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Last Updated: 08.12.22


Foot and calf massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


After a tiring day, the thing you need most is to have your feet massaged. If you’re searching for the best foot and calf massager, and you don’t have so much time on your hands, take a look at this small paragraph. Our team of researchers has consulted multiple customer reviews and expert feedback and has concluded that the FIT KING Air Compression is an excellent choice. This air compression leg unit is suitable for massaging your feet and calves. Plus, it is outfitted with two modes and 3 level of intensity so you can choose the one with the help of the handheld controller. If the FIT KING Air Compression is out of stock, another good option is the Human Touch Reflex SOL.



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Picking out a good foot and calf massager can be a tad tricky if you’ve never used one before. There’s no need to worry because we’ve got your back, and feet covered, too. We collected all the information and compiled it into a detailed buying guide that you can read below.


Firstly, you shouldn’t get the first massager for sale that you stumble upon. You need to determine your needs and what you’re looking for regarding foot and calf massagers. Maybe you have constant pain in your ankle area, or you feel a slight tension in your legs. Or, you have no medical condition, and you simply want something soothing and relaxing to pamper yourself from time to time.

Once you know the purpose of what you need from the best massager for feet and calves, you can go further with your quest and purchase a unit that fulfills your needs.

You might not even be aware that you need a device with multiple features until you try one on and you realize the abundance of benefits you receive.



If you take into account the tips given by numerous reviews of foot and calf massagers, you know that you shouldn’t overlook the features and the practicality of a product. Some units are equipped with heat settings that provide a warm and pleasant feeling to the massaged area. Others perform vigorous massage or Shiatsu-based therapies.

Your health must be your number one priority so listen to your body and see what works best for you and what doesn’t.


Health condition

Most foot and calf massagers reviews point out the fact that these electronic devices must be used only if your medical condition allows you to.

If you don’t suffer from a severe health problem, you can choose which product sounds more appealing to you. On the other hand, if you have certain health issues such as diabetes, low blood circulation or obesity, you should talk to your physician about using a foot massager. It’s essential to have an insight into risks and side effects induced by these massagers.  


Models that we liked



FIT KING Air Compression


A foot massager should target the areas that are more likely to suffer from sore muscles and tension, such as the feet and calves.  With the help of this feet and calf air compression massager, you can relieve the pain whenever you desire.

The unit features two airbags inside that press the foot and the calf muscles, starting with the lower areas and going all the way up so that it improves the blood circulation and gives a boost to the blood flow.

Thanks to the two auto modes and three levels of intensity, you can easily customize the massager using the handheld controller.

No matter your feet size, you won’t have any issues with this product because it is outfitted with leg straps that can be adjusted so that it accommodates the feet of every family member.

To ensure its safety, the foot massager has a shut-off function that disables the unit after 15 minutes of use.



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Human Touch Reflex SOL


If you need a quick recovery for your over-stressed feet, you can’t overlook this great foot massager. This item boasts a patented figure-eight technology that ensures your sore muscles are invigorated, and the blood circulates from your feet across the entire core of the body, thus delivering improved blood circulation.

Moreover, the warm air features provide that soothing heat therapy you need to relieve the tension in your muscles.  

Due to the powerful rollers located under the feet, you benefit from a robust reflexology massage for your entire feet, including the soles and heels.

One essential aspect is that the massager has an extended height which is ideal for maximizing the covered area.

You can use the foot massager while watching TV or reading books because the adjustable tilt base offers an ideal angle alignment with your furniture.

The product is suitable for multiple diseases and health conditions such as fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, circulatory issues, and sore ankles.



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Human Touch Reflex-4


Imagine having to sit up on your feet all day long and coming home with a terrible ache that prevents you from having a restful sleep.

Your feet will be thankful if you opt for this foot massager because the unit surrounds both the feet and the calves, delivering a highly effective massage that is similar to the one made by expert massage therapists.

Besides, the solid rollers positioned under the feet area give a robust massage that you’ll feel in the soles and heels.

Because of the easy-carry handle, you can move the massager wherever you feel more comfortable to use it. Plus, it is lightweight and compact so you won’t have issues nor with the transportation or the storage.

The machine is exceptionally silent so you won’t disturb the others. Also, the non-skid floor protectors prevent the unit from falling out of place.

In addition, the massager comes with an onboard consoler that enables easy access to 4 different wellness programs.



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