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Foot massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


Looking for the best foot massager for the money? If that’s so, you ended up in the perfect place because our research has led us to the conclusion that the first model you should consider is the Miko Shiatsu 647356947131. Apparently, this unit is capable of reducing fatigue and promoting blood circulation. Its sleek design makes it eye-catching and the quality materials it is crafted from ensure durability. Also, this particular alternative includes 2 foot chambers that provide air pressure and heat to the bottom of your feet. This product is a great choice for those that have trouble handling their chronic pain, muscle tension, as well as discomfort resulting from plantar fasciitis. Due to its popularity, this product might not be in stock, and in that case, we recommend checking out our next favorite option, the Belmint Shiatsu 019962813559 as it is equipped with similar features and should be able to offer you similar benefits.



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Foot massagers are devices that help you cleanse the skin on your feet, while providing you with a gentle massage of the area. They are particularly beneficial for your health, because they help you get a much needed foot massage without having you visit a spa, a doctor’s office, or have someone else perform it on you. First of all, you need to be well aware that foot massages are great for your health, overall, so getting a machine that takes care of this aspect is much recommended. Foot massagers are handy, convenient, and they do not cost much.

Some of these foot massager machines work with warm to hot water, whether you need to pour water that is already properly heated or the machine heats the water itself. When your feet are immersed in hot water, blood circulation in the area is improved, and you will feel your entire body relax. Without even knowing it, our legs and feet are subjected to a lot of effort every day, and they do not usually benefit of the same care of other parts of the body. However, they represent the foundation of our health, and paying proper attention to their wellbeing can help a lot on the long run.

Foot massagers help you relax and give you a good sensation of overall wellbeing. You will be able to sleep better at night and feel rejuvenated in the morning. In addition, regular foot massages will do wonders for your state of mind as they have been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression. Not only will your body feel good, but your mind as well, and this is a benefit one should not take lightly, in this day and age, where stress is common and it affects all of us. By improving blood circulation and helping you relax, foot massagers are greatly recommended for your overall health.



Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Foot massagers are great for your health and they help you achieve the comfort and the relaxation you need for improving the health of your feet and enjoying a good night sleep. If you are looking for a good quality model, this buying guide will help you understand the most important features to look for in such a unit, and how to pick the best one from the crowd. By reading the best foot massager reviews written by users and experts alike, we found out what makes a really great foot massager and now we are sharing this information with you.

Best foot massager 4000-1

Types of foot massagers


The first thing to keep in mind when you are shopping for a foot massager is that you have to decide for one of the few common types available. The first category you should know about are manual foot massagers. These are fitted with one or multiple rollers that massage your feet as you roll them back and forth. These massagers are effective because they work on the pressure points in your soles.

Another common type of foot massagers available on the market is the electric type. Unlike the manual foot massagers currently sold on the market, this type runs on electricity, so you do not have to operate the unit manually. The great part about these foot massagers is that they come equipped with all kinds of interesting features that offer more benefits than your regular foot massages.

Shiatsu foot massagers borrow from the old Japanese technique of massaging, and give you a deep foot massage that combines kneading with the use of heat for extra comfort. Another common type of foot massagers are those with infrared heat that basically offer increased comfort not only for your feet, but for your calves, as well, while using heat to help improve blood circulation in the area.

In case you are looking for the best possible option, you should consider foot spas. These devices use both water and heat in order to provide you with the best massage possible for your feet and your calves. The purpose of these massagers is to relax the joints and the muscles and to give you a complete relaxing treatment for your feet, just like the ones you can experience when you visit a spa. They are often larger than average foot massagers, so they are a good pick for large feet. However, you should keep in mind that traveling with a foot spa in your luggage is quite inconvenient.

