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Infrared massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for a modern solution to relieve your aches and you want to know what the best infrared massager on the market is, look no further because we’ve got a suggestion for you. We’ve taken our time and searched among reviews provided by previous users as well as social media activity, and determined that the Kemier Physio Deep is a great choice for a product in this line. This massager can help you improve your blood flow and circulation. Also, you can use the unit to treat almost any part of your body. The high-level speed feature lets you opt for a deep tissue massage. Plus, the handy wrist strap allows you to massage places that are hard to reach. If the Kemier Physio Deep is somehow unavailable, make sure you check out the US Jaclean, Inc Handheld Percussion.



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Finding a quality infrared massager can be quite a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve got some useful tips about what features to look for when shopping for infrared massagers for sale. You can read all about them in the following paragraphs.



Why get an infrared massager?

The entire purpose of getting good infrared massagers is to benefit from overall well-being. This particular technology relaxes our muscles and penetrates the deep tissue using the infrared lights. By doing so, the blood flow starts to increase, the damaged tissues recover, and the toxins inside our body are rapidly eliminated.

However, not all units look the same or have similar features. It’s essential to determine the type of problem you want to solve and how critical your pain is. A quick look at the majority of infrared massagers reviews will teach you that you must get a specific design that is suited to your needs.



When you are in the market for infrared massagers, the first thing you need to decide on is what parts of your body require treatment. Some massagers focus on a single area while others are multifunctional and can provide relief and comfort for multiple areas.

Indeed, in terms of budget, you save some money if you get a device that applies infrared rays on every inch of your body compared to an infrared massager for feet, for instance.

You might want to check the accessories, as well. Units that are outfitted with multiple heads and speed levels offer a versatile massage experience. According to several reviews of infrared massagers, it’s advised to customize the massage so that it fits your level of pain and tolerance to vibrations.



Another key element you need to consider is related to the utility of the infrared massager. If you need to massage yourself and you don’t have anyone else do it for you, you must consider purchasing a handheld unit. This way, you can reach the back and massage it when no one is around to help you.


Models that we liked



Kemier Physio Deep


This particular infrared massager is designed for both home and clinic use. Because of its effectiveness, massage therapists recommend this product for treating injuries and chronic pains.

Due to the percussion and vibratory actions, the unit is suitable for relaxing or deep tissue massages. The strong percussion is responsible for creating a firmer, deeper, and effective body massage.

In addition, the massager is a great tool to improve your blood circulation and revive your tired physique.

You can massage your body while laying in bed or on the sofa and not worry about a close power source because the long power cable lets you sit in a comfortable position.

The wrist strap comes in handy for self-treatments on hard to reach spots, such as the lower back area.

Another cool feature is the dual node tips that are incredibly well-spaced so that they massage the middle of the back while avoiding the spine.


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US Jaclean, Inc Handheld Percussion


If you don’t know how infrared rays work, you must understand first that these invisible waves of energy can penetrate the tissues of our bodies and elevate the temperature in those areas. Among the benefits provided by an infrared massager, we should mention muscle soothing and relaxation, as well as the reduction in pain and discomfort.

You can take advantage of these positive aspects by opting for this soothing infrared unit that revives and restores the body’s natural capacities. With each massage session, you’ll feel better and better, and soon you’ll realize that the pain is considerably diminished.  

Also, the massager is outfitted with interchangeable heads so that you can opt for which body part you want to insist more on.

Due to the ergonomic design, you can massage portions where it is hard to reach. The elongated handle and the modern construction allow an effortless application.

Moreover, the unit boasts a range of different massage speeds. To control the speed, simply rotate the speed dial.


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Pure Enrichment Deep Tissue


If you’re into deep tissue massages, you shouldn’t overlook this product. This infrared massager lets you heal your body without having to leave your house.

The effects delivered by this powerful tool are visible after a few sessions because the massager sends therapeutic vibrations deep into your muscle tissue. In result, the knots and the tension located in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, and feet are fully relieved.

Even if you have to massage yourself, without anyone’s help, the 2-in-1 palm and extended handle unit is perfect for massaging muscles that are typically not so easy to reach.

Because it’s important to discover the settings that you like best gradually, you must control the level of intensity. What this massager does is that it gives you the chance to customize your experience using the speed control dial. You can start with a low massage and move forward up until a deep-tissue type.


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