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Epsom salts for sore muscles – Ratings & Reviews 2019


With such a variety of Epsom salts on the market, it’s difficult to decide which one works best for your sore muscles. Together with our team of researchers, we have collected all the information from client’s reviews, experts feedback and the studies made by investigating companies. Therefore, the general opinion was that the product that meets all the expectations is the Sleep Salts 868228000277. What makes this product different from the other ones in its class is the fact that it contains pure USP grade Epsom salt and Israeli Dead Sea salt, which are both known for inducing sleep and reducing stress. If somehow the Sleep Salts 868228000277 aren’t available for purchase you should go with Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, our second choice for sore muscles salts.



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Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Because spending money on a product that doesn’t offer you the benefits you might have been expecting is an unpleasant experience, we’ve created a useful buying guide that can help you. It is packed with all the features that make the difference between effective salts and mediocre ones. Just keep in mind that this is a result of a thorough investigation among buyer’s personal opinions and their response to the quality product.

Always search for the USP grade on the package

In reality, Epsom salt is not an actual salt but a conglomerate of important minerals such as magnesium and sulfate. It is so universally known as this salt has gained so much notoriety thanks to its miraculous powers to cure all sorts of skin problems and body aches.

One of the things you’ll need to know before searching for the best Epsom salt for sore muscles is the grading system, which can be found on the package. USP stands for United States Pharmaceutical Grade, which means that the salt can be used for personal care and food. Because USP salt is different from the technical one, each batch of Epsom salt is tested for high quality and pureness.


Choose the grain size wisely

Not all Epsom salts come in the same grain size. It all depends on the purpose and what you plan on doing with it once you have bought it.

Medium sized grains and coarse grains work better for pedicures, for body scrubs or as a fertilizer for plants and vegetables. Finer grains, on the other hand, dissolve more quickly in water and are ideal for soaking in Epsom salt for sore muscles. The high level of magnesium from this salt reduces inflammation and general body pain.


Precise dosage instructions are a must

Although a natural product with major positive effects on the human body, Epsom salt must be taken according to the dosage instruction. This is why, according to the best Epsom salt reviews, the top products have warnings and clear instructions that recommend no more than 2 cups for one bath.

Using too much can cause serious side effects; therefore, it is wise to consult a specialist if you have doubts about how much salt to use in your personal body regimen.


Models that we liked


There are many brands out there that sell Epsom salts and the decision to buy a high-quality product isn’t easy. But, if you’ve read our buying guide, you can go on and see what items we have selected as top notch sore muscles salts.



Sleep Salts 868228000277


The eucalyptus fragrance of this Epsom salt from Sleep Salts is simply to die for. Apparently, it is one feature that the majority of clients sensed and claimed to smell more natural than other similar products on the market.

Also, the combination of Dead Israeli Sea salt and the Epsom pure USP salt makes a strong mix that detoxifies the skin, cleans the impurities, aches tired and sore muscles after strenuous effort or fitness training.

Plus, if you suffer from migraines or insomnia, this product reduces the stress levels and promotes a good night sleep.

Because the item is sold in a jar, it is easier to store around the house and to use without any fear of product alteration.

The eucalyptus fragrance is very useful for treating the common flu and for opening up the blocked nasal passage and clogged nose. Sleep Salts organic salts are made from natural chemical free ingredients and no added dyes.


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Dr. Teal’s Epsom


If you prefer a product that will make your bathroom smell divine, the soaking salt from Dr. Teal’s has a lovely rosemary and mint perfume that soothes your skin and relieves tension from your muscles.

Most users have praised the product for its therapeutic benefits and for the fact that there is no need to pour very much to fill the water with a pleasant natural oil aroma.

Plus, the mint oil gives a tingling sensation that relieves the soreness and provides a natural stretch after a vigorous workout.

The fact that it has a zip lock that closes very well, the salt inside is protected from moisture, and the perfume fragrance won’t get out once the bag is opened.

You will find clear instructions on the package that tell exactly how much salt to use and what disease should not be exposed to Epsom salt without a physician advice.


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Maple Holistics 045635860056


Considered by most reviews as a deluxe product, the Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt combination from Maple Holistics has a unique blend of aromatherapy. The essential oil found in this product give it a pleasant scent that leaves your skin smelling mesmerizing. All the ingredients are pure, and the oils are natural which makes this product a must- have in every bath.

For a fair amount of money, you benefit from a product that will transform your bathing into a genuine spa session. The unique combination of smells relaxes the body, mind, and spirit and helps get rid of all the tension and stress.  

If other salts available for sale exfoliate your skin and cleanse it the combination of lavender, palmarosa and clary sage oils will also hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Without any doubt, it is one of the popular formulas for general and muscle relaxation. Plus, the packaging is so practical that you can keep it in your bathroom as it is very handy for soaking long baths.


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