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Foot massager machines – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


After a long day, you must need a foot massage to invigorate your entire body. If you want to pamper yourself but don’t know which foot massager machine works best then let us give you some useful tips. Read this paragraph and see if you find exactly what you are looking for. According to user’s feedback, expert reviews, and overall brand quality, the Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager is the best massager for feet because it is outfitted with nine nodes on each foot bed which deliver a stress-relieving massage. Also, it comes with a deep-kneading shiatsu feature and has a large power button that is strategically placed in order to avoid bending. If the Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager is not available, you should consider the Belmint Shiatsu Switchable Heat as the next best option.



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Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pick a foot massage machine. Given the variety of products available for sale, it’s no wonder that you’re having difficulties. But we want to make the job easier for you. Therefore, we’ve done a thorough research and found out which features are the most important as far as foot massagers work.  


Size and weight are essential for a comfortable position

The ideal foot massager must fit your feet and should be easy to store and move inside the house. Heavy massagers are not practical because you can’t change the location often. Portability is essential hence always check the product description and see if the product is lightweight or not.  

Aside from weight, you need to be aware that the massager foot size opening varies from one model to another. Your feet must be massaged on the entire surface in order to benefit from the deep-kneading features that ensure stress relief and increase the blood circulation.  

Choose a machine that fits your feet size so that your heels get hit by the massage nodes.  


The best foot massager reviews recommend looking out for extra features  

Not all foot massagers come with the same set of features. It’s quite important to see if they suit your personal needs and preferences. Besides features, see if they are easy to use. You can’t have a machine that is complicated or requires too much time spent on understanding each function.  

While many massagers can provide you with a relaxing feeling, others can relieve your pain or muscle soreness.  

For instance, there are foot massagers that are equipped with a cushioned surface made of soft foam injected with gel or another type of smooth paddings. These add extra comfort and ensure you benefit from a relaxing massage experience. Basically, you feel the kneading, the rolling, and the massage nodes much better.  

Another useful characteristic of the foot massagers is the speed system. A good product should have two or three speeds. These provide more massage options for a customized experience.

Foot padding is related to the speed setting because a proper one has a non-slip material that enables your feet to stay in place no matter how powerful the speed is.   

The control buttons should be placed conveniently in order to avoid changing position too often. If you need to opt for another type of massage or speed, then you shouldn’t bend every time. Foot massagers that are practical have a toe-touch button that allows you to manipulate the control panel without having to move a finger.  

Foot pain is often relieved with the aid of the heat therapy. Because of this, many massagers on the market offer heating functions that can hit only specific regions of your feet, according to your desires.  


Find products with therapeutic value

People buy foot massagers because they want to relieve different aches and to relax their sore feet. This is the reason why the best foot massager machine reviews recommend checking if the product you like provides some sort of therapeutic options.  

One of these values is the shiatsu massage feature that consists of rotating heads and powerful nodes that massage according to the principles of reflexology.  Shiatsu foot massagers offer you the best massage session and can help you relieve pain and stimulate the healing process.   


Models that we liked


Aside from the buying guide, we’ve made a product selection that can help you decided faster. Each of them meets the criteria and are suitable for an excellent foot massage session in the privacy of your own home.  



Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager


Extremely effective and highly beneficial for your overall health, this foot massager from Belmint is an excellent choice if you suffer from different conditions such as plantar fasciitis or feet aches.  

The fact that this machine has a shiatsu massage feature is extremely important if you want to get a powerful massage that targets all the pressure points from the feet surface.  

The massager does a great job at hitting all the right spots, particularly the ones located on the bottom and the sides of your feet.  

Each bedside has 9 nodes, 18 in total, that offer deep-kneading massaging motions. This feature is extremely efficient at relieving tired muscles and improving the blood circulation. Plus, it provides a heating function that helps you relax your muscles faster.  

The worse thing about massages is having to bend over and over again in order to change the setting or the massage mode. This clever unit is equipped with an easy toe-touch control placed right in the center and angled towards your body. Every time you want to make adjustments to the foot massager you can simply take out the foot and press gently the desired from the control panel.   

You can use this foot massager while sitting on the sofa or a chair because the stability feet can be customized according to your desired height.  


Buy from for ($89.99)




Belmint Shiatsu Switchable Heat


If you want to relax after a long and stressful day, then this foot massager with switchable heat from Belmint is an excellent choice for your swollen feet.

Built from top-notch materials and quite lightweight, the machine provides Shiatsu massage techniques that target multiple pressure points on the entire foot surface. This function is more than useful because it improves your blood flow and reaches even the bottom and the sides of your feet.  

In addition to the shiatsu massage, this unit provides a deep-kneading and a vibrating option that are known for relieving sore feet and muscle aches.  

The machine comes with two independent foot compartments where you can insert your feet. Also, the control button is ergonomically placed in the center hence you can activate the massage options and the heat with a simple touch, without having to bend over. Even seniors can use this machine because it doesn’t require much effort to use.  

You can customize your massage experience as you please because you have three distinct pre-set massage modes to choose from.

If you want to ease the muscle tension, you can apply the heat function that accelerates the process. When the machine reaches the maximum heat level, it will shut down in order to ensure your safety and prevent any possible damage.  


Buy from for ($139.99)




Homedics FMS-270H


With this foot massager from Homedics, you can forget about spending large amounts of money on spa massages.

You get the same level of pampering in the comfort of your own home because this machine comes with six rotation heads, all of them with three massage nodes, that offer a powerful shiatsu massage technique for invigorating tired and aching feet.  

If you want to benefit from a deep-kneading massage that increases your blood flow, you can easily activate the heat function.

All you have to do is to push the main button twice, and you’ll notice a LED light that tells you the heating system is activated.   

There’s no need to bend because the control panel can be activated with a simple toe-touch. This feature is extremely convenient especially if you want to use the foot massager while sitting at the office or on the sofa.   

Sturdily built, this unit is so lightweight that you can easily carry with just one hand. Plus, it’s less noisy compared to similar products on the market as other customers have noted.  


Buy from for ($49.99)




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