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Handheld massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you lack time to go and search for the best handheld massager, let us give you a helping hand. After carefully looking at several indicators such as sales figures and user reviews, we’ve concluded that the VIKTOR JURGEN Electric Percussion could soothe your aches because it comes with three sets of removable massage heads suitable for a plethora of massaging options. Furthermore, the unit is ideal for massaging different areas like the neck, back, legs, and feet. Easy to handle, the massager boasts a non-slip and comfortable grip, and it is built with a handheld design to add comfort to the whole experience. If the VIKTOR JURGEN Electric Percussion is not available, check out the NURSAL Deep Percussion.



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People opt for handheld massagers because they are practical and easy to use. Instead of massaging only a couple of body parts, you can use this tool for your entire body. So, it’s no wonder there are so many units for sale to choose from. If you don’t know how to tell whether a model has the mandatory features, spare a few moments and read our buying guide.

Focus area and versatility

Not all massagers perform similarly. It’s crucial that you choose the best portable massager according to the muscle groups it massages.

Some handheld devices are great for massaging only the back and don’t do an excellent job when it comes to the feet. It all comes down to the interchangeable accessories.

Plus, some messages are too gentle and might not give you the deep-tissue massage that you’re searching for.

When you are in the market for a good handheld massager, go with mechanical devices that are outfitted with multiple speed settings and massage modes. These features let you customize your massage experience so you can benefit from all the health improvements that handheld massagers have to offer.

Powerful massagers use vibrations and infrared technology which are known to be more efficient than regular units.

If you’re on a limited budget and you need to get a cheap handheld massager, you could be satisfied with a non-mechanical piece that is lighter and doesn’t strain your arms.



According to a myriad of handheld massagers reviews, a massager that boasts a percussion feature penetrates more deeply into the tissue and muscles. Moreover, they send the vibrations much deeper. This translates to better and faster results.

Even if you don’t have more than 10 or 15 minutes a day, you can still get rid of the pain with an electrical percussion handheld massager.


Other features

Some of the users that write reviews of handheld massagers often mention that a unit of this kind must have a comfortable length. Plus, the handle should be lower than the massager head and the tip of the handle shaped in such a way so that it doesn’t slip your hands.

Since you don’t want to cause other aches that you didn’t have before, stay away for bulky massagers and go with lightweight items.


Models that we liked



VIKTOR JURGEN Electric Percussion


Investing in a multifunctional massager is a good option because you can use it for relaxing your entire body and for removing the tension from your muscles, located in different parts of your body.

Because humans need a recovering period after any strenuous activity, you won’t regret choosing this handheld massager because it does an excellent job at massaging all areas, starting with the neck and ending with your legs and feet.

The powerful motor runs up to 3,350 pulses per minute allowing you to choose between several speed settings. Plus, you can control the intensity and the strength of the massager during the massage and customize it according to your preferences.

Featuring a sturdy construction, the unit was built with a firm rubber grip that enables comfortable and easy handling. On top of this, you can use the massager and not worry about sitting close to a power outlet or having to use extension cords because the cable of the product measures 71 inches.

This massager has a therapeutic and fatigue relief value. It was built to provide deep tissue body massage.


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NURSAL Deep Percussion


When opting for a massaging machine, you need to be aware of your health problems.

You should choose something that massages your entire body because you never know when you’ll need quick and non-invasive pain relief for a certain body area.

This portable handheld massager is equipped with 6 interchangeable nodes that provide different types of massage experiences.

Depending on the part of the body where you feel the pain, you can opt for a specific node.

The soft rubber hammer design is a nice touch because it makes the experience turn into bliss.

Also, the variable speed feature lets you have a wide range of speeds to choose from. You can even click the button and start the heat setting of this massager.

The benefits of applying heat to an area that causes aches are multiple. It increases the blood circulation and helps your body feel more relaxed and soothed.


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Wahl Deep-Tissue


If you’re constantly feeling tired and you seem to lack the strength to fulfill your daily activities, it’s time to get a deep-tissue therapeutic massager, like this model right here.

Once you see the positive changes in your body, you’ll be forever thankful.

The unit relieves pain and fatigue, and it is specially designed to target those sensitive spots where aches usually might show up.

Aside from this, the product features a variable speed setting that allows you to control the intensity of the massage from light to intense.

It’s advised that you start with a slow speed and as you begin to get used to the massager, move forward to a higher level of intensity.

You can customize the massage using the four unique attachments that come in the product package. These finger-like nodes replicate the touch of a human trained massage therapist.

The tool is excellent for pinpointing the acupressure points. The extra-wide surface covers a large deep-tissue muscle massage.


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