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Last Updated: 08.12.22


Plantar fasciitis socks – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


Because you need plenty of foot support if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you must get the best plantar fasciitis socks available on the market. If you lack time to do a proper research, our research time has a short paragraph that might offer you some useful tips. According to various feedback given by experts along with the social media activity, the Physics Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis Socks is a great option because it provides fast relief for different pains and compression that improves circulation and reduces the inflammation. Furthermore, they are made of a breathable fabric that stays dry no matter the physical effort. If the Physics Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis Socks is out of stock, go ahead and check the Treat My Feet TMF-007, another good choice.



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Plantar fasciitis is a disease that creates lots of discomfort during the day but also at night. In order to have a nice pain-free living, you need good plantar fasciitis socks that provide your feet a desired level of compression. Because the market is filled with so many socks for sale and the decision can be difficult to make, we’ve put together some information and created this buying guide that you can see showcased below.



An ideal pair of plantar fasciitis socks should focus entirely on those parts that are usually affected by this disease. Areas such as around the ankle and the bottom of the leg tend to suffer most, so you need to be certain that the socks you buy are a great fit otherwise they won’t reduce the pain in your feet.

If you opt for a model that provides a high level of compression, you’ll see major improvements in your blood flow and pain relief of your heal.



More than one plantar fasciitis sock review recommend choosing a proper material that allows your feet to be dry and odorless. There’s a reason why most athletes like sports socks that are specially designed to absorb their feet sweat and leave them odorless. If a sock can provide you a great degree of comfort even after long hours of wearing them, then you can rest assured your feet are in a good place. It’s essential to get plantar fasciitis socks that absorb the moisture especially given the fact that you need to wear them o a regular basis, even at night.

Because you purchase this type of socks in order to improve your health and the comfort of your feet while walking, standing, or running, you’ll want a product that is lightweight and easy to clean. It’s better to get something made of a stretchy and breathable material even if they are tight around your feet.

If you get socks that are too right, you risk causing heel pain instead of relief. Plus, they can cause numbness of your feet and decrease the level of blood circulation, which is exactly the opposite of what your aim was in the first place.


Perfect fit

The reason why socks that are used to diminish the pain produced by plantar fasciitis come in several sizes is that you need the right one that fits your feet if you want to get the benefits putting compression on your targeted zones. Socks that are a good fit can be worn with your regular socks 24 hours without complaining about any issues.


Models that we liked


Now that you’ve learned the basics about the features that matter most in terms of plantar fasciitis socks you can move on to our list of products that we believe might catch your attention.  



Physics Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis Socks


Having a reliable pair of socks that relieves stress and improves your health conditions when suffering from plantar fasciitis is total bliss. This special socks model is able to remove your pain and keep your feet happy and unswollen.

Thanks to the special sock therapy and the targeted sleeve support in the splint area, this product can provide heel support exactly where you need it most. Plus, the socks can enable a high level of compression that improves circulation, reduces the inflammation and heals your feet in the process.

Moreover, the ankle brace ensures compression and support on the bottom of the sleeve. This feature comes in handy for reducing the amount of pain produced by this illness.

Made from a breathable and lightweight material, the socks can be worn day and night, without causing more issues to your feet. The nylon and spandex combination is extremely comfortable and allows the socks to stretch enough to hold the foot and the ankle in a correct position.

You can wear them with your favorite regular socks and put them in sandals, shoes, boots or slippers. Also, you can wear them during your fitness workouts because they allow your skin to breathe and keep your feet dry.


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Treat My Feet TMF-007


Socks designed to be worn by those that suffer from plantar fasciitis issues should not only be made of high-quality materials but also look stylish. This is why this product is an excellent choice for you. Now you can say goodbye to swollen feet and bad blood circulation.

Designed to be worn by athletes but also regular people, these socks are able to reduce the blood pooling and banish the discomfort created by plantar fasciitis. Furthermore, once you slip on a pair of them, you’ll see the relief provided to your Achilles heel and the high compression applied to your ankle area.

There’s no need to worry about outdoor activities because these plantar fasciitis socks can be used along with your regular socks and sports shoes. Thanks to the breathable fabric, your feet will stay dry and in a comfortable position during your entire workout practice.

One important feature worth mentioning is the unique interlocked stitching technology that enables maximum foot and ankle support and helps fasten the recovery process.

Available in various sizes, these socks are suitable for both women and men. Also, you can wear them to bed, around the house, and even for running errands in the city.


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Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Sleeves


Even though you suffer from plantar fasciitis, there are ways to cope with this disease. One major improvement you can make is to get one pair of these socks that offer excellent support and fast healing for your feet.

In order to get the correct size that fits, you should consult the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. This way, you can rest assured that the socks offer you the perfect level of support and that the sock won’t slip or slide off your feet. The products can be purchased in several sizes and colors, according to your personal preferences and needs.

Besides the variety of colors and styles, these plantar fasciitis socks are made of a super comfortable hygienic material that allows you to wear the socks all day and night. This material absorbs the moisture and prevents the bad odors from forming inside the sock.

The innovative design helps with the recovery process while the braces are manufactured with the best compression and sports technology. In addition, the compression and the ankle support offered by the socks stimulate the blood flow.


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