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Last Updated: 28.09.22


Epsom salts for detox – Ratings & Reviews 2022


One easy solution to fighting toxins and impurities are bath salts. If you want to know which the best Epsom salts for detox are, for now, we are one step ahead. With the help of our research team, we have gathered useful information from user reviews and different studies made by experts to ensure you that our suggestions are wisely picked. So, the best Epsom salt for detox that won our prize is San Francisco Bath Salt Company 817678012262. The reason why this bath salt is number one in our top is due to its high-quality Epsom salt and the fact that it has a unique scent of lavender that calms and relaxes the entire body. If by any chance this product is out of stock don’t hesitate to purchase My Diet Chef 715007171584, that offers very good quality at a very good price.



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Given the fact that you might get lost in your search of high-quality detox Epsom salts bath, we promise that once you read our tips below you’ll know for sure which product suits your need best. These features are essential for Epsom bath salts and are the result of lots of work aimed to help you in the shopping process.

Epsom salt purity level

No matter what your product choice is, be aware that the Epsom salt should be 100% pure without any chemicals or parabens added. According to the best detox bath soak reviews, a good Epsom salt is the one that has a certified USP mark on the packaging and a natural smell that doesn’t require artificial fragrances. USP refers to the highest pharmaceutical grade of a product that can also be used as food because of its purity level.

This is why, before making any purchasing, read the labels carefully and see where the salt is produced and if it is suitable for internal use, external use or both combined. If the ingredients are listed, contact the manufacturer and ask for further information.


Grain size matters the most

When taking a bath, we presume that you want to jump quickly in the water and waste no more time waiting for the bath crystals to dissolve. Therefore, the finer the size grains of the detox Epsom salt baths, the less amount of time spent waiting for your body to fully benefit from skin exfoliation and cleansing.

Also, because the skin is very sensitive, it doesn’t require a very hard scrub to remove dead cells and impurities. A gentle rub works just fine and finer bath crystals will help with the acceleration of the detox therapy.

If the Epsom bath salt melt faster, then all the valuable minerals will be more easily absorbed into the body, relaxing your body and boosting your immune system


Extra oils make a difference

Bathing salts don’t have a specific odor. In fact, the purer the Epsom salt is the smell will be inexistent. But if you like the aromatherapy feature then opt for soaking salts that have natural oils in their composition. Stay away from artificial flavors that can give your skin rashes or even eczemas, if you are allergic. Plus, the mix of Epsom salt with and a hydrating oil, purifies the skin and leaves moist and smooth afterward.


3 Best Epsom Salts for Detox (Updated Reviews) in 2022 


Now that you are aware of the features that are most important when choosing good-quality Epsom bath salts, stick with us and continue reading about the items that we believe will be a valuable acquisition for your personal care.



1. San Francisco Bath Salt Company 817678012262


This bathing soak made from Epsom salt is the best choice if you’re planning a pampering session after a hard-working day at the office or an exhausting fitness workout.

The addition of pure lavender oil, vitamin E and aloe vera will leave your skin spotless, soft and rejuvenate.

Clients that previously bought the product remarked the fact that it has a very pleasant smell, less artificial than other Epsom salts available on the market.

Plus, its texture is way more refined, and the package doesn’t contain big chunks of crystals, which translates in faster dissolving.  

Because it is sold in bulk, it’s way more convenient and the price is more affordable. Thus the risk of finishing the bag too soon is eliminated. Another thing to consider is the practical zip lock that maintains the salt dry and keeps the fragrance inside for a long time.

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2. My Diet Chef 715007171584 Bath Salts


The best part about this bathing salt from My Diet Chef is the fantastic blend of Dead Sea mineral salt and the Epsom salt, along with a touch of coconut oil, that awakens your sense, detoxifies your body, leaves your skin soft and ready for a new day.

Most buyers appreciate the fact that it made their skin smooth and relieved the muscle tension.

Plus, the natural dried lavender flowers included along with the salts, make the product look even more luxurious, just like a spa treatment. It’s quite a fantastic gift idea for friends and family.

There’s no need to pour very much quantity in the tub; a handful will do.

The finer grains are very gentle with your skin and dissolve quickly in water. And another great thing is that each order comes with a copy of BodyReboot Detox guide that will teach your how to clean your body in seven days.

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3. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution


This Epsom salt from Dr. Teal’s is the ideal solution for those who suffer from terrible night sleep or have difficulties in falling asleep.

The lavender smell gives a relaxing feeling throughout the entire body, leaving your mind at peace and all your muscle tension relieved. Our bodies are exposed daily to different toxins that affect us in ways we can’t possibly imagine.

Because we must keep a good and healthy shape, we look for detoxifying salts that will remove all the dangerous compounds and replenish the minerals and vitamins that are mandatory for a great immune system.

This is why this product is perfect for a long bath at the end of the day. Some people have stated that it did wonders with their kids who slept peacefully after their evening bath.

All of the products manufactured by Dr. Teal’s aren’t tested on animals and use only natural ingredients. Also, the package seals extremely well due to the Velcro zipper that keeps moist away from the bag.

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