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Foot bath tubs – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. According to user feedback, buyer satisfaction and efficiency surveys, the Carepeutic KH298 is the best foot spa model because of its great features. Using ozone therapy, it relieves tired feet and reestablishes the flow of energy through the body. The heated water surfing feature helps with improving blood circulation. The double insulation helps maintaining water temperature for longer times. If the Carepeutic is temporarily out of stock, you should consider the Dr. Scholl’s DRFB7010B4 as the next best option.


Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Our feet take the brunt of our daily activities, whether we sit or walk. At the end of the day, nothing spells relaxation better than a hot foot bath. While you may go ahead, and fill an entire tub to relax, or wobble back from the bathroom with a plastic tub to soak your feet in it, we have a better solution: a foot spa tub that is designed specifically for relieving your tiredness after a long day. Combining different therapies and perfecting the benefits of massage and hot water treatments, this kind of device may prove indispensable. Read the next buying guide to see what you should be looking for in such a product.


The best foot spa tub should come equipped with various technologies

What is the best way to tell a great quality product from the rest? In the case of foot spa tubs, the difference lies with the various extra technologies included. A good foot spa tub should not just offer you the benefits of hot water; this is something you can simply achieve by soaking your feet in your already existing tub or in a plastic tub. Extra technologies, like waterfall, water surfing, ozone therapy, oxygen bubbles and the like, are designed to give you extra benefits. Smoothing your meridians, improving blood circulation and giving your feet a thorough massage, are just a few extras you should enjoy when getting such a product.


See if your feet can get in

This is quite important, since not all foot spa baths are built to the same size configuration. You should go through the best feet soaking tub reviews and see what they are saying about the size of the tub. Many buyers will tell others in their reviews if their feet fit in a particular tub, especially if they have larger feet, and they usually have a hard time finding a good fit. If you have small feet, you may have nothing to worry about, but, if your shoe size is larger than average, it would not hurt to check the manufacturer’s specs and the reviews written by other users.


What kind of control is available?

There are two types of control available: remote and manual. Obviously, the first is most recommended, because you will be able to fiddle with the different settings, without having to bend and stretch, instead of just relaxing. However, if the manual controls can easily be used with your toes, this may not be such a major issue.


Models that we liked


The best foot spa tubs that match these criteria are showcased below.



Carepeutic KH298


The Carepeutic is thought by many to be the best foot hot tub around, because of all the great features it comes equipped with.

Your tired feet will surely receive the royal treatment when you are soaking your feet into this tub. Working with ozone therapy, this veritable foot spa is designed to smoothen the meridians in your body, by activating the reflex zones in your feet.

You will feel more energetic and healthier, and you will enjoy a great night’s sleep. Another great benefit of this model is that the water level can be as high as your calves, which means that you will experience more relaxation, and, therefore, more benefits.

The rolling massage feature comes in handy if you are spending a lot of time standing throughout the day or your footwear is not exactly the most comfortable.

The blood circulation in your body will be greatly improved by the thorough massage offered by this machine and the strong air bubbles will make your feet feel heavenly. You can use herbs to transform this treatment into a veritable spa experience, with the help of the detachable herbal bag container.



The massage roller on the bottom of this tub will start working with the simple push of a button.

For aromatherapy preferences or smooth leg experience, herbal oils and soaps can be applied.

Carepeutic KH298 is designed to come past the ankles. Therefore, it really helps with joint aches, and it is ideal for the cold season or for dry weather conditions.

After using the foot spa, it is very convenient to empty the tank. Simply roll the machine on any surface until you reach a sink for water disposal.

The design is very ergonomic and and since the height level is ideal, the tub is comfortable for the user’s legs and for usage while you’re in bed, on the sofa or while sitting in a chair.



While the material of the product is very robust and resistant, it can be a little difficult to lift for some people.

There have been claims according to which the intensity of the massage isn’t very strong and that the waterfall function kept on disconnecting.

Buy from for ($173.78)




Dr. Scholl’s DRFB7010B4


As the name of this product indicates, the Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure is more than just a simple tub in which you can soak your tired feet after a long day.

The machine is designed to offer you a great pedicure, and that without having to visit the beauty salon and pay a hefty fee for the services offered there.

The pumice stone is great for softening your heels and it can be removed when replacement is needed.

The soothing massage offered by the foot spa, combined with the bubble therapy included in the features, will help your feet relax, and with them, your entire body.

The unit will not heat the water on its own, but it will keep it warm, due to its SMART Heat system, so you will be able to enjoy your hot bath for as long as it is needed. A 5 piece pedicure set is included, making it possible for you to enjoy beautiful feet all the time.



The bubble massage feature is quite strong and gives a nice calming and reviving feeling afterward.

Pouring salts or batch powders INTO the tub will not clog the foot spa machine, which allows it to serve its users for a decent amount of time.

Specially designed for all foot sizes, Dr. Scholl’s DRFB7010B4 provides a generous bed area that gives plenty of room for moving or flexing the foot.

One major benefit is the fact that the water will remain hot for a long period of time if the heat option is selected.

Plus, the massage rollers are made from a very gentle material, ideal for people with different foot aches.



Most of the consumer’s objections regarding this product refer to the noise it makes. Apparently, it is slightly noisy but it can be solved by placing the product on a neat surface.

The feet placement position can be a downside for some people as it causes the feet to be rather stiff and rest too close together.

Buy from for ($55.82)




Conair Sassyfeet


The Conair Sassyfeet is not a complicated machine, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot get the job done. You only need to touch the controls with your toes, and you will be able to activate the vibration feature or the heat feature. The vibration feature is handy for providing your feet with a relaxing massage, as they deserve.

The heat feature will keep the water warm for as long as you want it to, in order to enjoy your spa treatment to the maximum.

The pin point massage attachment helps a great deal with promoting blood circulation, and your feet will simply feel heavenly.

The massaging nodes on the bottom of the tub are there for the same thing, and they are also good at stimulating the reflex zones in your feet. With your purchase, you will also get a pedicure set that includes toe separators for a wonderful toe nail painting job, a pumice stone for soft heels and an emery board.



After pushing the on/off button, this foot spa massager won’t make any noises, thus allowing a relaxed and softening experienced.

It can be set anywhere in the house due to its long cord. Also, it can be activated quite easy by setting the toe on the power button.

The product is ideal for homemade pedicures because it includes bonus accessories like toe separators, a pumice stone, and an emery board.

Among the major benefits ensured by the Conair Sassyfeet is the fact that it is specially designed to fit all foot sizes.

The vibration feature is deep enough for the feet to be properly massaged and relieved of tension.



Despite the massaging nodes on the foot tub and the splashing guard, it would be great to have a bubble massage function, as well.

Apparently, it is somewhat difficult to maintain the water at a high level of heat for a long period of time.

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