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Foot baths – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa but you have limited time to invest in researching the top recommended models out there, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. According to the user feedback, buyer satisfaction, and efficiency surveys, the Carepeutic Ozone KH298 is the best because it has a plethora of features that can allow you to relax and get your feet and legs in top shape again. Some of the functions integrated into this model include an air bubble massage setting and a water jet surfing system. Besides, this option has been outfitted with a detachable herbal bag container that can give you the opportunity to soak in a plant infusion, if that’s what you are after. If the Carepeutic Ozone KH298 is temporarily out of stock, you should consider the Giantex Portable as the next best option.



Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Getting the best foot spa massager for sale nowadays is quite an adventure, as many products are available out there, which only makes it difficult for prospective buyers to choose the right one. We’re here to help, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive guide that you can utilize to separate the wheat from the chaff. Just keep reading if you wish to make an informed decision.


Size and weight

In spite of the fact that these two factors might not seem the crucial considerations to bear in mind, the fact of the matter is that they can affect your user experience quite a lot. If you hate lifting overly heavy things, you probably need a lightweight foot spa that needs to be emptied conveniently, without you having to put in a lot of effort. The size of the product also matters as the higher it is, the more capable it proves to be when it comes to massaging your leg area, as well. The height isn’t the only factor to look at as you’ll have to make sure that your feet fit comfortably inside the foot bath, so try to get one that’s on the larger side.


Massage functionalities

Since not all models are created the same, some come with different settings. Do you want your future foot spa to have a heating function or would you rather heat up water separately? Some models are more basic, in this sense, but they do tend to be more affordable than their cutting-edge counterparts. As for actually relieving the stress on your feet, you might want to take some more features into account, such as the existence of water jets, oxygen or air bubbles, and even a vibration setting.

Another thing that makes the difference between the best pedicure foot spa for sale and one that fails to impress you with its capabilities is whether or not you can use substances like oils or Epsom salt. Due to their design and construction, some models do not allow owners to do just this, which is somewhat counterproductive as soaking your feet is way more efficient if you can use some bath salt.


Budget and recommendations

If you are willing to invest in such a device, you might have to be prepared to spend a pretty penny as some of the most efficient models might cost over two hundred and fifty dollars. On the other hand, if your finances won’t allow you to make such lavish expenses, perhaps you might do with a more affordable alternative. Either way, what you need to do is check out the best foot spa for sale reviews as other buyers can let you know what to expect in terms of performance and the overall way that the model does its job.


Models that we liked


The best models that match this criterion have been showcased below. Based on what we have found, it seems that these units are more than capable of serving their owners as they are supposed to. You’ll be able to kick back and relax thanks to their functionalities, and your feet will be as brand as new.



Carepeutic Ozone KH298


This Carepeutic model is one of the most popular choices that are available for sale these days. Despite being somewhat less affordable compared to other options, this unit is highly recommended for owners who feel like they need the services offered by a remarkably efficient foot spa. On the one hand, it’s significantly larger than many of its low-budget counterparts, therefore allowing you to benefit from a nice massage both on your feet and in your leg area.

Above all, this unit is easy to utilize, particularly since it has even been outfitted with a motorized water drainage that can allow you to empty it without having to carry it from one spot to the other. The herbal bag container is detachable and will allow you to utilize plants and other substances that you might need to get the most out of the entire experience.

The system has many functionalities ranging from an advanced water temperature setting to a uniquely strong waterfall and massage bubbles. In other words, due to its features, it’s definitely a model to consider.



Providing a very easy to use control panel, the Carepeutic Ozone foot spa has multiple massage functions explained very well in the instruction manual.

The massage rollers are very large and motorized, ideal for every foot size.

All features are adjustable, especially the waterfall. The two jets that splash water can be oriented towards or outwards the feet.

Designed with an ozone option that not only benefits a series of medical conditions but also suppresses the bacterial growth, an option that keeps the machine clean and odorless after usage.

Very easy to fill it with water and to drain it after the spa session is over, the machine doesn’t make loud noises when plugged.



Although the calves and the soles benefit from an excellent massage, it seems that the water level is just above the ankle. Some users complained that the level is too low.

Apparently, the bubble air massage is weak and fails to satisfy the buyer’s needs.

Buy from for ($173.78)




Giantex Portable


If you have been trying to get your hands on a low-budget option that delivers good enough performance, perhaps you ought to bear this Giantex model in mind.

From what we have seen, it usually costs less than one hundred dollars, regardless of the online retailer you’ll choose for your purchase. As is the case with the previously mentioned option, this product is a foot and leg spa massager that comes with a variety of functions.

The unit has anything you might have wished for, in that it features a vibration mode, a LED display which can tell you what setting you have chosen, and an adjustable massage frequency.

The maximum power consumption of this product is 500W and its runtime has to be limited at less than an hour. Despite the fact that it has not been equipped with the same drainage system as the formerly described Carepeutic foot bath, this Giantex one has removable casters that can allow you to move it with ease and therefore, empty it at the place of your choice.

This model can be used with a wide array of foot soaks and essential oils.



The task of emptying the foot spa machine is very much eased because of the casters found on the bottom. The product can be pushed along on any type of surface.

On the plus side, it heats up very quickly and maintains the level of hotness throughout the entire spa session.

The Giantex portable can be used by a large mass of people because the instructions aren’t complicated, and the menu is very accessible.

With the touch of a simple button the heat, the temperature, the frequency and the red-light exposure can be set according to the desired level.



The location of the power jet is right in the middle; therefore, the feet don’t benefit very much from it. Plus, it is weaker than other foot spa models.

Some clients made remarks that the bucket is too tall and it hurts their knees because of the bending, making it uncomfortable especially for the eldering.

Buy from for ($60.99)




Brookstone 78219


This Brookstone model is another one you should give some thought to if you’ve been meaning to purchase a device that helps you unwind after a long day at work. It can do wonders when it comes to increasing the blood flow and improving the status of your muscles. In addition to all of this, the rotating jets that the unit has been equipped with have two speeds that can be adjusted by the user in accordance to his or her needs or momentary preferences.

Once poured into the tub, the water is heated up to 115 degrees, and the neat thing about the Brookstone 78219 is that it can keep it warm for as long as you need it to be so. What this means is that you won’t be forced to add more hot water so that you can make the most of your foot spa.

Something that’s worth mentioning about the Brookstone unit is that the use of bath salts is not recommended with this foot bath. Having acquired over three hundred favorable reviews, this product seems to be one of the top rated choices available on the market today. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt if you also included it on your shopping list especially as it’s reasonably priced.



Brookstone 728219 is a jet foot spa with a heating feature that keeps the water warm for as long as the heating button is pressed.

Very comfortable interior, the product allows the feet to be fully submerged in the water without any fear of overflowing or splashing.

The item can be placed anywhere around the house and plugged in safely to an electric source because of its very convenient long cord.

Equipped with two powerful rotating jets that can be adjusted accordingly, the massage provided by this product is really soothing and relaxing for tired feet.

It can be used for pedicure preparation because of the pumice stone option that peels off the dry skin from the foot pads and heels.   



According to some reviews, the plugging cord is made from plastic and can be easily broken in case of wrong handling.

There are indications in the manual that bathing oils or soaps can’t be used inside the foot tub.

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