Best foot massager 4000-2




When you are shopping for a foot massager, it doesn’t hurt at all to take a closer look to all the features included. You can make the best out of your foot massager if it comes equipped with all sorts of extras, and the best foot massagers of 2022 are those that offer more than just a simple foot massage, just like any other model. For instance, you should not overlook comfort; picking a model with a proper cushioned surface for the area on which you will place your feet will help you enjoy your foot massages in perfect conditions. Also, you should not forget about having easy to operate controls. Preferably, you should be able to start the machine and change between different modes or switch to a different option using your toes. This way, you will not have to bend, something that can be very difficult for people suffering from chronic pains, especially in the lower back.

An included heater is a must have for models that work with water and heat as therapy. The inconvenience of having to go to the bathroom and take hot water from there is therefore eliminated, and once you sit down to enjoy your foot massage, you will be able to do exactly that. Water jets are another great feature to have, since the rhythmic action of water against your tired feet will help them soothe faster and you will feel more relaxed.





In case you are among those who suffer from chronic pains and you need a foot massager for arthritis, you should consider a model that is portable. This way, you will know you will be able to take it anywhere with you, so you do not skip on the benefits of having your feet properly pampered. Check the market for models that are advertised as being lightweight, since they will be a better choice for you than a model that is difficult to haul around. As noted a bit earlier, foot spas are the most demanding from this point of view, since they tend to be larger and heavier than the rest.



Models that we liked



Miko 647356947131


Having a foot massage after a hard day of work and stress beats everything else. All you want to do is to sit back comfortable and simply relax. Miko 647356947131 will get the job done without the deed of making an appointment at the spa. This foot massager features two independent chambers that provide heat and air pressure on the bottom and on both sides of the feat, reducing pain and boosting the blood flow throughout the entire body.

The model comes in a portable size that won’t occupy too much space in your house and is very easy to handle and carry around. You can use the massager at any given moment while reading a book, watching television or working on your laptop. It has multiple functions to choose from such as deep kneading, subtle vibrating, rolling and heat levels that can be set up according to your personal preferences.  

The sleek design is made of quality materials that guarantee long-lasting usage. Not to mention the money you can save by missing out the drudgery of booking weekly spa sessions for foot massages. This way you get the same results in the comfort and privacy of your home.



What is great about this foot massager is that it has soft touch buttons and many options in the control panel where you can choose to customize your massage. You can select a variety of intensities for features like strength, massage type, and heat.

The best part is that you set the heat levels independently according to your desire or muscle tension. This way you benefit from a full foot massage that can reduce pain and induce relaxation.

The model is perfect for your entire family or make it a gift for one of your friends.



Although this foot massager is designed for general usage, some users with bigger feet sizes have pointed out that their heel area doesn’t benefit from the same intensity compared to the arch and toe. Nevertheless, they still consider the product very good because of its versatility and great quality for the money they’ve spent.

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Belmint 019962813559


Sitting up or down all day long can have negative effects on your entire body. Therefore, you should forget about booking spa sessions after work when traffic is nerve-racking and opt instead for a foot massager, like Belmint 019962813559. This model gives you deep-kneading shiatsu massage for both feet and a lot more features for a fresh glow afterward.

What sets this model apart are the dual footbeds notes, 18 in total, that are made from a very soft mesh, which provides dedicated massage for both feet. This way, no matter what foot size you have you will get every area massaged. Plus, you can activate the massage by touching the front power button with your foot toe while a second touch will switch the heat off, providing you a classic massage.

A masseuse may get tired but this foot massager won’t. The shiatsu technique is set to relieve stress and tension in your muscles with the aid of heat and deep-kneading on your acupressure points. The number of nodes is also a strong feature because you can move your feet inside the machine and still get a nice massage on all areas. This product was specially designed for people of all ages and size but keep in mind that it is not suitable for those who have diabetes.



Among the reasons why you should choose this model of foot massager is the fact that it is very lightweight compared to other products on the market and easy to store. You can place under the bed, the sofa or even desktop.

Clients that already bought it claim that it doesn’t make any noise while plugged, so it’s perfect if you have small children and need a break while they’re sleeping.

One major benefit is the fact that the power button is position right in the middle and angled towards the user therefore, there is no need to bend or stop your activity in order to change the massage options.



