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Last Updated: 02.12.22


Foot exfoliators – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


If you’re looking to buy the best foot exfoliator, checking out our suggestions might be the right way to go about this task. We’ve browsed through many options available for sale, and our findings show that the first product to consider would have to be the Rikans Colossal Remover, due to its multiple benefits. For example, the large design allows you to leave cracked heels behind in just a few quick moves. You can use it according to your preferences since it gives equally good results in a dry or a wet environment. The stainless steel surface has appropriate blade sharpness, which will protect your skin and help you get rid of calluses. Should this item be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Zenda Naturals Lava Stone instead, as it would make for an excellent second choice.



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When browsing through foot exfoliator reviews, you need to understand the features you’re searching for in a product in order to choose the one that’s the right fit. Our guide tries to shed some light on this topic.


Alternatives and textures

Choosing an exfoliator largely depends on your preference concerning the texture that you like to have in contact with your skin. For example, if you don’t mind rubbing a harsh surface against your heels, you can try grating using a steel surface with small blades.

If your skin is more sensitive or maybe you prefer natural materials, there’s always the option of trying a volcanic lava formation, since it delivers the same results only it’s softer on the tissue and it’s more delicate to the touch.

Should neither of these choices suit you, your skin might benefit from using an exfoliating lotion, which starts by peeling off the chunks of hardened skin and proceeds to hydrate the layers beneath it, healing from the inside to the outside.



Depending on where you would like to perform this skincare treatment, you have to make sure that the product you choose can serve its purpose. For example, if you merely need to peel off hardened skin in a dry environment, you might go with any of the alternatives presented above.

However, if you want to do this immediately after stepping out of the shower, we may have an issue because the skin is softer and natural lava stones won’t do any good, not to mention exfoliating lotions. This is when you might want to try a metal surface, but make sure not to cause any harm by rubbing too hard.



Shopping for cheap foot exfoliators is easier when you know what to look for, but that’s not always the case. However, it’s safe to say that depending on the alternative that you choose, the prices will differ significantly.

Perhaps the most affordable versions are the ones that consist of a surface to rub against your skin because lotions tend to come with a lot of recommendations and extra features and depending on the brand, they might cost a bit more.

Otherwise, most of these products are within the same price range, and they’re an affordable accessory to have in your skincare kit.


In case you’re not quite sure where you should be looking for an item such as this, we’ve reviewed a few models below that illustrate the types we’ve been discussing.


Models that we liked



Rikans Colossal Remover


This item features a lightweight design that you can easily travel with. If you’re looking for a good foot exfoliator that can help you get rid of dry skin, calluses and cracked heels then you ought to check out this alternative from Colossal, because its wide steel surface allows you to obtain fancy feet with minimal effort.

In case you prefer to use a dry-skin remover just after showering, you’ll be happy to know that this model is an excellent choice for you because it works just as well in wet environments as it does in dry ones.

The abrasive surface consists of high-quality steel with just the right blade sharpness, which will not harm your feet but it will help you achieve quick results.

However, our recommendation would be to follow the instructions and go gentle on your feet.

If you’re worried about this item’s durability, you should know a 30-day warranty from the manufacturer protects it.



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Zenda Naturals Lava Stone

Main product characteristics


Natural source

If you’ve grown tired of using artificial products when it comes to skincare, this alternative is undoubtedly for you. The lava pumice stone comes from a natural source, from earth-formed volcanic lava, which does not contain any of the harmful toxins that you’ll find in other similar options.

It will do its job just as well, even better perhaps, leaving your feet soft and smooth, safe from accidental cuts and most importantly from artificial substances entering your body.


Exfoliating power

Aside from its source, there’s another essential aspect when it comes to this product, and that is its efficiency. It can help you gently remove any dead skin, corn or calluses, due to its texture and consistency.

It will do so without any pain, because the sharp corners are not artificially produced, but resulted from an erosion process that left them a little bit rounded, but still effective. You’ll be able to enjoy skin with a beautiful, healthy glow, and forget about hiding your heels in the summertime.



Each one of these lava stones comes in a different shape and size. They’re cut to be roughly similar, but even so, you won’t find two identical ones.

That can work to your advantage because in case you need a particular type of form to make sure every corner is taken care of, you have a much higher chance of finding it than you would have if you were to choose to buy a standardized, artificial product.

Also, this is but another testament to its natural source of provenance, an additional advantage to picking this type of item.


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Benefits of using the product



The shape of these stones is cut so as to fit in the palm of your hand so that every customer finds it easy to use the product. Also, their weight is roughly similar from one model to another, and it’s always light enough not to cause discomfort or fatigue during the process.

One stone measures four by three inches, although the size of it may vary a bit due to the causes discussed before. You will have full control over your movements, increasing the overall efficiency.

Perfect pedicures

You’ll be able to give your feet a new look by using this great product, just by gently removing the dry skin. Get the spa treatment at home and avoid the pain that might come from using synthetic alternatives.



Another aspect that has been mentioned in the reviews of this product is the fact that you won’t need to pair it with any cream or liquid exfoliator, it works well on its own. This means that at the end of the day you might save a few pennies.



Owner feedback


The customers that have tried this product seem to agree on its qualities, primarily discussing the fact that it manages to be abrasive and remove the excess dead skin without harming the layer underneath it. You won’t stand any chance of hurting yourself while using this stone.

Also, you’ll be left with soft, smooth skin and a healthy glow to it too. What’s more, they are enthusiastic about the results being easily visible starting from the first use.


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Kerasal Intensive Repair


If you’re not a fan of the grating process, you’ll be pleased to know that there are other alternatives. For example, this Kerasal lotion will repair your dry heels not only by removing the excess skin but by moisturizing it. You’ll be able to wear your summer shoes again in no time.

With each use, your feet will get softer and more pleasant to the touch.

The hard chunks will fall off as you rub it into your skin, ensuring a cleansing process by getting rid of the unhealthy layers. Its concentrated formula significantly reduces the amount you need to use and enhances the results.

It’s not just your basic foot lotion. The formula combines an exfoliator and a moisturizer to achieve clinically-proven results.

The first benefits will be visible in as little as one day, and gradually the health of your skin will be restored. The American Podiatric Medical Association has approved this product.


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