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Dry Foot Massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. According to user feedback, buyer satisfaction and efficiency surveys, the Miko Shiatsu is the best foot spa model because of its great features. The unit works with heat and air pressure, in order to deliver the best massage possible for your tired feet. Blood circulation in the feet is greatly increased by the deep kneading and vibrating created by the foot massager. Its overall sleek design makes it easy to store away and it is also portable, in case you want to take it on trips with you. If the Miko Shiatsu is temporarily out of stock,  you should consider the Brookstone 839379 as the next best option.



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There is nothing more beneficial for your feet than a proper massage at the end of the day. However, not many people can afford to go directly to the spa or a professional massage therapist’s office every day. A great alternative does exist in the form of a dry foot massager, which is an electric unit that works with heat and air pressure to deliver a great massage to your tired feet. If you are interested in getting a great dry foot massager, the following buying tips will help you make an educated decision.



All kinds of therapies are now available

Relieving pain in the feet can be done with simple means, including a hot bath. However, if you prefer a massage instead, a dry foot massage is what you need. There are all kinds of models on the market, so it may not be easy to make a choice, but here is one starting point for you. In case you are aiming at a foot massager capable of delivering all kinds of therapies, you will find plenty of options. There are units that deliver Shiatsu massage, vibrating massage, deep kneading massage, heat therapy and rolling massage, for the best pain relief results.


The best foot massager reviews recommend models that can accommodate your feet

Even the best unit available will not be capable of doing too good a job if it cannot accommodate your feet. Since you are placing your feet inside the unit, you need to make sure that your feet are not too strained, or the whole purpose of enjoying a relaxing massage is made impossible. Check the manufacturer’s specs to see what maximum foot size is accommodated.


Portability is important, too

Another thing you may want to find in a foot massager circulation booster is portability. Since many people tend to travel a lot for work, taking such a device along with you will help you feel relaxed throughout your trip, and you will not have to spend hefty fees on spa visits.


Models that we liked


The best dry foot massagers that match these criteria are showcased below. No matter which of the following catches your eye, you will be more than pleased with your purchase, and you will be happy with saving money on professional massage services.



Miko Shiatsu


The Miko Shiatsu is one of the best models available, and it offers great options for relaxation. People who have already bought it and tried it even consider it the best foot massager with heat and vibration, and that doesn’t even cover the many different options such a device can offer.

First of all, this model is expert at delivering Shiatsu massage therapy, using both heat and air pressure. You simply place your feet in the two independent foot chambers, so that all your foot muscles are properly tended to.

This is a very efficient unit since it helps to relieve pain and discomfort in your tired feet and also increases proper blood flow in the entire body.

The deep kneading massage deals with sore feet while the subtle vibration ensures that you relax properly. The unit has a sleek design so you can push it under the bed or store it away in a closet. It is also portable and ideal for trips.



This model comes with two foot chambers so you can place your feet comfortably inside and enjoy a thorough massage.

Combining massage therapy and the use of heat and air pressure, the Miko Shiatsu is created for delivering reliable treatment for tired, aching feet.

The unit is lightweight and portable, and its sleek design recommends it for people who travel a lot and do not want to part with their massager.

There are different functions available, such as deep kneading, vibration, rolling and heat.

The dry foot massager helps with improving blood circulation and relieve pain from tired muscles.



For those who are mainly seeking a foot massager that delivers heat therapy, this unit may not be able to provide as much heat as they would like, as some reviewers say.

This foot massager is not created for people with large feet, so keep this aspect in mind before making a purchase.

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Brookstone 839379


In your quest for the best dry foot massager, you should not overlook the Brookstone 839379. This unit may not be as complex as the model presented above, but it comes equipped with its fair share of advantages and features.

This model uses air compression to ensure that your feet are properly relaxed after a long day. It is worth mentioning that the unit comes equipped with three auto programs for massaging your feet, so you can quickly choose the one you like.

The massage programs are high intensity or low intensity, and you can take your pick, depending on what you prefer. The massage rollers ensure deep kneading massage so that the pain and tension in your feet are quickly eliminated.

The built-in cord wrap helps with keeping things tidy when you store the unit away. It must be mentioned that this unit works for men’s foot size 12.5 and women’s foot size 14.



The rollers are capable of providing a deep kneading massage, while the air compression technology used helps with augmenting the efficiency of this type of treatment.

You can select heat settings to increase or decrease temperature, depending on your preferences and what kind of results you want to obtain.

There are three programs available, from which you can select one with a higher intensity or one with a lower intensity.

The foot massager is compact, and it comes with a convenient handle that lets you carry the unit around and store away when need be.

This model is a good fit for men with up to 12.5-foot size and women with up to 14-foot size, which is something to bear in mind if you decide to purchase this unit.



The heat levels could have been a bit higher to please all buyers since there are customers who say that they would have liked to be able to use superior temperatures for their foot treatments.

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Homedics FMS-270H


If you are looking for a foot massager capable of providing great Shiatsu massage for soothing your tired feet, the Homedics FMS-270H is a good option, too.

The model uses both heat and pressure, to ensure that your feet are properly taken care of. The controls can be operated with a simple toe touch, so you will find this model convenient for your needs.

The six rotational heads and 18 massage nodes are doing a great job at kneading and stimulating the reflex areas in your feet, while the heat soothes and relaxes.

Superior comfort and versatility make this model a reliable option if you do not want to spend a lot of money on visits to the spa for foot massage.

Keep in mind that diabetics are not recommended to use this type of products, and the manufacturer advises against it. Overall, the Homedics FMS-270H is a reliable dry foot massager you may want to try.



The Homedics FMS-270H provides the user with a real Shiatsu experience as its massage nodes make sure to touch all the pressure points that must be massaged to relieve pressure and pains.

The model comes equipped with six rotational heads, as well, that contribute to the efficiency and thoroughness of this type of massage.

The heat therapy delivered helps to soothe your aching feet and improves blood circulation, inducing a feel good sensation that will aid you to sleep better at night.

The toe-touch controls are handy and make this unit more convenient than other models on the market.

The model is a good fit for people with larger feet, as some users report after using it together with other members of the family.



One minor complaint buyers mention in their reviews is that it would have served to have the unit angled a bit upwards for easier use when they want to relax in a recliner.

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