Some people have complained that the heat intensity during the massage it too big to handle while other actually appreciate that it gets the right amount of warmth.

Others believed that the curvature is too stiff and doesn’t allow for the foot to stay in a relaxed position. Either way, once you test the machine, you’ll see for yourself the benefits of a proper Shiatsu foot massage.

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Beurer FM60


Whether you have a job that requires sitting long hours at a desk in front of a computer or physical labor that needs lots of standing up, you must need a relaxing foot massage from time to time. But what if your busy schedule and family chores don’t leave you with much spare time for pampering?

One great solution would be to own your personal massager, the Beurer FM60 Shiatsu foot massager, with heat function included. This product imitates the shiatsu techniques of deep tissue massage with kneading functions, very beneficial for people with muscle tension and plantar fasciitis problems.

The foot massager was built from light materials and the size of it makes it easy to storage. You can use it anywhere you like it while sitting on the sofa, at the table or working on your computer.

Either way, your legs will welcome the deep tissue massage made by the 18 roller heads that aim to reach the entire foot, no matter your size. The two speed levels for different massage strength offers you a relaxed and soothing experience in the privacy of your own home. Plus, you can lend it to your entire family or use it as a future gift idea for a friend in need.



One important reason why you should get the Beurer FM60 massager is the fact that you can adjust the height for a more comfortable position. Using the twisting pegs at the bottom, you can tilt the product in the right angle so that your legs sit perfectly.

Most clients that bought the foot massager appreciated that it gets warm in only one minute. This is great especially if you don’t have very much time at hand for a massage session.

Also, the top material is made of a breathable mesh which allows your foot to be positioned as you liked and even to move your feet up and down, as you please.



The heat level, in general, is very well tolerated by most people. Nevertheless, there were some mentioning from some buyers that the warmth is very high, but this is not a general fact. It depends very much on your preferences.

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Orion Motor Tech Electric Shiatsu


From time to time everyone loves the idea of having their feet rubbed and massaged. It gives us a nice feeling of relaxation and calm. Because it is rather problematic to find a good massager at a convenient rate, you should check out a personal easy to use at home foot massager like the Orion Motor Tech Electric Shiatsu. The model features three custom massage modes that aim for the tiptoes, the arch of the feet and the entire sole. A genuine replica of the shiatsu massage technique, this foot massager squeezes and deep kneads the foot in all the major reflexology points.

Designed to release the tension and provide a deeply soothing and spoilt experience, this Orion Motor Tech massager is very user-friendly and portable at the same time. It won’t occupy much space when stored, and the top side is that the velour fabric that covers the feet are detachable and easy to wash. This way you can share it with other family members or friends in perfectly hygienic conditions.

You can choose from two colors, black or red, depending on your preferences and you can use it while doing activities such as reading, watching television or even doing some work on the computer.



One major benefit of using this foot massager is the remote control which is very handy when sitting relaxed. It’s a great feature because you won’t have to bend over to make changes to your massage program. With a click on the remote, you can adjust the speed and the direction or choose between auto or custom massage functions.

The machine is very easy to use, and the control panel comes with clear instructions in the manual, accessible to everyone.

Plus, the design is very ergonomic, and the material is very well crafted and durable. You won’t have problems with the storage or the noise because it is very quiet when turned on.



If you prefer foot massagers with heat function, you must take into consideration that this product doesn’t provide one. Nevertheless, the deep massage will ease your pain and help you with your feet soreness.

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MediMassager MMF06


1. MediMassager 2014 Model Variable Speed Foot MassageOne of the top 10 foot massagers currently available, the MediMassager MMF06 is the type of unit that will help your feet feel relaxed and healthier fast and easy.

This electric model is very powerful and it comes with no fewer than 11 available speeds that vary between 1,000 and 3,700 rpm, which means that you will be able to customize your foot treatment, depending on your needs and preferences.

