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Feet massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


Finding a feet massager that helps you relieve your aches is not easy. If you want to know which options work best for you then read this paragraph that has some useful piece of information. After reading several reviews from previous customers and experts in the field, we concluded that the product that meets all the necessary requirements for all buyer’s satisfaction is the Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager. What we liked about this massager is the fact that it comes with 18 nodes that ensure a powerful kneading massage on each foot. Moreover, the unit has adjustable feet that can be customized according to the desired seating positions. There’s no need to bend in order to change the setting because this foot massager has a strategically placed toe-touch power button. If the Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager is out of stock, you should consider the Homedics FMS-270H as another great option.  



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With so many options on the market, it’s no wonder that you’re having difficulties in choosing a good feet massager. In order to lend you a helping hand, we’ve developed this buying guide that hopes to give you some useful tips based on your personal preferences and needs.



Many feet massagers for sale vary in terms of size and weight  

You should aim for a feet massager that allows you to move it freely inside the house. If you want to grab a book and read it while comfortable having your foot massaged you should be able to just pick it up from the storage room. This is why you must try to avoid bulky machines and go with light ones.  

Besides weight, you must get a unit that has feet chambers that fit your size. You want to have the entire sole massaged during one session in order to benefit from deep-kneading features or shiatsu techniques.  


Check out extra features recommended by the best foot massager reviews

One thing you should be aware is that not all feet massagers offer the same features. Plus, not all of them are actually compatible with your personal preferences. This is why you should look carefully at the product description before making a final purchase.  

For instance, good massagers for feet have a soft cushion surface in the feet chambers that is made of foam or injected with gel. These are ideal products because they offer you a great deal of comfort and provide you a relaxing and soothing massage experience. Moreover, they should have a non-slip surface that prevents your feet from slipping off if the massage speed is too powerful.  

You should also check the speeding options offered by the unit. Choose the ones that have more than two speeds because this enables you to feel the kneading, the rolling, and massage nodes much better.  

Being able to customize the massage with heating options is another useful feature because it accelerates the curing process of different feet pains and ensures a good blood flow.  

While sitting comfortably in your chair and enjoying your favorite TV show, the last thing you desire is to bend over and change the massage settings. This is extremely annoying so you should opt for feet massagers that offer toe-touch control buttons that are easy to handle.  


The best massager for feet reviews encourage products that offer healing therapies

Having your own personal foot massager saves you the trouble of finding a proper salon or spa that gives you a nice and soothing massage. Therefore, see if the desired machine has a therapeutic option that comes in handy when you suffer from different feet conditions.  

A well-known massage therapy is the Shiatsu technique that uses the principles of reflexology to target special points that can decrease the pain. Many products on the market come with this feature and are extremely efficient at helping you recover from injuries and boosting the blood circulation in the entire body.  



Models that we liked


Besides from this buying guide, we’ve gathered some information and came with some interesting product suggestions. Take a look and see if one of them matches your personal style and preferences.  




Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager


A machine that ensures a deep-kneading massage, this unit from Belmint does an excellent job at relieving the pain and inducing a powerful state of relaxation. If you suffer from health conditions that give you aches all the time you’ll feel great with each massage session.

Besides the standard massage options, you benefit from the Shiatsu technique. This ensures a powerful massage on the entire foot surface that targets all the important pressure points.  

One major plus this massager has is the fact that it doesn’t massage only the sole but also the bottom and the side of your feet.  

If you want to use the machine while doing some office work or watching a movie, you can place it in the desired position because the stability feet can be adjusted according to the height level.

With a total of 18 nodes, each bed side is outfitted with 9 that deliver a strong and deep-kneading motion, quite efficient in soothing sore feet and increasing the blood flow. The added heated feature is extremely useful in helping your muscles recover faster from the strenuous effort.  

Furthermore, there’s no need to bend every time you want to change the massage settings. All you have to do is to touch the control button placed in the middle with the tip of your toe.  


Buy from for ($89.99)




Homedics FMS-270H


If you’re looking for the same massage experience provided by a spa or leisure treatment center then search no further because this massager from Homedics gets the job done fast and the results are more than exceptional.  

The machine comes with 6 rotation heads that provide the Shiatsu feature which is incredibly efficient at relieving pain from sore feet. This massage technique takes care of all the reflexology points placed on your feet area enabling you to boost your blood circulation and diminish the pain and tension.  

You can activate the heating feature that can help you release the muscle tensions. Simply press the control button twice and a LED light indicator will notify you when the heat is on.  

The massager can be used no matter your sitting position and the toe-touch function removes the need for bending. You can adjust the settings with a gentle touch of your finger toe.  

Compared to other feet massagers on the market, this unit is built from sturdy materials but lightweight and easy to carry. It doesn’t make a loud noise hence you can use it even when watching TV or reading a book.  


Buy from for ($49.99)




Relaxzen 60-3020


This feet massager from Relaxzen has many useful features that offer you a professional massage whenever you desire.  

You can choose between two selective massage directions according to your personal preferences in order to remove the fatigue and gain comfort and relaxation.  

The machine is quite easy to use given the hand-controller placed strategically. Moreover, the entire unit is covered with a removable and washable plush material that can be efficiently cleaned after a number of uses.  

The best part regarding this unit is the fact that you can use it as a back massager if you position it properly. This way, you target all the essential reflexology points from your back and feet and benefit from the excellent shiatsu feature.  

Lightweight and portable, you can use the device while working at your office or reading a book on the sofa.  

You’ll most likely appreciate the combination of heating and massage that increases the circulation and the blood flow, relieving soreness at the same time.  


Buy from for ($44.93)




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