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Foot baths with heat and massage – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. According to user feedback, buyer satisfaction and efficiency surveys, the Kendal FBD720 is the best foot spa model because of how it provides a rolling massage via two removable massage rollers. This amazing functionality is further enhanced by the heating therapy, high-frequency vibration massage, water wave and oxygen bubbles massage provided by the device. The unit provides temperature adjustability for the water from 20 °C to 48 °C to give you the perfect heat level you want to achieve relaxation and relief of aches and pains, making this the best foot spa with heat and massage. If the Kendal All in one is unavailable, you should consider the HoMedics FB- 600 as the next best option.



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Body pains, overall tiredness, cramps and generally bad health condition can be attributed to sore and tired feet because of the multitude of nerve endings on the feet that are directly connected to vital organs of the body. This guide should help you identify some of the features you need to look for when buying a foot spa.

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Flexibility in use

Nowadays, consumers want real value for money and what better way to get that than with a foot bath with heat and massage functionalities. After all, you can just have a simple foot soak using a suitable basin filled with warm water and then infused with your favorite foot soak essences. However, foot bath makers have designed their machines not only to be able maintain warm water at optimal conditions but some models have also been engineered to heat water from cold to a nice heated level. Premium quality foot baths are designed to maintain water temperature levels from 15 minutes to around 1 hour at the most, letting you enjoy your foot spa session as long as you want.

The even pricier models come equipped with power hydro jets along with heat to deliver soothing relief to the right places that need massage in the feet, such as the arches that can carry a lot of tension. Top models feature water jets that also come with rolling nodes designed to massage the feet arches. You also want to be able to adjust the water temperature accordingly aside from heating from cold to comfortably warm. The massage action should preferably be adjustable to different intensities of speed to increase circulation and relieve tight muscles, such as a kneading sensation. A lot of models allow use with foot soak chemicals such as essential oils or foot bath salts.


Safety and Ease of use

You want a lightweight machine that you can easily transfer along with your favorite chair to a good spot where there is access to an AC socket. Single-wall housing units are pretty lightweight and easy to carry. The basin should be deep enough to accommodate your feet and legs, preferably higher than just your calves. Plenty of models are designed for users with big feet. They even come with a convenient calf leg rest to ensure that the tub rim does not bite into the skin of your legs.

A wrapped cord enables effortless storage while ensuring safety. Some models have non-slip feet to ensure a sturdy and stable surface. That being said, you should not stand up while your feet are in the basin. Many models come with multiple settings, vibration massage, removable rubber foot pads and nodes underneath for strong stimulation, and bath liners that facilitate clean ups. A spill-proof design of the basin ensures mess-free use.


Cool accessories/attachments

Some models feature a pedicure center with a pumice stone, one or two node massagers and a cleaning/exfoliating brush, or pinpoint node/circular massager. These items can provide exfoliation functionality and enhance the overall foot massage experience. They allow you to do your own pedicure treatment in the comfort of your home.


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It can be challenging to find the best foot bath for you considering there are dozens of different manufacturers and models on the market. The buying guide above should help you make an easier decision. The best models that match these criteria are showcased below.



Kendal FBD720


1. Kendal FBD720Engineered as an all-in-one foot spa, this model provides a rolling massage with two removable massage rollers. It also delivers heated hydrotherapy that has been used since the earlier times for its healing properties attributed to the mechanical and thermal effects of warm water.

This is further enhanced by the use of oxygenated bubbles massage that helps deliver oxygenated warm water to the various curves and arches of the feet to relieve aches and pains.

The water wave and high frequency vibration massage work well with the buoyancy of the water to leverage the body’s reaction to hot stimuli and the protracted application of heat to the nerve endings in the feet.

The unit’s digital temperature readout ensures easy adjustment to and viewing of your preferred setting to provide safety during use. The LED display provides precise setting along with the time control. The temperature can be adjusted between 20 °C and 48 °C according to your preferred level, with a convenient temperature indicator.


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HoMedics FB-600


2.HoMedics FB- 600Providing massaging vibration enhanced with effervescent bubbles, the HoMedics FB- 600 soothes tired muscles and relaxes overworked feet.

It has a nice pedicure center that allows you to raise your feet off the water temporarily and use the included attachments to soften the dirt in your nails and give your feet some tender, loving pampering like what you can get from a more expensive salon pedicure.

This product has received high ratings in plenty of foot spa with heat and massage reviews thanks to its heat boost power that brings cold water to a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit in just minutes and then ensures that it remains at that level during use.

The basin is outfitted with four pressure-node rollers that deliver a soothing kneading massage to rejuvenate and relax tired soles and arches. Providing push-button simplicity in operation, this model comes with three control buttons for the bubbles, heat and vibration functionalities. Lightweight at just 3.8 pounds, this model is easy to carry. The foot basin is designed to keep the water from spilling out.


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Conair FB3


3.Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and HeatThe Conair FB3 works to soothe tired muscles by letting the nerve endings in the feet experience genuine foot spa experience. Employing hot stimuli, the foot bath delivers heat to the many nerve endings of the feet to channel soothing heat to the different parts of the body.

The nerves carry the soothing sensation felt by the skin deep into the body. This can be vital in influencing the reduction of stress hormones produced, in stimulating the immune system, promoting proper blood flow, improving digestion and circulation and decreasing the body’s sensitivity to pain.

The machine comes with toe-touch control that activates the heat and vibration feature to provide relaxing foot massage. The heat feature will not heat water but keeps the temperature of the warm water you put into the foot basin so you can make the most of a foot spa session.

The unit comes with a massage attachment that features nodes for extra massage action. The splashguard prevents messy water spills and also provides a convenient area on which to do your pedicure treatment right at home.


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