The model is more complex than you may think and it is specifically designed to target the pressure points in your feet that experience the most abuse when you spend long hours standing up. The foot pad has a special arch-bar that allows it to apply the needed massage directly to the pressure points, so you can enjoy the many benefits of a foot massage right away.

The model is not used only by people at home. Do not be surprised to find it in doctors’ and therapists’ offices, where these health care professionals use the features of the MediMassager MMF06 in order to deliver a better treatment for their patients. Efficient in promoting better blood circulation in the feet and legs, it is highly recommended for people with diabetes.



This foot massager comes with 11 different speeds that vary between 1,000 and 3,700 RPM, to give you the perfect customized experience.

The foot pad has pressure points that target at the acupuncture points in the soles of your feet, for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

This unit can be used at home, but some therapists use it in their practice, to help their patients regain proper blood circulation in their feet and legs.

The robust construction is a big plus, and it means that you will be able to use this machine for a long time.

The manufacturer includes a kit for using the massager on hard floors without the risk of slippage.



One thing that reviewers mention in their comments as a drawback is the noise that the machine makes while in use.

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Homedics FMS-270H


3.Homedics FMS-270HAre you ready to experience all the great benefits of a Shiatsu massage at home? Then you should consider getting the Homedics FMS-270H, a model that is great for runners, since it provides deep massage for tired muscles.

Staying in shape is important for athletes, which is why it is so important to get the right treatment for your muscles, and help them rejuvenate after a tough workout.

You will love how customizable this machine is. The model comes with 6 heads that rotate, therefore providing you with a deep tissue massage that will make you feel as good as new.

There are also 18 massage modes available, so you will have plenty to choose from. Getting a professional Shiatsu massage therapist to work your muscles is expensive, so a machine like this one is a comfortable, affordable option. You will be able to operate the controls using nothing but your toes, so you will benefit from a complete Shiatsu massage without any hindrance. What has to be mentioned in regards to this model is that it is not recommended for people with diabetes, so, if you suffer from this condition, it would not hurt to shop around a little for a different model.



If you are looking for ways to enjoy a Shiatsu massage for your feet while sitting comfortably in your favorite armchair or on the sofa, this model should be on your list.

The unit comes equipped with six heads that rotate so that you can feel the entire area of your soles properly massages.

The model also has 18 massage nodes that help with relieving stress and tension in the legs.

Using heat therapy, the foot massager adds something extra for properly caring for your feet and legs.

The controls can be used by touching them with your toes, which means that you will not experience any discomforts while enjoying your thorough Shiatsu massage.



One complaint consumers seem to have about this unit is that it comes with a short cord, which means that you will have to buy an extension for it.

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AW 80W


6.AW 80W Heat Kneading Rolling Leg Calves Ankle Foot MassagerYou can use this machine for a wide variety of health benefits. By having your feet properly massaged, your blood circulation will improve in both your lower and upper body.

Your metabolism will be enhanced, as a result, and you will benefit from the relaxing effects of foot massages a great deal. You will notice how your stress levels are going down and you are able to relax more and rest well at night.

The controls are easy to operate and you will only have to touch them gently in order to activate them. You can turn the machine on or off, choose what part of the leg and feet to have the massage applied to, and you can add heat for a more efficient massage.

Safety is paramount when operating electric foot massages, and this manufacturer thought about everything. The model shuts off on its own after 15 minutes, so you do not risk falling asleep with your feet placed inside the machine, and exposing yourself to any dangers. If you want to enjoy proper relaxation, just use any of the three modes available, and get ready to become more relaxed and have your entire body feel better.



While many foot massagers only target the soles of your feet, this one takes care of your ankles and calves, as well, through its unique design.

The unit comes with four controls, for turning the machine on and off, for massaging the foot, and the calf, separately, and for adding heat.

The model can be timed to shut off after 15 minutes, to avoid any accidents, in case you fall asleep while indulging in the pleasant massage offered.

There are three different modes to choose from if you want to maximize your massage experience.

The heat function helps further with improving the blood flow in your legs, and in your entire body, and it is helpful for peaceful sleeping, as well.



