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Foot bath spa massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa, but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. According to user feedback, buyer satisfaction, and efficiency surveys, the Giantex Portable is the best foot spa model because of its durable polypropylene construction that enables it to withstand the different thermal elements of heated water without losing its integrity and dependable functionality. This model has a generous-capacity basin that allows you to soak your feet in blissful, soothing warm water for a relaxing foot spa experience. Offering push-button simplicity, this model has settings that are easy to adjust for convenient operations, enabling you to have peace of mind that the unit works as designed for your purpose.If the Giantex is temporarily out of stock, you should consider the Brookstone 728219 as the next best option.



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Different foot spa bath massagers offer a variety of features that can address your needs and preferences. This guide should help you identify some of the features you need to look for when buying a foot spa.


Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


The best foot bath and massager boasts a remarkably convenient water heating feature

Although it is rather unfortunate, not all foot bath spa massagers are built the same. The lower-quality units require that you pre-heat some water in a kettle first and then pour it into the tub. The high-quality ones, however, are able to heat the water from cold to a comfortably warm temperature for foot soaking in less time. This also saves on user effort.

Check out units that provide temperature or heat control, which allows you to choose a comfortable level of heating. The really good machines keep the temperature constant to support full feet soak session. Isn’t that neat?

A Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) semiconductor usually functions as the principal heating element that drives the motor to heat the water enough for safe soaking.


You want a terrific foot massage experience from the best heated foot soaker massager

The human hands can deliver a firm yet gentle massage to the feet, kneading the muscles and coaxing the knots off them. A mechanical massaging element, which may be in the form of massage nodes or massage rollers, work like human fingers to work with the soothing heat of the water for a relaxing foot massage experience.

A vibration massage feature is also effective as it shakes the pain and soreness away from the muscles of your feet and legs or even up to your knees. Some top-end models feature water jets that stir up the heated water to produce massaging hydro-bubbles.


The high-rating units in the best foot bath spa massager reviews are easy to use and quite versatile

The tub of the foot bath spa massager should accommodate the size of your feet. An oversized tub should also come with a high fill line so the water can come up to your ankles. The basin should be easy to empty of the used water after your foot spa session. A built-in drain valve should facilitate this without requiring you to carry the entire device to the bathroom.

It can be difficult to move the machine to be emptied of its contents if it has no mobile caster wheels. The wheels should also lock in place for safe and sturdy functionality. A basket design facilitates easy carrying of the foot spa massager.

Check whether the unit allows you to add foot spa oils or salts, which enhance the experience through aromatherapy. Do not attempt to infuse the bath water with those types of substances unless the specifications say so. Disregarding this could damage the sensitive electrical components of the unit.


Models that we liked


The sheer number of models and brands of foot bath spa massagers can render the buying decision quite daunting to make. Aside from the above buying guide, the following paragraphs below showcasing the best products are also designed to help you make an easier buying decision.



Giantex Relax


Expertly engineered with a tough polypropylene construction, the Giantex foot bath spa massager can withstand the thermal elements that come into play when the water in the basin gets warm enough for a foot soak. Built with strength and durability, this model has a capacious basin that takes in a maximum of 4 liters of water, so your feet are nicely soaked in warm, soothing water.

This model runs at a maximum temperature of 48 degrees Centigrade while offering the push-button simplicity of operations. Soak your feet for a maximum of one hour to get that elusive relaxation and comfort from your toes up after a hectic and stressful day at work.

The advanced thermo-control system balances the temperature of the water for safe and comfortable soaking. The basket design of this model facilitates less effortful carrying, emptying, and storage. You can easily enjoy a foot soak anywhere in the house because of the convenient basket design.

The heated water can help improve blood circulation and can aid in making your metabolism run better. This is the ideal device to use if you need relief from everyday fatigue and the pains and sores in your feet and legs.

Reward yourself with a better quality of life now using this convenient foot bath spa massager.

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Brookstone 728219


Able to heat water from cold, the Brookstone 728219 provides a convenient and easy means of getting relaxation from the feet up. It heats the water in the tub automatically, so you won’t have to pour preheated water from a kettle. Give your feet the pampering they richly deserve especially when you’ve been walking about all day.

The warmth of the heated water gently draws the toxins out from your body systems so they can be easily removed from your bloodstream.

Use the machine regularly when you need to be relieved of foot soreness and pain. Since the nerve endings in the soles of the feet connect to many organs of the body, having a relaxing foot soak also helps those organs function better.

This model heats the water up to 115 degrees and in less time so you can enjoy a great foot spa experience to unwind after a stressful day. Have a soothing and relaxing foot spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

The unit has rotating jets that are controlled at two levels for a personalized foot massage experience. To give you smooth, soft feet, this machine features a removable pumice stone that enables exfoliation of dry, rough skin.

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Kendal All-in-one MS0810M


Able to deliver remarkable performance and convenience, the Kendal All-in-one MS0810M can do so much more than just provide a space for soaking your feet. This model is equipped with a premium-quality Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating semiconductor that raises the water temperature to a safe soaking level quickly.

This means you can just sit down and soak your feet immediately while being assured that the water will remain at a constant, comfortable, warm temperature. Let the soothing warmth of the water ease your cares away and relieve you of foot pains and aches extending up to the legs and even the various body systems.

This machine aids in making your blood circulate better around the body thanks to how the heat penetrates the nerve endings in the soles of the feet, which are connected to different organs and tissues. This machine also helps relieve the tiredness and soreness in your muscles, just as heat therapy is supposed to do.

The high-frequency vibration massage calms and soothes your overstressed muscles in the feet and legs, helping you release the tension and sleep better at night. You’ll love how this model balances your meridians or Qi system as it massages the soles of your feet via its two active massage rollers.

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