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Paraffin Waxes for Foot Spa – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


Do you want the best paraffin wax for foot spa but you do not have too much time at your disposal? Read the following paragraph written by our experts that will give you all the essential information for making a right decision. After reading reviews and feedback from customers and seeing what social media comments say as well, we came to the conclusion that the GiGi Sweet Vanilla is the best to try. The soothing fragrance of vanilla is meant to calm your senses and offer you inner peace. This paraffin wax helps to soften cracked and damaged skin, so you will get double the benefits from using it. While it is recommended to use it with a foot bath, you can apply it to any area of your body without any issues. In case the GiGi Sweet Vanilla is no longer available, the Therabath Professional Paraffin Wax comes as a second best, offering almost the same benefits.



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Nothing could be better than a hot bath for tired feet. But, if you want to enhance the quality and effects of such treatment, using paraffin wax is highly recommended. When you want to purchase paraffin wax, you will discover that there are plenty of products available on the market. The best paraffin wax for foot spa is out there, and you only need to know a few things that are crucial for making a good decision.

Residue-free, mess-free

When you are using paraffin wax, a lot of unpleasant things can happen. The brittle, dry kind of paraffin wax that you can find on the market may cause a lot of mess and thus give you headaches instead of helping you relax. Opt for a paraffin wax of superior quality, as this type does not retain residues, and it is also mess-free.



You can typically use this sort of wax for foot bath purposes. But there are types of wax that can help you with more than just treating the cracked dry skin on your hands and feet. The best paraffin wax reviews recommend getting a variety that can be applied anywhere.

This way, you will get a full body treatment without relying on chemical based solutions sold by beauty oriented stores. Your skin will remain beautiful and healthy and completely free of any toxic compounds.


Pleasant fragrance

Do not overlook the importance of a pleasant scent. There are many varieties available on the market so that you can take your pick. The right scent can even help with relaxing and soothing your mind, and not only your body. It is nothing unusual for high-quality products to be pleasantly scented to enhance the overall properties of the wax.


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The best paraffin waxes for foot spa are displayed next. These products have natural properties that will help you soften and rejuvenate cracked skin, and they also help with soothing aches and pains in joints and muscles. All are praised by buyers and offer significant advantages you should not overlook.



GiGi Sweet Vanilla


The smell of vanilla is considered to be among the most relaxing in all fragrances available. When you take a hot bath with paraffin for your feet, you will be relaxed, and you will feel rejuvenated.

All these effects can be enhanced by your choice of paraffin wax. The GiGi Sweet Vanilla is highly appreciated by all consumers for its excellent quality.

Your skin deserves a good treatment, at least once in a while. By using this paraffin wax, you will offer your skin exactly what it needs. You will feel invigorated and relaxed when you immerse your feet in this type of paraffin and let it work its magic.

When hot, the paraffin helps to relieve pains. It is also beneficial for cracked skin and damaged cuticles. Undergoing a treatment with this paraffin wax helps to achieve softer, suppler skin that you will no longer have to hide underneath your clothes.



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Therabath Professional Paraffin Wax


Therabath is a company specialized in making foot baths and spas, and there is no wonder they also have available for sale a type of paraffin wax that you can successfully use with such products.

Their paraffin wax is a good choice, even if you decide to purchase a paraffin bath for feet from another manufacturer.

Considered by many users to be top-notch and beneficial for any skin, it will offer you tremendous benefits. Your skin will remain soft, moisturized and healthy after you apply a treatment with this kind of wax.

You will appreciate how soft and pliable this wax is. This will eliminate the usual problems with brittle waxes that are messy and complicated to use.

You will not have to worry about residues, either. The wax does not retain them, which means that you will be able to reuse it multiple times. Scented with nothing else but natural essential oils, it is among the safest and healthiest options available on the market.


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GiGi Mango


There are many things this paraffin wax does well. It helps with softening your cracked cuticles, and it manages to heal damaged skin like no other creams and treatments can.

The GiGi Mango is your greatest ally when you want to relieve your skin from cracks, dryness, and soreness. Immersing your feet in a bath with this type of paraffin will help your skin become youthful and healthy again.

The pleasant aroma of this wax is loved by many users. The mango fragrance is soothing for your senses, so this product helps with more than just helping the skin on your hands and feet get the hydration and moisturizing effects it needs.

You will feel suitably relaxed and rejuvenated, and there is hardly a better therapy after a long day.

While you usually use this type of wax with foot baths, the GiGi Mango can be safely utilized for all areas of your body that need attention. Unlike other topical treatments that may be doused in chemical compounds, this is an all natural solution you can try.


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