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Foot Bath Massagers with Heat – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. According to user feedback, buyer satisfaction and efficiency surveys, the Carepeutic KH298 is the best foot spa model because of its great features. The large container makes it possible for you to enjoy a spa like experience, while soaking your feet and your calves in hot water. A wide range of therapies are provided, including ozone and waterfall treatments. Temperature control helps with maintaining water at the right levels, so you can just kick back and relax. If the Carepeutic is temporarily out of stock, you should consider the Giantex Relax as the next best option.



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Hot water has great beneficial effects on relieving pain and soreness in stiff muscles, and many people need this kind of treatment at the end of a long day. Getting a foot massage, however, if you don’t have a partner willing to indulge you in such treatment, is a bit more difficult than drawing a hot bath for your feet. Luckily, there are solutions, and they come in the shape of a foot bath massager with heat that offers you great spa-like treatments, without having to enlist anyone’s help. Find the most important aspects you should look for when shopping for such a device below.



Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Maintaining temperature at desired levels

Anyone can fill a foot tub with hot water and soak their feet, but the main disadvantage with this solution is that water can get cold rather fast, and moving about to refill the tub is not pleasant at all. A foot bath can be much more efficient in this regard, as it can heat up the water on its own, and due to special insulation, it can maintain the same temperature for as long as you need so that you can relax properly.


The best foot spa with heat and massage should accommodate your feet comfortably

This is a very important aspect, although it may not look like it, at first glance. If there is one complaint that resurfaces in some of the reviews from users is that certain models are too small to accommodate people with larger feet and this can detract severely from the enjoyment of this kind of treatment. Always check the manufacturer’s specs for clear details in this regard.


Many extras are available with the best models

It never hurts to get a really good deal for your money, so it is essential that you compare various models until you decide for one. For instance, aspects such as portability and good drainage are important, since they will make things more convenient for you.


Models that we liked


The best foot bath massagers with heat that match these criteria are showcased below. All these models are selected based on the great positive reviews they have received from buyers, and they all come equipped with all that is needed for you to relax at the end of a long day.



Carepeutic KH298


If you truly want to enjoy the luxurious feeling of a spa treatment in the comfort of your home, the Carepeutic comes to the rescue.

One of the models on the market considered by most buyers the best foot bath with heat and massage, the Carepeutic does everything right. It uses ozone therapy to ensure that you are getting the best relaxing treatment and it also depends on hot water therapy for relieving pain and soreness in your feet.

The large container allows you to soak your feet and legs up to your calves, to benefit more from all the various therapies delivered by this model.

The massage rollers are motorized, and they give your soles a vigorous massage, helping to improve blood circulation not only in the area but in the entire body, as well.

Using water jet and waterfall therapy to increase even further the benefits of a hot bath, this model is a great option, and it offers a great array of spa treatments at a decent price.



The container allows you to immerse both your feet and your legs up to your calves in hot water so you can enjoy better benefits.

The model uses ozone therapy and water surfing to enhance the efficiency of the massage you will get while using the foot massager.

You will get a mineral stone container for your heels and toes, and you can add a herbal bag in the particular container dedicated for this purpose, to enjoy further benefits.

The model has an exclusive system for maintaining water temperature allowing you to enjoy the pleasant action of hot water on your tired feet for a longer time.

The unit is easy to drain after use due to the particular smart drainage system it comes along with.



Reviewers are mentioning that, while the drainage system works well, there is still some water left on the bottom and you need to get rid of it manually.

Buy from for ($173.78)




Giantex Relax


The Giantex is a great alternative, in case for some reason, you cannot purchase the Carepeutic. All the best foot massager with heat reviews agree that everything you would expect in a high-quality model, you will find in this one.

The maximum duration for which the foot bath can work continuously is one hour, which is enough to enjoy the most elaborate foot massage.

Using all kinds of therapies, such as hyperthermia, oxygen bubbles, vibration therapy, and red light exposure, this is a complete product that will not disappoint you.

The basket design comes in handy, as it allows you to move the foot bath around with ease when you want to drain it, or bring it to your room. The temperature and time can be adjusted using digital controls.

A LED display makes things easy, and the 8 rollers are giving your feet a thorough massage from all directions.



The Giantex Relax offers a broad range of therapy options, in the form of heat therapy, oxygen bubbles, red light exposure and vibration massage.

You can adjust the vibration intensity to customize the massage treatment you will get down to the minutest details.

Time and temperature controls are all digital, allowing easy customization, as well; the LED display is easy to use.

The unit has mobile casters on the bottom, so it will be a breeze to move it from one room to another.

The model has multiple uses, as it can help you relieve pain and tension in your feet, and it can also improve your metabolism so you can enjoy better health overall, should you decide to use it on a regular basis.



Heating time can be a downside for this model since customers report that they need to wait up to 15 minutes for the water to get hot enough for treatment.

Buy from for ($60.99)




Ivation Multifunction


The last model on our list is a model that guarantees that you will get all the spa treatments you need for your feet without leaving the comfort of your home.

This multifunction foot bath is the best recipe for relieving pains in your sore feet and boosting blood circulation. When you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, relaxing your feet is paramount, so getting a nice treatment with the help of the Ivation Multifunction may be just what is missing in your life.

The model uses intense vibration to provide your sore muscles with a proper massage, while the motorized rollers target all the reflex nodes on your soles.

Other therapies are readily available, as you can take advantage of oxygen bubble treatments, water jets, and even aromatherapy if you choose to add essential oils. This model can heat up water to 122F for a spa-like experience, and it is, all in all, a great product you should try.



This foot massager will leave no area on your feet untouched, and it will provide you with proper treatment for your soles, your ankles, your toes and your heels.

The vibration massage intensity is reliable, and it offers a good massage for your achy soles that are in direct contact with motorized rollers designed to provide a thorough treatment.

The oxygen bubble system is a nice extra, and it is equipped with multiple water jets; their action helps to relieve pain and tension in your feet.

You can use this unit for aromatherapy as it allows the addition of essential oils.

You can control temperature levels that can get as high as 122F for an authentic spa-like experience.



The back should have been angled a bit to allow users to sit back and relax while using the foot spa, according to some buyers.

Buy from for ($69.99)




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