Some reviewers complain about the fact that the machine can be quite powerful, and the massage too vigorous which may not be to everyone’s liking.

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iComfort IC0906


If you are looking to have complete control over your foot massages then you might consider this product, since it comes with a manual control setting. If you want a gentle massage, then you can have just that and if you want to kick it up a notch, by all means, go ahead because you can.

Another cool feature that comes together with this product is the wireless remote. You wouldn’t want to bend over to change the settings every once in a while. Just click the buttons while sitting on your couch and let the machine do the work. It never was easier to get your feet rubbed.

It comes with 15-speed levels from which you can choose what you feel is right. Combined with the manual and remote control, this adjustable setting makes it an ideal product.

It is also able to hit up to 94 reflexology pressure points, so it is more than capable of performing a foot massage that is as close as possible to one made by a human being.

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uComfy Shiatsu 9209


If you find that the overly complex alternatives you might have stumbled upon are too difficult for you to wrap your mind around, the uComfy Shiatsu 9209 might be a great option to take into account.

It is available in two designs and two colors. You can either opt for the oval foot massager or one with a round shape.

The device boasts a heated air massage and Shiatsu therapy, and as is the case with other choices that do the same thing, it is more than capable of improving blood flow and blood pressure.

The kneading and vibrating functions are said to be efficient, and the neat thing about this choice that it can massage your feet from top to bottom.

There’s nothing stopping you from utilizing the 9209 with various creams and gels made for arthritis and foot pain. Just make sure you wear socks so as to avoid dirtying the inside of the massager as we haven’t been able to discover any info as to whether the fabric covers are removable and can be washed.

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How to use a foot massager


How you use a foot massager depends on the type of foot massager you will get. For instance, if you want a foot massager for heel spurs, the most recommended is one that works with hot water. The hot water will make the spurs more manageable and you will be able to gently remove them. When you use a foot massager with water, make sure you only fill it with the recommended amount of water. See if the manufacturer allows the use of salts, since these can greatly improve the benefits of your foot massages. Once you are done with your massage, make sure to first turn the machine off and empty it. Dry the foot massager properly before storing it away, since it will improve the lifespan of the unit.

If you use a foot massager with rollers, it is important to use it as long as you feel comfortable. The skin on your soles can become irritated if you insist for too long, so this is something to keep in mind. Manual foot massagers are not difficult to figure out and they are the safest. However, this does not mean that electric models are not safe, as long as you follow the recommendations made by the manufacturer. The best come with auto shut off function, so you do not risk any mishaps, and they are also designed by abiding safety standards and regulations.

Foot massagers often come with various settings and features and you should read a bit about each of them in order to know what they do. Some have vibration settings, others wave therapy, and so on. As long as you read the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer, you will know which one will work best for you and you will be able to provide your feet with a proper massage, each time you need one.

How to use a foot massager 2

What should you know about foot massagers?


  1.      Are foot massages good for your health?

There are all kinds of health benefits associated with foot massages. If you do not have someone to apply a thorough massage to your feet and you cannot do it on your own, getting a foot massager really helps. Among the benefits of foot massagers, you can number quite a few. For instance, you will enjoy better sleep as the foot massage will help you unwind and relax after a hard day. A foot massage whether performed by hand, or provided by a foot massager, will also help improve circulation and this is extremely beneficial for your overall health. Studies show that foot massages help with alleviating the symptoms of depression, and the deep relaxation they provide even help people go over rough patches in their lives a bit easier. It is also believed that regular foot massages help with reducing blood pressure, therefore alleviating symptoms of hypertension, a condition that affects many people in this day and age.


