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Last Updated: 08.12.22


Foot antiperspirant sprays – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


When you’re in the market for the best foot antiperspirant spray, you need to make sure you browse through a lot of options in order to choose the right one. We’ve checked out many foot antiperspirant spray reviews, and our findings show that the first item to consider is the DoctorCare Plus Deodorant, due to its various benefits. First of all, it only contains ingredients of natural provenance, including an essential oil mixture that will remove unpleasant odors left from over the day. It’s cost-efficient, given that it comes in a 4-ounce bottle that can provide hundreds of sprays. The quality of the formula is preserved in time due to the aluminum packaging, which does not alter its contents. Should this alternative happen to be unavailable, we suggest you try the Rocket Pure Natural Mint instead.



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Finding a good foot antiperspirant spray is no easy task, especially when you need to choose between various alternatives that look virtually the same. Luckily for you, we’ve decided to put together this guide to highlight the features that you need to pay close attention to.




How it covers odors

The primary function of this product is covering up the unpleasant smells that might result from strenuous physical activity or just from a day of regular walking. Most alternatives do that by using a mix of essential oils, designed to spread a nice scent and to make your feet feel refreshed.

Among the ingredients usually found in this type of product, you’ll encounter eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, peppermint or lavender oils, any mix of these being a reliable choice. Make sure you’re not allergic to any of the items mentioned before you purchase a spray.



It’s important to discuss the material used for manufacturing the bottle in which the spray comes. That’s mainly because certain ingredients such as plastic might affect the quality of the formula as time goes by, and alter its results.

In order to avoid this situation and preserve the contents as well as possible, our recommendation would be to choose a metallic bottle, preferably made from aluminum. Its chemical properties provide a safe environment that won’t affect the formula.

This way, you can scour the market and choose, from the various alternatives available for sale, the one that offers the more significant amount and has the more attractive price, because the packaging will keep it fresh for as much time as you need to finish the bottle.


Other aspects to consider

An important issue not widely discussed even in this day and age is animal testing. The manufacturing process for these products sometimes involves animal exploitation, because they can be categorized as cosmetics, so we would recommend that you choose a trusted company that provides cruelty-free items.

Adaptability is also a detail that you should think about, because an antiperspirant spray should be used in any form of footwear, from ballerina shoes to regular streetwear, and it should be safe to apply directly to the foot as well.

Make sure none of the ingredients contained are harmful to the health of your skin tissue, and most importantly wait until the formula dries entirely before performing any physical activities to make sure no accidents occur.


We’ve decided to review some of the items we believe to be representative for the features that we’ve previously discussed. They highlight the most critical aspects that need to be considered.



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DoctorCare Plus Deodorant

Main product characteristics


Natural ingredients only

A key feature of this product is its specially formulated composition, which includes only natural ingredients such as peppermint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and thyme.

This essential oil mixture is efficient in eliminating resilient odor from all types of shoes, regardless of the activity they are used for. Therefore, the product is safe to apply for the whole family, being also paraben-free and suitable even for the most sensitive skin.


Powerful and efficient

With the help of the unique essential oil mixture, the deodorizer is strong enough to cope with the tough odors from often-used athletic or sporting shoes, but its efficiency comes not only from being so powerful but also from being gentle to the human skin.

It is safe to use even for people with particularly sensitive skin, and it has been tested to make sure that your entire family can use it without problems.


Easy, long-term usage

Even though it comes in a small, easy to carry and store bottle, the deodorizer has hundreds of sprays in every 120 ml bottle; it is made from BPA-free, quality aluminum, which protects the therapeutic properties of essential oils and keeps their aroma fresh until the last drop.

Easy to use, all you have to do is spray directly on your feet or inside the shoes for a refreshing feel and significant reduction in odor.


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Benefits of using the product


Long-term freshness

The specially formulated essential oil mixture is useful not only in eliminating odor. It also creates a sensation of freshness which will last throughout the day, regardless of your activities: sports, training, long work days or prolonged time spent at school.

Unlike powders and antiperspirants which do not offer this feeling, it helps you feel better and more relaxed throughout the day.


Made only using natural ingredients and essential oils, it has a formula which makes it safe to use for your entire family, regardless of their age or skin sensitivity. Paraben free, it comes without any harmful or harsh chemicals which might, in time, cause allergies or skin irritation.

Furthermore, it is easy to use, so the risk of accidental swallowing is remarkably reduced.


The enjoyable smell in your home

You can use this spray for a lot of other things; for example, it can be used to eliminate bad odors in the bathroom, in the garbage can, in a kitchen or from a mat or blanket. This way, you will obtain a pleasant and enjoyable smell in your house, which lasts long enough.

Owner feedback


Customer feedback offered is positive, describing the efficiency and great value for the money of this product. They appreciated the fact that it does not only mask the odor but eliminates it, making it more efficient than other similar products. It was used by children too, and the results were great.

Furthermore, people appreciate the all-natural formula which does not cause allergies, irritation or other side effects. The smell is powerful and long-lasting, making the spray very useful for many different situations.


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Rocket Pure Natural Mint


You can cover up any nasty odors using this alternative from Rocket Pure, which fights bacteria and freshens any footwear from sneakers to ballerina shoes. Both the feet and the shoe will be fresh all day long. Please make sure you let the formula dry before putting them on and performing any physical activities.

Especially recommended for athletes, this spray can be used with alternatives that are meant to be worn barefoot, given that it does not cause any harm to the skin. It’s safe for any age, gender or skin type.

Made using natural ingredients such as essential peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oils, this product doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, additives or parabens, or anything that might cause damage to the health of your tissue.

It comes in a 4-ounce bottle, protected by a refund warranty in case you’re not satisfied with the result that this item delivers. It’s also cost efficient despite its small size.


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Freeshen All-Natural Deodorant


One of the main aspects that this product prides itself on is that it hasn’t used animal testing in the manufacturing process, which can be crucial to sensitive customers.

Aside from this, it’s a regular deodorant spray that removes the unpleasant odors by killing bacteria through a blend of essential oils.

The aromatic ingredients used include tea tree, lavender, and peppermint, and the result is a refreshing smell that will relax you and moisturize your feet.

Australian Certified Organics approves the formula used as being completely safe for all types of skin.

Aside from removing the nasty odors, the oils also have health benefits such as preventing diseases or facilitating treatment.

Given that it doesn’t seem to cause any allergic reactions, you can apply it as often as you feel is necessary, or whenever you want to feel refreshed. Our recommendation is to check the ingredient list carefully beforehand.


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