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Heated foot bath massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. According to user feedback, buyer satisfaction, and efficiency surveys, the Carepeutic KH298 is the best foot spa model because of how it is engineered to combine ozone benefits and hypothermia heating therapy for the effective relief of sore and painful feet, while refreshing the meridians of the body through immersion of your feet in the calf-deep water container. Able to help improve blood circulation, this machine utilizes strong air bubble massage and two powerful water jets and waterfall action to soothe tired foot muscles intensively. The smart thermal control ensures user safety. If the Carepeutic KH298 is temporarily out of stock, you should consider the Kendal All-in-one MS0810M as the next best option.



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This guide should help you identify some of the features you need to look for when buying a foot spa.


Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


The products that get the best heated foot bath massager reviews offer versatile functionality

If you just need to soak your feet, you won’t even need an electric foot bath massager as only a large enough basin will do. Fortunately, the high-end products in this category come with a heating function that warms the cold water up to a certain level, which is often adjustable to your preference.

Some premium-quality models come with infrared heating therapy or ozone therapy to keep the water at a nice, warm temperature until you finish a feet soaking session of around 10 to 15 minutes. Massage rollers coax away the knots in the muscles of your feet to relax them completely.

Check out models with a waterfall feature for a soothing foot massage every time. A good-quality unit comes with powerful water jets that work on the tired muscles of your feet for an amazing massage experience through bubbling air bubbles.


Check out models featured in the best foot bath massager reviews that rate high on dependable performance

Look at the models equipped with a powerful PTC heating element or semiconductor system that heats up the water to the exact temperature before the soak session. You also want the machine to be able to keep the heated water at that comfortable level, as this prevents having to switch the heating component on and off to reheat what is in the basin, or to refill the tub with hot water.

Some models even come with a range of automatic massage programs that let you select from various functionalities including air bubble massage, ozone therapy, rolling massage and heated water surfing therapy. This helps promote better circulation by bringing oxygen to the various tissues of the body and also to soothe the tired and achy muscles on the feet and the legs.

You want the machine to be able to provide precise temperature settings for the water so you can have a complete foot soaking experience every time.


Look for a heated foot spa machine that is easy and convenient to use

An LCD display allows you to view the set temperature so you know what you are going to get. Digital temperature and timer controls enable effortless programming of the machine’s functionality.

The machine should ideally be outfitted with caster wheels that allow effortless mobility and storage. A folding handle also makes the transfer from room to room hassle-free. A water drainage system makes emptying of used water quite easy.

Some models only need a press of a button to open a concealed drainage valve for easy water removal from the basin so there’s no need to lift the container or take it to the bathroom. Extra attachments and items are cool, as they expand the functionality of the unit.

Some machines come with a nice herbal bag container plus an extra mineral stone container so you can infuse the soak water with herbal packets for even more soothing results.


Models that we liked


Although there are plenty of foot spa massagers on the market, the buying guide above will hopefully aid you in making a sensible buying decision. The best models that match these criteria are showcased in the following paragraphs below.



Carepeutic KH298


Pamper your feet just the way they deserve using the revolutionary Carepeutic KH298. This machine integrates ozone benefits with hyperthermia heating therapy to deliver an effective and natural way to relieve the feet of soreness and pain. Refresh your tired and achy muscles on your legs and feet with a soothing session using this heated foot bath massager.

Equipped to deliver four different automatic massage programs, this device offers a selection of rolling massage, ozone therapy, air bubble massage, and heated water surfing therapy, which boosts your circulation by channeling energy-giving oxygen to the tissues to soothe the sore muscles on the legs and the feet.

Inside the calf-deep water basin are four built-in motorized massage rollers to facilitate the delivery of massage action to your feet, and this penetrates deep into the body tissues to coax out the knots and eliminate painful constrictions in the nerve endings connected to the feet. The heat courses through your veins and soothes the overworked muscles of your feet and legs.

The water jet surfing or waterfall system delivers a hot-steam rolling massage on the soles of the feet to melt away stress on the feet and calves for an effectively relaxing foot spa session every time.

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Kendal All-in-one MS0810M


The Kendal All-in-one MS0810M offers matchless convenience and performance to outperform any model in its class. This machine is powered by a high-quality PTC heating semiconductor that heats the water quickly and maintains it at a constant temperature. This is an all-in-one machine that delivers multiple functionalities in a single unit.

This machine effectively makes blood circulation more efficient so the necessary components of the blood are transmitted to the different organs to enable healthy metabolism. Use this after every stressful day at work as it helps relieve tiredness and fatigue in your muscles. You will love the high-frequency vibration massage that soothes and calms your tired and painful muscles in the feet and up to the legs.

Able to smoothen the Qi or meridian system, this device lets you feel a soothing massage during use. The secure multi-insulation system provides double overheating protection for user safety. This unit is equipped with two active massage rollers that work the whole foot bones to coax out pains and aches together with the dependable water massage output.

Designed to eliminate fatigue, this model has a body made of premium-quality plastic that ensures exceptional temperature resistance as well as resilience against aging. This means the unit will still look good as new even after many foot bath massage sessions.

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Brookstone 728219


Engineered to heat water automatically, the Brookstone 728219 is your perfect go-to device when you need some pampering at the end of a long day. This machine draws out the toxins for easy removal from your system by using soothing heat. With regular use, the device helps improve blood circulation for the efficient distribution of oxygen through the various organs of the body.

This enables the easier removal of toxins that have accumulated due to a hectic and stressful lifestyle. The machine heats up water to 115 degrees quite fast, so you can quickly enjoy a soothing and relaxing foot spa in the comfort of your home. There’s no need to add hot water at the beginning of your home foot spa session.

The rotating jets come with two adjustable speeds that you can use to get a customized massage experience. The removable pumice stone supports the need to exfoliate your rough, dry and scaly skin on the heels and foot pads, so you can enjoy soft and smooth feet.

Come home to the perfect foot massage experience with this machine that provides reliable functionality. Enjoy the soothing heat and powerful hydro jets that work on all the right spots on your feet. So just sit back, soak your feet and let the stress flow away!

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