  1.      Do foot massagers work?

Foot massagers are devices that help you get a proper massage in the comfort of your home. However, a question appears as soon as you hear about such devices: do they really work? Are they able to deliver the same great benefits that foot massages performed by professional do? The answer is ‘yes’. Customers who have tried foot massagers and experts who have subjected various models to different tests say that foot massagers work and they do a fine job. Of course, if you want to enjoy the best results, it is highly recommended to go for a foot massager that enjoys a great reputation. Read customer reviews and see what others have to say. Overall, foot massagers work and the more features they come equipped with, the more benefits you will be able to enjoy. Some can deliver a proper Shiatsu massage, and use heat to provide deep relaxation in the muscles. All these lead to an improvement in blood circulation and in your overall health.

-> my review on Zyllion zma-13-bk


  1.      Do foot massagers improve circulation?

This is one of the major benefits offered by foot massagers. It is well known that foot massages, when performed by a therapist, have the benefit of making your blood flow increase and therefore, you will be able to enjoy better health. How about foot massagers? Many of them combine kneading like motions with heat therapy. Both have as immediate consequence better blood circulation in your feet and legs. What is more important, these benefits do not stop at the lower part of your body. It is known that blood circulation is specifically problematic in the legs and feet, because they are more affected by standing up for long hours. Patients with diabetes in particular suffer from problematic blood flow in their legs. By kneading the muscles and delivering heat to the area, foot massagers are of great help in improving blood circulation.


  1.      What is a shiatsu foot massager?

A Shiatsu foot massager is a device capable of activating the pressure points in your feet that are used by the ancient massage technique introduced to the world by Asians. Getting a professional Shiatsu massage can cost you quite a great deal of money, and you should be able to visit a doctor’s office or a therapist’s office in order to do so. However, if you opt for a Shiatsu foot massager, you will enjoy all the benefits at home, without paying a hefty price for your massage. These foot massagers are designed to deliver proper massage exactly to the points in the feet that are described by acupuncture manuals. These pressure points are in a direct connection with vital functions of your body, so by properly massaging them, you will enjoy better health overall.


  1.      Are foot massages safe during pregnancy?

There is quite a debate about foot massages during pregnancy, since it is believed that by stimulating certain pressure points in the feet, natural labor can be induced. However, this is a stretch since only professionals would know which exact points to stimulate, and stimulating them by accident is highly unlikely. Actually, pregnant women can greatly benefit from having their feet massaged, since fluids often accumulates in the lower part of the body, because the pregnancy exerts extra pressure. Because of this, pregnant women often experience pains in their feet, and they can greatly benefit from having their feet massaged. They can take great advantage of foot massagers that are not as tough on the feet as mechanical massages, and the soothing effect will help them sleep better and enjoy better overall health that is also good for the baby.


  1.      Are foot massages good for plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that consists of pains and tenderness experienced in the feet especially in the morning, when you just get out of bed. Although it is a condition that affects many people, no exact treatment has been found except for steroid injections and surgery. These are, as  you can easily imagine, extreme solutions and not everyone wants to go through the trouble of having injections or a surgical intervention, so little is left for them to do. Therapists have identified deep tissue massage and stretching as being the best solutions for people with plantar fasciitis, because they can soothe the pain and make the feet more mobile. That being the case, using a foot massager to help you with your plantar fasciitis will work wonders for your health, and you will not be forced to undergo surgery.


  1.      Do foot massages relieve headaches?

The ancient massage technique called acupuncture lets us know that there are pressure points in the feet that, when properly treated, can relieve headaches and migraines. If you want to get a foot massage for headaches, it is possible, especially if the massage is performed by a professional. However, if this is not exactly a convenient choice for you, and you do not want to spend a lot of money on professional treatments, getting a foot massager for your home is highly recommended. Especially Shiatsu foot massagers are effective in treating headaches, because they work by activating the pressure points in your feet, as described by acupuncture manuals. By regularly getting foot massages with the help of such a machine, you will be able to live headache free and even the most stubborn migraines will give in, aiding you live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.


  1.      Do foot massages help swollen feet?

Swollen feet can really ruin your mood, so there must be something you can do about them. A good solution for swollen feet is getting a foot massage. The main cause of swelling in the feet is represented by the accumulation of fluids and the appearance of what is called edema. In order to make the swelling go away, better blood circulation helps. This can be achieved by getting a proper foot massage, whether performed by someone else, or by getting a foot massager you can use your home. Your feet will surely be grateful for the treatment, and they will become lighter and more relaxed.



