perfect price-benefit balance.


Look for natural ingredients

The most important feature about bath salts, according to best bath soak reviews, is the ingredients they are made of. It is optimal to buy products that contain only natural ingredients that are skin friendly and provide actual benefits for aches and detox therapy. This way, the minerals and the nutrients from these natural elements keep the skin soft, smooth and supple. Plus, it’s way easier to absorb magnesium, calcium or potassium through your pores, which are key ingredients for cleansing and skin toning improvement.


Consider the aromatherapy benefits

Essential oils are known for reducing muscle tension and stress from the body. Also, by stimulating chemicals in the brain, aromatherapy can help boost the immune system and is a solid weapon in fighting off infections.

Take into consideration that a good detoxifying bath soak should smell divine, and the odor should last even after the bath session is over. Afterward, you’ll see improvements in your stress levels and sleep habits. Most buyers claim that lavender, rosemary or citrus aromas have lowered their tension and helped them sleep much better after soaking.


Finer grain size is better

For a genuine detox bathing experience, we recommend choosing finer grain salts. Most bath salts can be purchased in a variety of sizes and textures. Most grain sizes are coarse or fine. Basically, the larger the grain, the longer it will take to dissolve in the water. A finer size, on the contrary, dissolves quite quickly, therefore, is ideal for fast bath soothing sessions. Our advice is to opt for finer dimensions because they are more suitable for scrubbing and offer excellent skin exfoliation.


Models that we liked


After explaining the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration prior to having made up your mind, we want to give you a small presentation of the products that we believe have all the features you might require.



San Francisco Bath Salt Company 817678010404


Considered by many users, a great detox bath option, the best detox bath salt on the market, this amazing product it’s a no miss for every person in need of a long and relaxing bath. It helps you get rid of the impurities on your skin, leaving a nice feeling of softness.

Developed to induce relaxation and good vibe throughout the entire body, this bath salt is made from top class natural ingredients that remove dead cells and impurities, providing a fantastic detox to your skin and a natural glow that will last afterward. Plus, it smells amazing because of the lavender and rosemary natural oils blend.

With an amazing smell that lasts hours after taking a bath, this bath salt is a real aid for different soreness and muscle aches. Just pour some into your bathing water and see the effects.

According to other buyers, the aromatherapy of it provides a nice, comforting sleep afterward. Compared to other bath salts on the market, the salt grains are very fine which means that as soon as you put them in water they will start dissolving and the exfoliating process on your skin will be easier.


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Better Bath Better Body 643217821541


Made from powerful detoxifying ingredients, such as Epsom salt, our second choice of bath salt has many healing benefits for the entire body.

It will not only aid the toxin release from your body faster, but it will neutralize the chlorine and the ammonia from your bath water.

Not only does it helps remove bad toxins and impurities but it also removes stress and diminishes joint aches for those who have articulations problems.

The vitamin C added to the ingredients is meant to reduce the chlorine and the ammonia from your running water.

Most buyers believe that the combinations on lemon and pure ginger oil smell fantastic and leaves your skin soft and your muscles relaxed. Also, contrary to other product in the bath salts category, it will not give you rashes or skin irritations because of the ginger root which is an anti-inflammatory natural ingredient.


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Dr. Teal’s 3030001


Prepare yourself for a lavender delight with this bath salt from Dr. Teal’s. The tickling sensation and the aromatherapy properties will pave the path for a natural baby sleep.

The product is ideal after a hard-working day at the job or a strenuous training; once the bath, prepared just dive in and let your body benefit from the pure Epsom salt which boosts the absorption of Magnesium directly, even better than getting orally supplements.

Clients that already purchased this item pointed out that they felt lighter after having a bath with it and their body aches and their muscle tension reduced significantly.

The lavender smell is not artificial and not very striking; it’s just perfect for a bath before a good night sleep or as an aid in stressful times.

Plus, the bags are designed with a unique closure technology that allows you to pour the exact quantity, and it makes it easier to storage.


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