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Home foot baths with heat – Ratings & Reviews in 2019?


If you’re looking for the best at home foot spa but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best home foot spas with heat on the market by reading reviews and ratings in expert review sites and comparing them with actual owner feedback. According to user feedback, buyer satisfaction and efficiency surveys, the Kendal MS0810M All-in-one is the best foot spa model because of how it provides multifunctionality for heating therapy, oxygen bubbles massage and high-frequency vibration massage so you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience in your own home. This device helps promote blood circulation, relieves fatigue, improves metabolism and smooths the meridians of your Qi system so you feel re-energized and ready to face another hectic day at work the next day. Engineered using top quality materials, this model not only delivers speed heating but also maintains a constant temperature plus secure multi-insulation protection for user safety. If the Kendal MS0810M All-in-one is temporarily out of stock, you should consider the Kendal FBD720 All-in-one as the next best option.




Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Everyone of us needs a relaxing break from the hectic pace of life and what better way to get that relaxation than from a premium quality best foot spa with heat and massage. Providing a fantastic way of finding relief from stress, a foot spa bath massager also offers a budget-friendly way of soothing the aches and pains away especially if you’ve been on your feet the whole day. These are the aspects to look at when buying a foot spa with heat and massage.


Reliable heat and massage features

Not all foot spa massagers are geared to heat water from cold using state-of-the-art heating components such as a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) semiconductor that also ensures protection from overheating . Look for units that incorporate a heating function in their system, to deliver total relaxation to your feet. Moreover, the foot spa bath massager should also enable you to control the temperature according to your preference. It should also maintain a constant water temperature while ensuring resistance to fluctuations in electrical current at certain critical temperature levels. Plenty of models come with a mechanical massaging element that delivers a gentle foot massage via motorized massage rollers. The massage rollers work on the soles of your feet so you won’t just get ordinary vibration massage.


Versatility and ease of use

When shopping for the best foot spa with heat, look for machines that fit your foot size as well as that of other people who will be using the device as well. Most machines accommodate men’s foot size up to 12, but there are some that handle up to size 14 or 16, providing more room for large feet. You want an oversized tub that offers a high maximum fill line so your feet are soaked up to the ankles or even the calves in warm water. Another thing you may want would be the ability to be used with salts and soaps or essential oils. Those are incredible for easing away soreness and stress through the many nerve endings in the feet. Plenty of models come with pedicure attachments and are equipped with toe-touch controls for convenience.


Useful features

Water jets are a nice feature in a foot spa bath massager. You want the water jet action to be more than adequate to supplement the massage action by creating oxygenated air bubbles that deliver heat to the various nerve pathways on the soles of your feet. Some premium models are equipped with powerful water jets that create massage air bubbles to stimulate reflexology zones.

The machine should be easy to empty of water after use. Some models have a built-in drain valve that facilitates water removal from the basin. For units that don’t have this feature, you may have to physically lift them to dump the water out. Wheels enable easy transfer or moving.


Models that we liked


There are various foot spa bath massagers on the market. While this can complicate your decision making process, do consult the above buying guide for assistance. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.




Kendal MS0810M


1-kendal-ms0810mThe Kendal MS0810M All-in-one offers versatility in a single device. It provides heating therapy, oxygen bubbles massage plus high-frequency vibration massage to knead the knots and pain away from the various parts of the body through the soles of the feet using the concepts of reflexology.

This machine can effectively improve metabolism, promote better blood circulation, relieve fatigue and smoothen the meridians of your Qi system thanks to how the tiny nubs in the basin, the oxygenated bubbles and the soothing vibration coax out the unwanted toxins accumulated in your various body systems.

This model utilizes a state-of-the-art Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) semiconductor that has been lauded in plenty of best home foot spa with heat reviews for its speed heating capability and ability to maintain a constant temperature so the water doesn’t get cold while your feet are soaking in the tub.

The body of the foot spa also comes with secure multi-insulation protection to ensure it doesn’t break easily due to the heat application and constant use. The unit also provides secure double overheating protection to ensure safety during use.


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Kendal FBD720


2-kendal-fbd720The Kendal FBD720 delivers all-in-one soothing and relaxing foot massage through the two removable massage rollers that provide gentle rolling massage, heating therapy that unclogs the various nerve pathways connected to the feet for efficient release of toxins through improved metabolism, the water wave and high frequency vibration massage for soothing gentle relief and the oxygen bubbles massage that helps bring heat to the various nerve endings on the soles of the feet.

You can preset the temperature from 20 °C to 48 °C, as well as the time using the convenient digital control, which eliminates the guesswork and ensures precise settings.

The LED display shows you the settings you have selected. The temperature indicator lights up blue when the heat is below 42 °C, red when more than 42 °C.

This model utilizes a premium quality Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) semiconductor that provides speed heating and also keeps the temperature constant so the water won’t suddenly cool down while your feet are still soaking in it.


Buy from for ($85.98)




Kendal FB36A


3-kendal-fb36aThe Kendal FB36A is another all-in-one foot spa bath massager that delivers multiple functionalities. It provides bubbles massage, heating therapy and high-frequency massage in addition to cutting-edge infrared therapy.

The soothing vibration massage action stimulates the muscles of your legs to coax out the pain and stress due to a hectic daily lifestyle.

This model effectively improves metabolism by helping eliminate harmful toxins accumulated through an unhealthy lifestyle. It also promotes healthy blood circulation with the heat therapy and bubbles massage. The high-frequency massage not only relieves fatigue but also smoothens the meridians in your Qi system so you feel re-energized and reinvigorated after each foot spa session.

This machine allows you to choose from its innovative three preset programs that include: warmth + vibration massage + bubble + infrared; vibration massage + infrared; and warmth + air blowing, for total feet pampering just like what you can get from professional salons. Since this is an energy-saving model, it won’t heat water from cold but will maintain the temperature of warm water that is poured into it before use.


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