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Foot spa machines – Ratings & Reviews in 2019?


You might not have time to go through our carefully-researched buying guide but this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best foot spa for home use. Based on efficiency ratings, user feedback and buyer satisfaction, we believe the Brookstone 728219 is the best because of its soothing built-in heat and invigorating water jets that deliver the ultimate massage experience. The two powerful rotating hydro jets deliver a massaging stream of water to relax and relieve pain from tired feet and muscles, thereby increasing circulation. You can even adjust the speeds of the jets for a customized massage. This model heats water quickly to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains the temperature, so you won’t need to keep adding hot water to the basin. The included removable pumice stone scrapes away dry, rough skin for the ultimate feet pampering experience. Because of the high likelihood that the Brookstone 728219 is out of stock because of its popularity, you could get the second best option, the Belmint All-in-One.



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Providing an affordable means of relaxing at home after a tiring, busy day, a foot spa machine lets you get a foot massage every day (if you prefer) or whenever you want without paying hefty salon fees. Foot spa manufacturers have engineered their machines to offer better features across different models so consumers now have more choices based on their respective budgets. What distinguishes the best rated foot spa from more inferior models?


Dependable heat function

Not all the models featured in the best foot spa machine reviews in 2019 are able to heat water from cold. Those cheaper models are not any different from a basin that you simply fill with heated water and soak your feet in. A premium foot spa machine is able to deliver quick water heating and then keep the water at a constant temperature so you can soak your feet in blissful, soothing heated water for as long as possible. You can even control the temperature with models that have both digital timer and and digital temperature controls. The best machines have a state-of-the-art heating element or semiconductor to deliver this fantastic functionality, while others have both heating and heat maintenance capabilities. The less pricey models are able to maintain temperature and not much else. For safety, look for models with insulation and overheating protection.


Great massage function

The best foot spa machines in 2019 are equipped with cutting-edge mechanical massaging elements in the form of roller massagers, oxygen massage jets or bubble jets. Massage roller deliver soothing foot massage to the bones of your feet, gently easing away pain and stress from the nerve endings that connect to the various organs of the body. This function not only coaxes away pain and stress but also ensures the efficient flow of necessary elements to the various organs of the body connected to those nerve channels. Cheaper units offer vibrating massage to ease away pain and stress, while others use water jets that work like the hydrojets of a jacuzzi to deliver oxygen to the various nerve channels of the body.


Exceptional features

Self-drainage holes facilitate emptying of water after use. Wheels or casters let you simply push or pull the unit along so you won’t have to carry it, very important to facilitate movement after the basin is filled with water. A splash cover prevents mess due to water spills. Some models come with pedicure attachments that enable you to do your own foot pampering sessions at home. Some high-end units come with remote control but those that feature toe-touch controls are just as nice. Rotary dials are in models on the lower end of the spectrum. You may also want digital temperature, timer and massage controls, which are quite convenient. Look for models that allow the use of salts and soaps for an enhanced massage experience.


Models that we liked


The market is filled with many different brands and models of foot spa machines. While this can unduly complicate your decision-making process, the above buying guide should help make you a more informed consumer. We have also featured the best models below for even more help.



Brookstone Aqua-Jet 728219


1-heated-aqua-jet-foot-spaThe Brookstone 728219 lets you just sit back and put your feet in, as it is capable of heating water quickly up to 115°F and then keeps it at that level. This eliminates the need to use previously heated water that you have to pour into the basin.

This foot spa is also able to maintain the temperature of the heated water so you won’t have to frequently get your feet out of the basin just to fetch some more.

The invigorating water jets deliver soothing massage to your feet, while the built-in heat function helps channel heat through the nerve endings on your feet to soothe away pain and tiredness.

The two powerful hydrotherapy jets provide a re-energizing stream of water that helps relieve knotted muscles, calm the nerves, relax tired feet, improve metabolism and promote good circulation. To get a customized massage experience, the rotating jets also come with two different speeds. The basin is outfitted with two rolling nodes that deliver a kneading massage to the arches of your feet, effectively working on essential reflexology zones.


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Belmint All-in-One


2-all-in-one-foot-spa-massager-motorized-rolling-massageDelivering motorized rolling massage, this machine can soothe the aches and pains away so you feel relaxed after a long, tiring day at work.

The machine also comes with heat therapy that enables the channeling of soothing heat through the various nerve endings on the feet and to the different organs of your body.

The revolutionary waterfall wave and bubbles also deliver a gentle massage that reinvigorates your body so you are ready to face another day. This model is superbly easy to use and operate thanks to the Digital Temperature Control, LED Display and Remote Control.

The infrared heat that this machine generates stimulates blood circulation for effective flow of oxygen to the various organs of the body as well as to relieve pain and relax the body and mind. The non-slip bottom promotes stability.

The auto-shutoff safety feature saves on energy since the unit automatically switches off after the set time is completed. The integrated pull handle enables you to get your massage at your preferred area of the house.


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Giantex Portable


3-giantex-portable-foot-spa-bathThis portable foot spa bath massager provides bubble heat massage to coax the aches and stress away for a truly relaxing experience. It also comes with vibration massage and infrared therapy so you can get the ultimate massage experience according to your preference.

The LED display shows you the chosen settings for easy customization. This model has a maximum running time of one hour and maximum running temperature of 48 degrees Celsius.

Equipped with an advanced thermo-control system, this unit can maintain the water temperature at a constant level so you won’t need to do frequent refilling with fresh hot water or to reheat the water in the basin.

The basket design of the basin accommodates your feet up to your calves.

The portable design and the light 6.6-pound weight enables easy transfer and carrying. The wheels enable you to transfer to another area even when the basin is already filled with water. The easy-touch button controls simplify operation.


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