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Last Updated: 20.07.19


Foot massage oils – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


Do you want the best oil for foot massage, but you have limited time at your disposal? The following paragraph will let you in all that you need to know for making a right decision. The research conducted by our team revealed that what buyers and experts alike recommend is the Natural Escapes, a formula that manages to offer you all the benefits you would expect from such a product. A combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients, this massage oil helps reducing pains caused by arthritis and helps with neuropathic treatments. It also helps to moisturize your cracked and damaged skin, as it is rich in organic ingredients for this purpose only. Pure oils are used in this formula which is aimed at providing you with excellent results with each use. In case the Natural Escapes is no longer in stock, we suggest getting the Indigo Wild Zum, another massage oil with exceptional properties that comes as a close second in our research.



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If you have ever had a foot massage, you might have an idea about how much of a relaxing experience that may be. People with cracked heels or who have arthritis can benefit greatly from regular massages with special oils, but, if you intend to profit from such benefits at home, you will need to choose the oil you purchase carefully. Here is some sound advice on what you should focus on when you are shopping for the best essential oil for foot massage.

The list of ingredients

First things first, check the list of ingredients. Usually, massage oils are not based only on one type of oil, but on a mix that synergizes all the benefits to provide you with the best results possible. It serves to aim for a product that is made by a manufacturer with a longstanding tradition of making essential oils for home based therapy.

But which oil is best for foot massage? In brief, the answer relies on what ingredients are included in the formula. Usually, the manufacturer includes some information on what each ingredient does so you can have a picture of what you will gain.


What purposes it serves

There are a few important goals a massage oil should aim for. One of them is being able to soothe pain in the joints since many people today have arthritis and they could benefit a great deal from using such a topical product. The best oil for foot pain is usually one that can deal with arthritic pains. Next, you should search for a massage oil that can hydrate your skin as more often than not, the skin on the heels has the bad habit of getting cracked and dry.


Is it organic?

The oil you are going to use can be made from herbal ingredients, but they may not be all organic. For maximum results aim for a product that has ingredients harvested from organic sources. This way, you will be able to enjoy the best treatment for your feet, according to the best oil for foot massage reviews.


Models that we liked


Finding the best oils for foot massage may not seem so easy, seeing that there are plenty new products launched on the market each day. Check out the oil formulas identified by our research team as being the most popular with buyers for their outstanding qualities.



Natural Escapes


You can take great advantage now of nature’s most beneficial ingredients for reducing swelling in arthritic joints if you decide to use the Natural Escapes for massaging your aching feet. Some of the most important ingredients in this formula are designed to reduce inflammation, and that will bring you great benefits in the long run.

Peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil have excellent results when applied on sore feet. Their role is to improve blood circulation, and they help relieve pain in affected areas.

You can use this oil even if you don’t have arthritic pains, as it works just as fine for treating muscle pains, bunions, as well as an adjuvant in neuropathy treatments.

Another significant effect of this oil is intense moisturizing of areas of skin that are dry and cracked. The aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil and oat protein in this formula offer long lasting hydration when regularly applied, and the best part is that they are all organic.


Buy from for ($19.95)




Indigo Wild Zum


The Indigo Wild Zum has many great uses, and you can take advantage of the moisturizing properties it has when you just want to enjoy a massage, after taking a bath or even for a facial treatment.

Do not hurry to search what Zum means, since this is not the name of some exotic essential oil you have not heard about before.

It is just a commercial name given to a blend of ingredients that all have moisturizing properties, which is why so many people are using for treating dry skin.

Among the ingredients, you will find shea butter, one of the best oils to use for proper hydration. Sweet almond oil and avocado oil are also among the essential oils used.

Add to the mix some meadowfoam seed and hemp extracts for maximum moisturizing power, and you get a formula that will help you reduce the cracks in your heels and even treat your face to something new and hydrating.


Buy from for ($12.25)




Brookethorne Naturals Relief Arnica


One of the best things about this oil is that it contains Arnica, which is known for providing soothing relief for soreness, muscle stiffness, and a variety of other issues that might affect both athletes and people who stand on their feet all day long at work. Arnica Montana is a plant that has been used for centuries in combating muscle aches.

The consistency of the Brookthorne Naturals oil makes it great for a variety of types of massages ranging from Swedish techniques to those commonly used to perform sports and athletic massages. The scent of the product is another reason to try it out, since it contains a combination of essential oils and extracts from lemongrass, thyme, as well as rosemary.

All of these are presumed to provide the much-needed relief required by someone who exerts themselves on a regular basis. Thyme is said to do wonders when it comes to offering relief from joint pain, even for gout. Rosemary is more focused on doing the same but for muscle pain while lemongrass apparently reduces inflammation and pain.

Some of the people who’ve opted for this alternative say that it smells nice and that just two pumps are enough to massage someone’s back, so it lasts for quite a bit of time.


Buy from for ($29.95)




Bindi Bindi Premium


A product made in the US, the Bindi Bindi Premium borrows from the Ayurvedic knowledge to create a powerful moisturizing oil that will help your skin regain its natural firmness and elasticity.

Rich in Ayurveda herbs and other essential oils obtained from plants and flowers, this formula is designed to help you get rid of all the nasty cracks and dry skin that usually appears on your elbows and you heels.

It is best used when you want to enjoy a soothing treatment, not only for your skin but also for your senses.

Your nervous system can significantly benefit from the use of aromatherapy, and this massage oil combines all the advantages in a single product.

Made in the US, it is created to comply with the best standards for such products, and it is praised by many buyers for its qualities.

For relieving everyday tension and rewarding your skin with a pampering treatment, at least once in awhile, this formula is recommended for your feet, as well, as it helps with deep hydration of dry, cracked skin.




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