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Last Updated: 26.05.19


Foot baths for swollen feet massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you want to get rid of swollen feet but don’t know for sure which foot bath will relieve your pain then read this short paragraph. To make your search easier, we’ve gathered useful pieces of information from several customers and experts in the field. According to their reviews and based on the overall brand quality we concluded that the product that meets all the requirements is the Ivation IVAFTSPA. With an advanced LED display that shows all functions, this foot bath combines heat, hydrotherapy, and acupressure ensuring you benefit from a comfortable spa session. In addition, the bubble setting provides a stream of tiny bubbles that massage your feet and increase your blood circulation. If the Ivation IVAFTSPA is out of stock, make sure to check the Brookstone 728219, another great foot bath machine.  



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Check out the following list of details you should take into account


There are many good foot bath devices for sale that offer a variety of settings which are useful for treating sore feet and relieving pain and tension from your muscles. If you don’t know for sure what to look for when purchasing this kind of items, read our buying guide and see what features are mandatory for a good foot bath.  

According to the best foot bath for swollen feet reviews, a proper size is required

The size of a foot bath machine is often the most important factor that people consider when purchasing a massager. You want to benefit from a comfortable experience that ensures your feet feel well during the massage.  

Therefore, you must carefully read all the product descriptions and see if they mention anything regarding the feet size. If you don’t have large feet, you should be quite pleased with a standard machine. Otherwise, you should check your units that have larger feet compartments.  

Usually, these foot bath devices are used by the entire family. Because there are people that wear 16 at their shoe size, make sure that the item you choose has enough room for the feet and that the massage nodes hits all parts, especially the soles and the heels.  


Best foot bath reviews recommend foot baths with extra features

It’s better to opt for a foot bath massager that provides a heating function because it can accelerate the process of relaxation and tension relief from your muscles.  

Models that have a heat option keep your water warm for a tad longer and allow you to adjust the desired temperature. This way, there’s no need to pour extra warm water or to stop the foot spa session because the water is too cold. It’s even better to find devices that heat the water for you allowing you save precious time during your feet bath.  

Another practical feature is the strong air bubble massage with waterfall or water jet system. Bubbles along with jets that are similar to the ones used by Jacuzzis provide an intense massage that stimulates your foot reflex zones and improves your blood circulation.  

Many foot bath machines come with vibration settings that can be accommodated depending on your personal preferences. You can set up the level so that you benefit from a full massage experience or stick to a standard option. 


Check for units that are easy to operate and allow the usage of the best foot massage oil   

You probably want a foot product that can be easily handled, with simple operations. The best choice is to search for devices that can be operated with a toe touch. This way, you don’t have to bend over and over again if you need to change the setting or add extra features to your spa treatment at home.  

When you have a massage, you are pampered with different oils and body scrubs. Get the same experience in the privacy of your own household with a foot bath that allows you to pour massage oils and lotions that will make your skin smooth and detoxified.  


Models that we liked  


There’s a wide display of foot bath machines that can help you treat your swollen feet. In addition to our buying guide, we’ve also made a selection of products that showcase all the essential features. Have a look and see if one of them catches your attention.  





If you want to go home each day and have your feet massaged and invigorated then this foot spa bath machine from Ivation will do wonders for you.  

Combining heat, hydrotherapy, and acupressure, this foot soaker is easy to use and has multiple programs to choose from.

All you have to do is to plug it in, fill it up with water, and then choose the desired settings. If you prefer, you can use cold water because this foot spa is able to heat the water up to 122 degrees in just a few minutes.  

You can alternate the bubble setting that massages your feet with a stream of bubbles that improve your blood flow or with vibrations that relieve pain and induce a feeling of total relaxation.  

For extra comfort, just rub the soles of your feet along the motorized rollers and benefit from a great pain relief on the entire surface.  

To complete the spa experience, this foot bath device comes with a pedicure kit that comes in handy for cleaning your toes and making your skin soft and smooth.  


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Brookstone 728219


This foot bath model from Brookstone is outfitted with many excellent features that create a soothing and relaxing water massage.

Thanks to the jets, the water released can ensure that your blood circulation is improved. Your feet will feel rejuvenated and pain-free. Also, there are two speeds to choose from, and all of the jets can rotate.  

Start your spa massage by sticking your feet in and let the rolling nodes stimulate your arches and your pressure points. Your tight muscles will relax, and your feet will get rid of the fatigue.

There’s no need to add hot water because the unit can heat the water up to 115 degrees.

You can opt for bubbles if you prefer a stronger massage or use the heat while splashing bubbles.

Don’t worry about making a mess because this foot bath massager has a top flat splash guard that prevents water from reaching the floor.  


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Kendal All In One Foot Spa MS0810M


After going through a great deal of stress all day long, you must need a soothing and relaxing bubble massage for your feet.

One way to make sure you have a foot bath waiting for you at home is to consider the Kendal All in One Foot Spa bath massager.

The unit provides four useful functions, such as bubbles, heat, infrared, and vibration. Moreover, you have pre-set programs to choose from according to your needs and preferences. For instance, you can switch on the vibrations without turning on the bubbles nor the heat.   

One thing worth mentioning is that the rollers can be easily removed from the bottom if you prefer a comfortable position.  

There’s no need to heat the water before having a foot bath because the heating feature keeps the water warm for a long period of time.  

The product is suitable for larger feet size hence it can be used by the entire family. Design-wise, the unit has a sleek appearance, and it’s quite lightweight.   


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