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Paraffin Wax Foot Spas – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


Are you searching for the best paraffin wax foot spa, but you are pressed for time? Search no further; this short paragraph will tell you all you need to know. Based on the research run by our experts, taking into account customer feedback, sales figures and social media reactions, the TherabathPRO TB6 is the model that is worth the money at the moment, more than any other unit available. This foot bath has hospital grade construction so that you can count on its durability and performance. An internal thermostat will maintain the wax temperature at the recommended value of 130 degrees, allowing you to get the best treatment possible. The paraffin wax included is FDA approved and has a soothing lavender fragrance. If the TherabathPRO TB6 is not in stock, consider the eMark Beauty TLC-5010W, as the second best option you can try.



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Getting a paraffin wax foot spa for your feet may not be exactly an easy task. There are dozens of products on the market, all promising to do the same thing, and telling the difference at first glance can be difficult. That is why we put together this short and to the point buying guide. By following the next advice, you will get the best paraffin spa there is out there.




It is crucial that the unit you decide to purchase is made from durable materials. You can only count on products that come with a solid construction since they will have to deal with hot wax on a regular basis. Check out the warranty offered by the manufacturer and decide for yourself what model is best for you.

The best paraffin wax foot spa reviews recommend units made by manufacturers with a long standing tradition. This way, you will know you will invest your money in a good product that will serve you for a long time.


Paraffin wax included

Do not forget to get a model that comes with paraffin wax added to the package. It is important that you get to start using the bath right away, to see how it works. Usually, a foot bath can accommodate several pounds of wax for filling the container, and it is a good thing to have enough wax right from the get go.



A good bath for your feet should be large enough to accommodate people with larger feet. Such a bath can be used for your hands and elbows, therefore offering increased usability. Also, if you get a model with variable heat settings, you can customize your treatment, for maximum benefits.


Models that we liked


The best paraffin wax foot spas can be found below. We selected them based on the consistently positive feedback from users and experts alike, and we took into the account all the features listed above. No matter which one you decide to buy, the unit will serve you well and help you with relieving pain in your aching feet.



TherabathPRO TB6


Since getting a foot spa only for paraffin wax treatment may be considered an investment, you want to go for a durable model. You cannot go wrong with the TherabathPRO TB6.

A product proudly made in the US for more than 50 years, this range of foot spas with paraffin wax has already helped thousands of customers get rid of arthritic pains in their feet and hands.

That is correct. This paraffin bath for feet can be used for your hands and even your elbows, to get you relief no matter where your painful joints are located.

The soothing hot action of melted wax will help you experience fewer aches, and overall your wellbeing will be improved.

The hospital grade construction guarantees that the product will work as intended for many years. The five-year warranty offered is a strong testimony in this regard. The thermostat regulates temperature so you can enjoy the best treatment. You will also get 6 pounds of lavender scented wax for therapeutic purposes.


Buy from for ($189.99)




eMark Beauty TLC-5010W


Now you can enjoy the best treatment for your feet with the help of the eMark Beauty TLC-5010W.

This model comes equipped with digital controls that are easy to figure out right from the get-go.

The container is large enough to allow you full immersion of your feet, hands, and even your elbow. The variable heat settings let you decide what temperature you can tolerate best.

Even people with large feet can use this bath, and that is always a plus. Men with size 13 feet can successfully use it, and other people will find it a good buy, too, due to the great immersion capabilities.

A nice touch for this product is that it comes with warming gloves and booties so that you can enjoy maximum effects from paraffin wax treatments.

For more than just the treatment of arthritic pains, this unit helps with regaining smooth, supple skin in your hands and feet. 3 pounds of paraffin wax are included, along with 40 liners for your gloves and booties.


Buy from for ($149.15)




Salon Sundry


You will get the same treatment as you would from a brick and mortar spa when you use the Salon Sundry.

This unit is built to last, and it will serve you for many years, which means that your money will not go to waste. The variable heat controls are a great addition, letting you choose the temperature you prefer best.

The beautiful looking readout display will let you know the temperature level, and you will be able to adjust it as you see fit.

When you need to move the unit around, you will discover that the handles located on the sides come in handy for such tasks.

The heating surface on the bottom of the bath is protected with the help of a metal grill. This prolongs the unit’s lifespan and helps you enjoy it for a longer time.

The plastic lid is transparent so you can supervise the meltdown process. With your purchase, you will get an instructions manual, to get you started.


Buy from for ($62.49)




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