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Foot massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


When it comes to soothing your aching feet after a hard day’s work, there are a few better options than a foot massager. So, if you are looking to find the best foot massager on the market and you don’t quite have the time to spend on internet searching, then this short paragraph should suffice. After we took the available foot massager reviews into consideration, we concluded that the iComfort IC0906 is the primary choice for you to consider since it comes with multiple massage programs from which you can choose what fits your needs. Another feature that pleads its case is speed adjustability, coming with 15 different speed levels which will allow you to have complete control over your massage. It will hit all the right spots, being able to hit 94 pressure points that will relax your feet in all the right ways. If you find that this product is unavailable at the moment, then you should take a look at the Human Touch Reflex-4 as it is a good foot massager for the money.


Check out the following list of details you should take into account

The foot massager market is flooded with many options, so you have to keep a careful watch on the different features, prices or characteristics. If you don’t feel like spending that much time on this, then you are in luck, because we have come up with this comprehensive buying guide so that you’ll know exactly what to look for in order to find a nice foot massager for sale.



Before you start looking for a foot massager, you should know what benefits it should be able to provide. They are designed to relieve your feet from aches and pains caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes all day or they should make the fatigue and soreness of your muscles disappear after a hard workout.

Even if you suffer from muscle, joint or bone diseases, they should be able to alleviate some of the pains that come with such troubles, providing you with much-deserved comfort. Another benefit that might be of interest to you is the fact that foot massagers increase circulation and that’s great because good blood flow holds major influences towards a healthy body.



As we said, there are lots and lots of options from which you can choose your foot massager. So, let’s talk about the different models that make a choice so difficult and let’s hope that after you know them, you’ll have an easier buying experience.

Manual foot massagers represent a basic device that is often made from natural materials. As the name states, you’ll have to use your own hands to massage your feet. A great advantage is that a manual foot massager is often an affordable choice, so you won’t have to dig too deep into your pockets to acquire one.

An electric foot massager is a step up on the technological scale, coming with either rollers or balls which are operated through the magic of electricity and they automatically massage the feet, leaving you to enjoy a hands-free, relaxing experience.

Foot spas are the top of the foot massaging experience but also at the top of the price range. They include water or heat features that make them able to relax your feet’s muscles and joints.


Look for features

We bet that you’d like a foot massager that comes with a lot of helpful features to make it worth its price. We suggest that you look for features that increase the comfort while keeping it easy to use as well. Among these, we remind of cushion surfaces for greater comfort, adjustable speed for finding the right massage power, heaters for those cold nights that will come and multiple massage programs to find exactly what suits your needs.


Models that we liked


As the sheer number of choices might blindside you into submission, we would more than like to provide you with not only advice in what to look for in a massager, but also with a showcase of the top products which we found to be quite interesting for every customer. So take a look below.



iComfort IC0906


If you are looking to have complete control over your foot massages then you might consider this product, since it comes with a manual control setting. If you want a gentle massage, then you can have just that and if you want to kick it up a notch, by all means, go ahead because you can.

Another cool feature that comes together with this product is the wireless remote. You wouldn’t want to bend over to change the settings every once in a while. Just click the buttons while sitting on your couch and let the machine do the work. It never was easier to get your feet rubbed.

It comes with 15-speed levels from which you can choose what you feel is right. Combined with the manual and remote control, this adjustable setting makes it an ideal product.

It is also able to hit up to 94 reflexology pressure points, so it is more than capable of performing a foot massage that is as close as possible to one made by a human being.


Buy from for ($139.95)




Human Touch Reflex-4


Unlike other foot and calf massagers out there which will make the blood to flow downwards, accumulating in the foot, the Reflex-4 comes with a mechanism which possesses an upward, rolling or wave-like motion, enabling the blood to properly reach the heart.

This foot massager comes with an included feature that is capable of mimicking a real-life therapist’s massage and you we think that you will be more than pleased with its performance.

Of course, it’s not yet possible for a machine to function exactly like a human, but this technology, called CirQlation, is among the furthest steps taken towards achieving this.

Another cool feature that you’ll find incorporated in this foot massager and will make you write a good review is represented by its reflexology rollers which will more than do their job in pulling the soreness out of your tired soles and heels after you’ve come home from your workday.


Buy from for ($179.99)




REVITIVE Circulation Booster


This foot massager comes with 99 different levels of intensity, and this is a great feature since it will provide you with a system capable of fitting your exact needs when it comes to the amount of pressure added to your feet.

Besides being able to provide more than enough intensity levels, this clever piece of machinery has 15 different stimulation waveforms included in its design.

Because of this, your feet won’t become adjusted to just one or two waveforms, which will otherwise lead to a boring massage that doesn’t work like it used to. Instead, your feet will be left guessing and your blood will flow better.

Unlike many other products that come as sturdy, immobile devices which only work on your feet, REVITIVE provides the Isorocker system. This feature allows your ankles to move along while your feet get the much-needed massage, resulting in an overall better circulation.


Buy from for ($215.34)



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