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Foot rollers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you want to get the best foot roller available for sale these days, but time is of the essence, this paragraph can help you. Quality foot rollers seem to be everywhere nowadays, and so it might be difficult for you to make the right call. We’ve done all of that research for you and have gone through hundreds of consumer reports, surveys, and forums so that we could recommend the right models. As such, it seems that the product you should consider is the TheraFlow Dual Foot Large. Since it weighs in at just 1.6 lbs, you will be able to carry this foot roller with you everywhere you go. Based on the feedback it has received, the item seems to do wonders when it comes to relieving pain, refreshing tired feet, and promoting better circulation. If the TheraFlow Dual Foot Large is no longer available, be sure to check out another good foot roller, the TriggerPoint NANO 350518.



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If you are in the market for a new foot roller and don’t know how to go about things, we will assist you so that you can make the right decision. It’s true that these items don’t cost a fortune, but it is always a good idea to pick the perfect alternative right off the bat instead of having to order several choices and then having to return most of them.

To make sure you select a quality option, we suggest you take some time to look at your needs and preferences. For more information, read our buyer’s guide below.


Believe it or not, most models that we have come across come in universal sizes, which is to say that you have no freedom when it comes to choosing a bigger or a smaller one. It goes without saying that you should start by looking at your physical attributes. Do you have larger or smaller feet?

Whether you prefer one product made from wood or one made out of rubber, you need to understand that correlating your physical features with the ones of the item can help you get an easy-to-use, comfortable, and convenient alternative.


Material used

The vast majority of items you’ll stumble upon can be made out of wood or rubber. There are also some that have been constructed using foam. It stands to reason that, out of all of these choices, the one that’s least comfortable is wood, which is why it addresses the requirements of people who are accustomed to a rougher foot massage.

On the other hand, people who don’t like a bit of pressure on their feet when they get back home from work or school might be better off with an option made from foam or rubber.


Differences in terms of design

Not all products are made the same, which is something you are likely to have noticed by now. Most wooden foot rollers are bigger than their rubber or foam counterparts, but they do offer the advantage of allowing you to use both of your feet at the same time. Many rubber choices are made for just one, so you’ll have to either purchase two models in order to use at the same time, or just switch feet from time to time.


Health condition and budget limitations

If you’ve gone through several foot roller reviews, you might have noticed that these items are used to alleviate the symptoms of a lot of problems, and one of the best-known one is plantar fasciitis. You can also get rid of some issues such as knee pain or tight calves by using a foot roller on a regular basis.

As for your budget, as we have noted before, this type of product doesn’t cost a whole lot of money, but the cost does vary largely from one choice to the next. Quality options are worth at least fifteen to twenty dollars or more; at least that’s what you should set as a minimum if you’re looking for one that can last you for a good deal of time.



Models that we liked



TheraFlow Dual Foot Large 


If you’ve been searching for a model made from wood, this one is the perfect choice as it has been praised for its capabilities time and again.

This is a dual alternative, which means that you can use it with both of your feet at the same time.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, this choice is capable of alleviating some of the pain you might experience following long and challenging days at work or if you have neuropathy or other conditions.

Besides, it is worth noting that this model weighs just 1.6 lbs, which practically means that you have no limitations as to where and when you can take it with you.

So, if you are a frequent traveler who doesn’t like to have achy feet, the TheraFlow choice might be right up your alley. It’s worth adding that this particular model has been praised by over one thousand satisfied buyers.


Buy from for ($19.95)




TriggerPoint NANO 350518


There are two available densities that you can consider if you are looking for a foam roller such as this one. It’s lightweight and convenient and can be taken to the gym or wherever its services are required.

The only thing that we do have to mention in relation to it is that it cannot be used for both feet simultaneously.

However, the model does provide a range of benefits, such as the fact that it is capable of removing some of the pain associated with foot conditions or just the uncomfortable feeling you might have following a strenuous workout session.

While it is slightly less budget-friendly compared to other alternatives, the TriggerPoint Nano seems to be a quality roller that offers more than enough value for the money.

At least that is what most consumers who have chosen it have had to say about it. Plus, you can even use it on carpets.


Buy from for ($22.38)




Bonte Dual Kneading Acupressure


In some respects, this Bonte product resembles the TheraFlow one we have also showcased in this selection. It is made from wood and can be used for both feet at the same time, which practically gives you the benefit of having to save some time.

Besides, the construction of this alternative is durable enough for it to withstand the test of time.

We also have to note that the Bonte alternative is anything but expensive, despite being a dual foot roller. In case you have any preferences on this account, you might want to know that it is available in two colors, one of which is darker and the other is lighter.

The unit seems to be so versatile that there have been owners who have reported having used it for their back.

Apparently, all they had to do was place it on the back of their chair at a 90-degree angle and then either sit with their back to it or twist their body side to side.


Buy from for ($9.59)




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