Why is it important to take care of your feet?


Your feet are extremely important for your overall health. They represent the foundation of your body and there is no wonder an ancient form of acupuncture works with the soles of the feet, since there one can find the most numerous pressure points in the entire human body. Improper foot care can lead to bad posture, and it is also known that the health of your feet mirrors your overall health. Feet with poor health can be a trigger warning that there is something wrong with your health, as a whole. People with diabetes are highly recommended to take proper care of their feet, since this condition can turn the feet numb and diabetes sufferers may not notice when they suffer a cut or even an infection in the feet area.

Getting a foot massage once in a while can alleviate health problems on the long run. When you prepare for a foot massage, make sure you sit in a comfortable position and do not hesitate to take a foot bath. This will cleanse your feet of impurities and will make them healthier. There are many foot massage techniques you can try. The most important thing is to keep in mind that using some kind or cream or lotion makes things easier and that you should cover all the areas of the foot with the massage you are applying.



Unavailable products



Sunny Health & Fitness SH-0601


5.Sunny Health & Fitness Foot MassagerUsing infrared heat and long wave massage modes, the Sunny Health & Fitness is a foot massager created with your wellbeing in mind.

The model provides soothing vibrations that help your feet relax, and the use of heat helps improving blood circulation in the area, therefore contribute to an overall sensation of wellbeing.

An interesting feature this model has and is not often found in such devices is a calorie indicator that tells you how many calories are burned while you are enjoying your massage. Because of its ergonomic design, the entire experience of using it is very enjoyable and knowing that you will even burn calories while you relax is a great plus.

The model uses Shiatsu and reflexology points, so it can deliver the most efficient massage to your feet. It is also great for heel pain, since it is capable of providing the entire feet with deep kneading massage. Your entire body will benefit from the massage. Since the important pressure points in your feet are stimulated and, according to ancient medicine, they are in connection with vital functions in your body, your overall well being will greatly benefit from having the feet massaged in this manner.




Kendal All in One Kneading


4.All in One Kneading Shiatsu Rolling Foot MassagerIn case you are looking for a foot massager that offers multiple features and massage modes, you will be pleased with the Kendal All in One.

This model is capable of delivering great Shiatsu massage, kneading, rolling and it even uses air pressure to help you enjoy perfect foot health. What is great about this particular model is that it offers an all around massage for your feet and not only for your soles, while other, more primitive, foot massagers offer.

The way the model is designed is important, too. The foot massager is capable of using the acupuncture points in your feet so you can get the best out of your home treatment, just like you would from a massage performed by a professional therapist.

This foot massager can be programmed to work in three different modes, each one combining strength and speed in order to help you improve your metabolism and blood circulation in your lower body. The air pressure mode is not as powerful as a mechanical massage, but by using heat and pressure, it successfully delivers the massage you need for having your feet relaxed and in great health.



Belmint Shiatsu


2. Belmint Shiatsu Foot MassagerThe Belmint Shiatsu is a foot massager with heat and vibration much praised by consumers, since it is capable of delivering a great Shiatsu massage without having you leave the comfort of your home.

The design of this model offers your both feet the same great treatment, as it comes with two independent chambers in which you can insert your feet. Not only the soles of your feet will benefit from the great massage this machine provides, but also the sides of the feet that are often neglected when a foot massage is commonly applied in the area.

The machine works by kneading your feet and providing a vibrating motion that helps sooth tired muscles in the feet and legs. You will be able to enjoy better blood circulation and your overall health will be improved as a result.

The soft touch buttons are very handy and easy to operate and you can even schedule the machine to work with personalized settings. Basically, you can create your own personalized massage and start enjoying it as soon as you start the machine. The model comes with a few accessories, worthy of being mentioned. A washable cover made of cloth maintains the foot massager free of debris when not in use.


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