Best foot spa brands

Last Updated: 28.09.22



An international brand offering various consumer and professional products for use in the salon, during travel and right in the comfort of your own home, Conair Corporation has dedicated its efforts to developing ingenious and technologically advanced products. Conair is into the engineering of exceptional salon and home tools and devices that help improve the lives of the consumers whose needs it caters to on an everyday basis and on a global scale. The company manufactures: hair care products including styling aids and hairstyling devices; personal grooming implements such as clippers and trimmers; bath and spa machines and items including foot baths, bathroom scales and more; garment and home care units such as fabric steamers; health and wellness products including heating pads and massagers; the popular Interplak oral care line; and travel accessories.


2.Dr. Scholl's

Dr. Scholl’s employs extensive research and cutting-edge technology to design products that meet the needs of your feet and body, making it one of the highly popular and trusted wellness brands on today’s market. The company has a full line of bubbling foot spas, massaging back cushions, rejuvenating foot warmers and handheld massagers that help the consumer release the stress and tension as well as the pain and soreness accumulated from a perennially active and busy lifestyle. The Dr. Scholl’s® Sport line delivers remarkable relaxation and relief with expertly designed products that soothe tight and painful muscles resulting from daily activity. There is also the Dr. Scholl’s For Her® line for women and an assortment of back cushions, foot baths and foot warmers for everyday pampering.



With headquarters in Commerce Township, Michigan, HoMedics is focused on developing a home environment for its consumers that will help you de-stress, find body relaxation and just enjoy a simple, tension-free life. Founded in 1987 by Ron Ferber and Alon Kaufman, the company has become globally recognized as a manufacturer of home massage products while continuously being a leading innovator in massage technology. HoMedics also boasts a full line of wellness products for home use, all specially designed to promote health and well-being, and they include humidifiers, air filters, fitness monitors, sleep aids, among many others. Growing into leadership status at the forefront of the industry, HoMedics manufactures footbaths that deliver refreshing bubbles plus soothing vibration for the perfect pedicure right at home.


4.Kendal (dar nu stiu daca e bun logo-ul asta)

Kendal offers different massagers from foot massagers and foot spas to head and body massagers and weight loss massagers. However, electrical massagers are not the only products that the firm brings to you. They offer diamond microdermabrasion devices, ultrasonic cleaners, beauty equipment such as hair care, nail care and skin care items, and more. Promoting new generation quality and innovative products, the company aims to make life more enjoyable and convenient. It also seeks to deliver good customer service to back its quality products. The firm supplies products from its impressive foot spa line. The products deliver remarkable all-in-one functionality by offering heating therapy, high frequency vibration massage, oxygen bubbles massage, infrared therapy and even magnet therapy.



Brookstone boasts a history of quality product manufacturing backed by customer service, a legacy that it aims to continue to the future. The company is a recognized nationwide specialty retailer with headquarters in New Hampshire. They provide a range of consumer products that deliver fantastic functionality, distinction in design and quality that can not easily be sourced from other retailers. From a small classified ad promoting tools that are hard to find in a 1965 edition of Popular Mechanics Magazine, the company has become a specialized nationwide retailer of lifestyle and revolutionary products made for smart living. Acquired in 2014 through a joint venture between Sanpower Group and Sailing Capital, Brookstone offers an interactive shopping experience to its consumers at its stores.