Best foot roller for plantar fasciitis

Last Updated: 20.07.19


Foot rollers for plantar fasciitis – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


What is the best foot roller for plantar fasciitis? If you have little to no time to go through consumer reports, look at sales figures and social media activity, and check out what people have had to say on forums, we’re here to help. Following several weeks of research, we’ve concluded that the TheraFlow Large Dual Roller is the product you should bear in mind. This affordable choice has been redesigned so as to provide the necessary relief for people who have heel pains, foot arch, and plantar fasciitis. The TheraFlow choice provides a relaxing foot massage, unlike other products that have been equipped with components that are too sharp for a comfortable foot massage. In case the TheraFlow Large Dual Roller is no longer available for sale, we suggest considering the next best option, the Gillsun Fitness Recovery Set.



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Even if you’ve gone through dozens of foot roller for plantar fasciitis reviews, you might not have been able to choose the right one for your needs. These days, there are many choices to consider in terms of design, comfort, and even the material that dozens of products are made out of.

Getting a quality foot roller isn’t all that difficult if you stick to some pointers. Check out our guide for more information on this topic.




Just like the needs of not all consumers are same, there are significant differences between one product and the next. One of these factors deals with the material that has been primarily used in the construction of the model you are thinking of buying.

Wooden choices are sometimes convenient because many are made to be larger, which makes them speak to the needs of people with bigger feet. Besides, we’ve often encountered dual alternatives that enable owners to massage the soles of both of their feet simultaneously.

Most rubber and foam options are created to be used with just one foot at a time. However, they do present a series of benefits, and the most important one seems to be the fact that they are less rough compared to wood choices.



As we have noted already, there are some models that can be used with both feet at a time, and others that can be utilized with just one. Besides, you need to try to correlate your physical features as best as possible so as to avoid getting a too small alternative. It’s actually better to opt for a bigger one because you’ll at least have enough room to roll your feet on.

Convenience and ease of use and cleaning

It stands to reason that you don’t need a Master’s Degree in Quantum Physics to know how to use a foot roller. So, the operation is rather straightforward. However, when it comes to prolonging the life of the product and cleaning it thoroughly, things aren’t the same for all choices.

For instance, you probably are aware of the fact that wood tends to retain some moisture and might stain in the long run. Things could get pretty bad, in that the model you might own may even leave out a certain smell. Our point is that all of these details have to be given some thought to before you choose a particular product from those available for sale these days.



Models that we liked



TheraFlow Large Dual Roller


Even though it is manufactured from wood, this TheraFlow alternative might be a good choice, in the end, as it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Besides, it is large enough to accommodate both of your feet simultaneously, but of course, you are free to use it as you deem appropriate.

Apparently, there have been owners who have spoken highly about the capabilities of this option because it is capable of promoting recovery in athletes and people who have plantar fasciitis.

We all know how painful it can get from time to time, and so keeping this tool under your work desk and using it regularly can help with increasing the local blood flow so that your tissue regenerate in a more efficient manner.

Besides, it might be worth adding that the TheraFlow Large Dual Roller doesn’t cost a fortune, much unlike some of its competitors. It’s used by young people and the elderly alike, and both of these ages seem to love it.


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Gillsun Fitness Recovery Set 


If you are really looking to get as much value as possible from your purchase, perhaps it is time for you to checkout this Gillsun Fitness product.

In fact, it is a set comprised of three items as you will get a foot massage roller, but also two cold therapy massage balls.

It is recommended that you use them regularly. It seems that the combination is successful in alleviating the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions.

What’s more, you might want to know that the massage balls in this set have been filled up with a gel that can be used either hot or warm, depending on the state of your nervous tissue in the area.

The core difference between the TheraFlow and the Gillsun Fitness alternatives is that this set cannot be used for both feet if you are looking to utilize the foot massager. However, there is nothing stopping you from employing it on one of your feet and using a massage ball on the other.


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TheraBand 26150


When you are in pain, you probably don’t want to massage your feet with something that’s too rough.

For prospective buyers who are searching for a gentle way of getting rid of their pain, we recommend the TheraBand 26150 as it seems to have been designed specifically for this purpose.

The model is manufactured from a latex material and boasts a hollow core, which is why you will be able to utilize it conveniently and comfortably.

Thanks to the material it is made from, you will encounter no issues while cleaning it. The smooth surface makes it possible for the foot roller to avoid scratching your floors.

You can place the foot roller in the fridge if you’d rather enjoy a cooler massage. As one of the most affordable products in this line, it is impressive that the 26150 has acquired over three hundred favorable reviews on a variety of retail websites.


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