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Heated foot soakers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa, but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. According to user feedback, buyer satisfaction, and efficiency surveys, the Ivation IVAFTSPA is the best foot spa model because of its revolutionary integration of all the crucial features that make acupressure, heat, shiatsu and hydrotherapy genuinely beneficial to your health and well-being. This Multifunction Foot Spa provides bubbling, massaging relaxation to your tired, achy feet while being exceptionally easy to use. It heats the water in the tub to 122 degrees Fahrenheit in just minutes. Choose from a full concierge of functions that aid in improving the symptoms of various foot and health issues. Its two built-in motorized rollers allow you to focus on tired soles, heels and the balls of your feet to help you relax. If the Ivation IVAFTSPA is temporarily out of stock, you should consider Giantex Relax as the next best option.



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This guide should help you identify some of the features you need to look for when buying a foot spa.


Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


The best heated foot soaker massager comes with a dependably convenient heat function

Despite what you may think, not all foot spa soakers are created equal. While some require the user to pour pre-heated water into the basin, some models take the extra work away by heating water from cold–and even keeping the liquid at the ideal spa temperature levels to support a full 10 to 15-minute soak.

Some models even let you control the temperature, adjusting from 20 to 48 degrees Centigrade at your option. Look for models with a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) semiconductor serving as the principal heating element while providing protection from overheating.


Look for models in the best heated foot soaker reviews that deliver good massaging performance

Although nothing beats a good pair of hands for foot reflexology, some machines are built to come as close as possible to them. They feature a mechanical massaging element such as motorized massage rollers as well as massage nodes and pinpoint attachments that work to coax the knots in the foot soles to relax while being soothed with the calming heat of the water.

Some models come with vibration massage functionality that goes deep into the muscles of the legs or knees. Others have massage rollers but require you to move your feet back and forth over the components.

High-end units are equipped with water jets that deliver bubbly water spray to create massaging water bubbles.


A good quality heated foot spa machine should be superbly versatile and easy to use

The foot massage machine should fit the size of the user’s feet. Most models accommodate foot sizes varying between 12 and 16. Look for units with an oversized tub that offers a high fill line to cover up to your ankles, if possible.

Find out if the basin will be easy to drain of used spa water after a session. Some models feature a built-in drain valve for easy emptying after use. Cheaper models do not have this feature. Lockable wheels facilitate movement of the unit on the floor while ensuring safe and sturdy use with their lockability.

Some models also allow you to toss in some oils or salt into the spa water, which can aid in easing stress and soreness out of your system. Other units do not allow that, as the substances can clog the sensitive internal components of the machine, with residue building up and clogging the ventilation holes of the unit.


Models that we liked


We know how difficult the buying process can be, so do consult the above buying guide for some helpful information on heated foot soakers. The best models that match these criteria are showcased below as well.





Designed to make the complete resort experience just a button away, the Ivation IVAFTSPA is a multifunction foot spa that blends all the fantastic features of shiatsu, acupressure, heat therapy and hydrotherapy for a relaxing experience every time.

This spectacular foot spa and foot massager machine is an all-in-one foot bath that provides bubbling and massaging bliss to your sore toes and soles. The soothing heat of the water penetrates deep into the muscles of your lower limbs to deliver the calming effects that make tired and stressed tissues relax.

Feel the rejuvenating effects of the heated water that is quickly heated by the machine up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit in just minutes. This model is equipped with a full range of functions designed to handle a variety of foot issues. For example, the bubble feature improves blood circulation and also helps in the release of accumulated toxins in the bloodstream.

The two built-in motorized rollers work on your tired soles, heels and the balls of the feet after you’ve been on your toes all day. Get all-over massage through the vibration feature that aids in taking away the pain and soreness in your tired joints and muscles.

Perform your personal pedicure treatment using the three included attachments in the package.

Buy from for ($69.99)




Giantex Relax


The Giantex foot soaker comes with a polypropylene construction that makes it resilient to thermal elements and able to provide lasting use because of durability and strength. The basin takes in up to 4 liters of water to deliver a good foot soak every time.

With a maximum running temperature of 48 degrees Centigrade and a maximum running time of one hour, this model delivers the much-needed relaxation and comfort to your tired feet after a hectic day at the office.

Engineered to help you relax right in the comfort of your home, this foot spa massager is also outfitted with an advanced thermo-control system that balances the level of the water temperature automatically according to the setting you have chosen using the convenient control panel.

The basket design makes this machine easily portable. The dust cover ensures that the internal circuitry remains undamaged and free from dirt. The eight massage rollers work on the feet in all directions to melt away fatigue and soreness efficiently on the feet and calves. The mobile caster makes the machine easy to transfer from one location to another.

Soaking your feet in the heated water-filled basin helps in improving blood circulation, promoting healthy metabolism, smoothing the meridians for internal stasis, and relieving fatigue. The bottom line: this machine promotes a higher quality of life.

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Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating DRFB7010B4


Providing soothing massaging action to the feet, the Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating DRFB7010B4 utilizes bubbles combined with smart heat to deliver an impressive spa oasis experience to your lower limbs. This model is perfect for those who stay on their feet all day.

If you need pampering down to your toes, this machine makes a great investment. It is equipped with a rolling massager that revives and renews your tired feet. Get the knots in the muscles of your feet kneaded soothingly by the built-in rolling massager so you can have calmness after a noisy and stressful workday.

This model boasts the exclusive SMART Heat system that keeps the water warm at a comfortable level. Simply fill the basin with warm water before soaking your feet. This product ships with a convenient 5-piece pedicure set that can help you pamper your feet even more.

Polish your nails and soften your feet while getting a relaxing and soothing massage that goes deep into your tired and achy muscles. This machine enables you to soak your feet in blissfully warm water so you can relax and forget about the tension and stress that the workday has given you.

No need to spend money on expensive foot spa treatments because, with this machine, you can have a relaxing foot massage experience in your home.

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