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Last Updated: 08.12.22


Kinesio tapes – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


Practicing regular sports activities is part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle but, most of the times, your muscles will suffer afterward. Joint pains and muscular pains are normal when you’re working out or walking for longer distances. There are plenty of methods to help you get rid of the pain, but we suggest trying something new. And, if you’re in the market for the best Kinesio tape, we got you covered. After conducting our own research, we have concluded that a reliable item for your recovery is the Spartan Tape Kinesiology. The product is designed to speed up your recovery and get rid of muscle pains and inflammations. It is waterproof and lightweight, so you can apply it to all parts of your body without worrying that you might sweat too much. If this item is not available for sale right away, a good alternative would be the Kinesio Tex Gold.



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There are plenty of similar products on the market so how can you be sure you made the right choice? Here are some features you might want to consider.

A good Kinesio tape is waterproof and sweatproof

Kinesio tapes are specifically designed to relieve tension and help you relax your muscles after physical effort. However, applying a product directly after a workout, on a sweaty body, might not be the best option for you. This is why we encourage you to choose a waterproof and sweatproof tape that won’t fall off when you need it the most.

These products usually come with strong adhesive parts that can be placed directly on the body and provide you with the muscle support you need, without limiting your mobility or flexibility.


Choose the perfect size

No matter the type of tapes you opt for, finding the ideal size is crucial if you want the best results. Choose the size of the roll according to your own height and weight, as well as the surface of your body you want to apply it onto.

You can also buy large pieces of uncut band and cut it according to your needs. Applied correctly, the rolls will provide up to five days of continuous muscle support to promote recovery and relax the muscles.

If you’re not sure about the right product for you, we suggest you look for some online Kinesio tapes reviews and read the opinions of other customers. Sometimes, they offer better insights about the product than the manufacturer and might help you make up your mind faster.


Other important features

We want to state the importance of purchasing original products. Counterfeit ones might be dangerous to your health as they don’t come with any medical accreditation. Fake bands can easily break or might not offer the necessary support for your muscles. Keep in mind that it’s harder to find cheap Kinesio tapes that are also reliable, but everything is possible with a little bit of research.

Some people might be allergic to silicone or latex, and this is why they should opt for tapes that use additional adhesive methods.


And while we cannot choose the right item on your behalf, we can offer you a list of product suggestions that are worthy of your attention. Showcased below you’ll find three of the most in-demand items on the market, along with their most important features.


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Spartan Tape Kinesiology


The item is available in numerous colors so you can match it with the rest of your workout outfit. It comes in an uncut 2-inch x 16.4-foot roll, meaning you can cut the right size according to your needs. The tape roll is long enough to cover all your body muscles so it will last you a while. Included in the bag, you also receive a free taping guide to ensure you apply it correctly.

The Spartan Tape is specifically designed to promote muscle recovery and help you get rid of the pain. It will improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation so you can use it anytime you want after gym workouts. It is incredibly flexible, offering maximum freedom of movement.

It is also lightweight and hypoallergenic so that it won’t cause any skin rashes or irritations.


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Kinesio Tex Gold


The original Kinesio tape will create a lifting effect on the surface of your skin, improving blood circulation and allowing your muscles to recover from injuries faster. It will apply different amounts of tension to multiple directions to relax or stimulate the muscles, according to your needs.

The ultra adhesive acrylic band is latex-free and comfortable to wear, ensuring up to five days of continuous use without falling off your skin. It is also extremely flexible and lightweight, so you won’t even feel it on your skin.

You can purchase the original Kinesio tape in various sizes, based on your requirements. You can use the tape on your heels, thighs, ankles, back or any other part of the body that hurts after workouts or physical effort. The item is ideal for athletes or seniors who suffer from sore muscles or swelling.


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KT Tape Original Cotton


These tapes also come in various colors so you can match them with the rest of your workout outfit. The item is specifically designed for professional athletes.

It is made of 100% synthetic fibers that are resistant to water, sweat, and extreme motion. The tape is incredibly lightweight and latex-free, meaning everyone can wear it. This product will provide support and mobility, allowing your muscles to heal faster.

It also comes with a reflective safety print and a carrying case. Thanks to the high-quality adhesive technology, the KT Original Tape will stay on your skin for days even if you choose to shower or you sweat after an intense workout routine. It is also breathable so it won’t cause any allergies or rashes.

The pre-cut strips are ready to use and easy to apply if you follow the provided instructions.


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