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Foot bath massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019?


If you’re in the market for the best foot spa and massager but have no time to research on the best models, we’ve put together this short paragraph so you can have all you need to know. Based on buyer satisfaction, user feedback and efficiency surveys in expert review sites, we believe the Kendal FBD2535 is the best because of how it offers multiple relaxation technology including heat therapy, motorized rolling massage, oxygen bubbles massage, waterfall and water wave massage to soothe tired muscles and frayed nerves after a hectic workday. This model lets you enjoy customized functionality for easy use with its timer and digital temperature controls. You enjoy speed heating because of the quality PTC heating semiconductor that also ensures constant temperature maintenance. If the Kendal FBD2535 is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Kendal MS0810M.




Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Getting a professional foot spa, no matter how occasional, can easily rack up to hundreds of dollars. Thankfully, you can now get the best rated foot spa at the fraction of the price of five professional foot spa sessions. However, finding the best machine for your needs can be tricky, so take these elements into consideration when shopping for a premium quality foot spa.


A dependable heating system

Some key terms to watch out for would be ‘heating element’, ‘PTC semiconductor heating’ and ‘speed heating’. Yes, for your foot spa to be truly functional, you would want it to be capable of heating water from cold or at least to maintain the heated temperature for a longer time or as long as possible. Keeping the water warm for an extended time eliminates the need to keep adding more pre-heated or stove-heated water to the basin. You will also not need to take your feet out of the water frequently to get some more after the temperature cools down. Premium models are even able to deliver different heat levels or settings to suit your preference/s. The cheaper models come with just a single setting.


Innovative massage functions

Bubbles can help massage and relax the feet, so they are almost always a standard provision in the best foot spa massager in 2019. To create relaxing and calming bubbles, foot spas are equipped with bubble generating jets similar to what you can find in a jacuzzi, for a more intense massage.

While some machines allow the use of essential oils or bath salts, others disallow it because the excessive bubbling may clog the jets and other parts of the unit. Some models offer both massage and vibration features to knead the pain and stress away through the soles of your feet. Other units are equipped with simple vibrate feature to provide basic foot massage using rollers, percussion and varying intensities.


Cool extras

You can’t have everything in any one product featured in the best foot spa massager reviews. However, some elements you may want your machine to have include a Pedi center or pedicure attachments that let you do your own foot cleaning and pampering in the comfort of your home. The Pedicure center is typically a simple raised area on the machine where you can place your foot and pamper it using the supplied accessories or attachments, which may include a pumice attachment for removing and smoothing calluses and rough skin, along with a variety of manual roller massagers. With toe touch controls, you can simply press a button with your feet to select an option. Manual dial style controls are what the less pricey models usually have. Overheating protection, secure insulation and self-drainage are also nifty features.


Models that we liked


There’s no shortage of foot spa massagers on the market so the consumer will have plenty of choices available. To avoid going through an unduly complicated shopping experience, we urge you to refer to the above buying guide. We have also featured some of the best models on the market in the paragraphs below.



Kendal FBD2535


1-kendal-fbd2535The Kendal FBD2535 is an all-in-one foot spa massager that delivers a full array of massage technologies to ensure a relaxing and soothing experience every time.

It provides a motorized rolling massage using two massage rollers, so the soles of your feet are given up-and-down massage that soothes the nerve endings connected to vital organs of the body. The heated temperature of the water works to calm your nerves as well, going deep into the nerve channels to ease away pain and stress.

The oxygen bubbles massage works like the jets of a jacuzzi by using hydrotherapy to get your circulation going better and reduce or eliminate blocked nerve pathways.

The waterfall function and water wave massage allow you to simply relax as the gentle energy of the water calms your being and gives you inner peace. The water tank is deep enough to accommodate your feet and calves. The temperature indicator, digital timer and temperature control plus LED display provide easy customization and consistent functionality. Outfitted with a robust PTC heating semiconductor, this model provides speed heating and maintains constant temperature levels while ensuring double overheating protection for safety.


Buy from for ($159.98)




Kendal MS0810M


2-all-in-one-foot-spa-bath-massagerDelivering all-in-one foot spa massage, the Kendal MS0810M provides heat therapy along with oxygen bubbles massage and high-frequency massage so you can fully relax at the end of a tiring, stress-filled day.

This model effectively stimulates better blood circulation to clear your nerve passages of toxin blockages that hamper the smooth flow of blood, oxygen and other essential elements to the various organs of the body.

It helps improve your metabolism so you can easily stay fit and get gentle relief from fatigue. The unit utilizes a cutting-edge PTC heating semiconductor to deliver speed heating of water from cold, while also ensuring that a constant temperature is maintained so you can soak your feet longer without the need to refill or reheat the water in the basin.

Your safety is ensured with the secure multi-insulation protection and double overheating protection so you don’t get injured due to scalding. The two active massage rollers go up and down the bones of your feet to soothe pain and fatigue away.


Buy from for ($59.98)




Kendal FBD720


3-all-in-one-foot-spa-bath-massager-with-rolling-massageGiving you all-in-one massage, the Kendal FBD720 uses two removable non-motorized massage rollers to provide a relaxing rolling massage that kneads the aches and pains away from your tired muscles and nerves.

As the massage rollers move up and down your foot, you can get instant relief from stress and tiredness.

The oxygen bubbles produced by the machine help with the proper oxygenation of your nerves to help smooth the passage of vital elements in your body systems, thereby ensuring better delivery of disease-fighting substances to the various organs.

The heating therapy provided by the machine also helps calm the nerves and soothe pain away. This machine also provides water wave and high-frequency vibration massage to gently coax toxins out of your system while relieving pain.

This machine is pretty easy to use thanks to the LED display, temperature indicator, digital timer and temperature control. For speed heating and water temperature maintenance, the unit is equipped with a quality PTC heating semiconductor.


Buy from for ($85.98)



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