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Are you here to find out about the best paraffin wax bath but your time to read the results of our search is limited? Here is the most important information you need for picking the right product. After reading numerous customer reports, sales figures, feedback from users and social media comments, we discovered that the TherabathPRO Professional is the paraffin bath worthy of your hard earned dollar. The hospital grade construction recommends this model as very robust and the lifetime warranty offered with your purchase testifies for its qualities, too. The wax temperature is maintained at 130F, precisely the value recommended by healthcare professionals for such treatments. The wax bath is provided together with 6 pounds of paraffin, FDA approved and made by the manufacturer. In case the TherabathPRO Professional is no longer available for sale, the GiGi Digital should be next on your list, as it provides almost the same features and performance.



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With so many products available on the market, choosing the best paraffin machine for hands and feet may sound like a challenging task. What you need to do is just follow the recommendations below that, in a nutshell, will tell you everything you want to know about getting a good paraffin wax that will help you relieve pain in your joints and muscles.




It is crucial that the model you pick does not allow any accidents to happen. For that, the wax bath should come equipped with a safety grate that does not let your hands or feet to get in contact directly with the heating elements. While wax therapy for hands is highly recommended for people who suffer regular swelling and stiffness in their wrists and fingers, it is not advisable to try out just any product that happens your way.



Do not forget to take a good look at the construction of the wax path. The best paraffin wax bath reviews recommend getting a model with medical grade construction since this type of machine will surely provide you with the outcome you seek, as it will maintain the wax temperature at the recommended levels so that you can enjoy the effects of hot paraffin on your aching joints.


Other considerations

Manufacturers who care most about their customers include the needed paraffin wax with the bath they sell, allowing you to start enjoying the thermal therapy provided right away. There are some other accessories that the best paraffin wax machine for hands may be nice to come along with. For instance, a dust cover will keep the wax bath clean and ready to be used.

A transparent lid will allow you to monitor the melting process. Also, digital controls are nice to have as they allow you to turn the machine on and off with ease.


Models that we liked


The features mentioned above are important, but, if you want to narrow down your search, even more, check out the next selection of products created by aggregating customer feedback, reviews, and sales figures. Regardless of which one you choose, you will know you made a good deal.



TherabathPRO Professional


The TherabathPRO Professional option is considered by many customers a great buy as it offers all the needed features in a paraffin bath at a decent price.

First of all, it must be mentioned that the model is made in the US since 1962, and has a longstanding tradition of helping people get rid of arthritic pains and use hot wax therapy for their ailments.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, placing a lot of trust into this product. Made according to hospital requirements for such a unit, the TherabathPRO Professional ensures that you will be able to enjoy the treatment you need, hassle free.

The robust construction offers good thermal insulation as the automatic thermostat will keep the paraffin wax temperature at 130F, exactly as it is prescribed by healthcare professionals.

The manufacturer included 6 pounds of paraffin wax also made by the Therabath brand. The paraffin is FDA food grade approved, and it has a pleasant peach scent that will soothe your senses while you are immersing your aching joints into hot wax.


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GiGi Digital


You will be able to use this paraffin wax bath right out of the both since the manufacturer includes 8 pounds of paraffin wax along with your purchase.

This is not, however, the only reason why the GiGi Digital is a good option when it comes to shopping for such products. Its digital controls make the unit easy to use and that is something to take into account when you suffer from stiff, aching joints and any move triggers new pains.

The steel bowl is durable, and it comes with a safety grate that ensures that you will not be able to touch the heating elements by accident. Another thing that is great about this particular paraffin wax bath is the quick melt feature.

A lot of people may lose their patience if they have to wait too long for the wax to melt, but this is not the case with the GiGi Digital.

Heat therapy can significantly improve your condition if you constantly have to deal with stiff, aching joints. It is a good idea to immerse your hands or your feet in hot wax, as the heat helps to soothe the pain away. Also, the wax heals cracked dry skin.


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LCL Beauty Deluxe


A nice thing about the LCL Beauty Deluxe is that you can adjust wax temperature using the digital thermostat that is built in the unit.

The temperature can vary between 95F and 150F, and it can offer you just the customization you want for making your daily treatment with hot wax. The fully digital controls are easy to use, and you will find this machine very convenient overall.

Once you start the melting process, you do not have to check the wax all the time, as a transparent lid will allow easy monitoring.

Also, when the wax bath is not in use, the cover will keep dust away, maintaining the machine in proper shape.

You will be able to use this unit for treating your aching joints in your hands and feet. The large tank lets even people with large feet enjoy the treatment. You can use it for treating your ankles, your wrists, your elbows and your knees.


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