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Last Updated: 28.09.22


Pumice stones for dry heels – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


When you’re in the market for the best pumice stone for dry heels, you need to have all the information to pick the right product. Luckily for you, we’ve browsed through dozens of reviews of pumice stones for dry heels to bring you this guide, and our findings show that the first item to consider is the Beauty by Earth Natural Lava, due to various reasons. For example, the texture of the stone will help remove calluses or chunks of dry skin and will leave your feet feeling silky smooth. Once you add this to your beauty routine, you’ll be able to wear whichever shoes you prefer because you’ll have the perfect pedicure. The large size of the stone lets you clean your heels with just a few strokes. Should this model be unavailable, we suggest trying the Pumice Valley Natural Earth instead.



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Finding a good pumice stone for dry heels can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not an expert on the matter. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide where we discuss some of the features that you certainly need to consider to make the best decision.




Natural or artificial

Although this item usually comes in the form of volcanic rock derived from lava, with all its natural properties, a few manufacturers have gone out of their way to replicate the original stone and sell it at a very affordable price.

It’s mostly your choice whether you prefer the natural or the artificial version, but our recommendation, as usual, is to go for the natural alternative, just because it’s more durable and the texture is a lot more tolerable against the skin.

An artificial stone will gradually erode as time goes by, which, on the one hand, manages to reduce the amount of bacteria that might grow, but on the other hand, you can wash the product with some hot water and sterilize it right away, so that’s not an excuse.


Scrubbing and exfoliation

If you buy this type of item, chances are you’ll get one of the best tools for exfoliating your skin there are out there. The natural texture does not harm the tissue, managing to remove only the dead residual skin, the calluses, and the hardened bits.

However, the fact that these stones are of natural provenance means you can’t find two alike, so you need to make sure you get the one that’s just right.

The first important aspect is the size of the item itself. It should fit in the palm of your hand for a comfortable peeling process, but it shouldn’t be too small, either. Otherwise, it will take much too long to get rid of the dry skin.

Next, you want to consider the size of the pores, even though they’re roughly the same. If you’re familiar with this type of texture, get the alternative you know works for you.


Other aspects to consider

Massaging your feet with a pumice stone should have various beneficial effects for your health, such as improving the blood flow.

If you want to be sure you avoid any replicas and you only buy stones of natural provenance, make sure they’re colored black, because that’s the original color of volcanic lava. This way you’ll avoid impregnating your skin with artificial coloring.


Should you need some more help choosing an item from the various alternatives currently available for sale, we’ve reviewed some of the products that we think highlight the features we’ve already discussed above.


Models that we liked



Beauty by Earth Natural Lava


Add this beauty item to your skincare routine, and you won’t ever have to deal with cracked heels again. The rugged texture of the pumice stone will gently remove all the excess dry skin, calluses and hardened chunks, leaving your feet smooth and delicate. Don’t forget to moisturize after you’re done.

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, using this product will also improve your circulation and make your skin look more toned and firm. Pumice stones are easy to use and will allow you to wear any pair of shoes you please since you won’t have to hide your pedicure anymore.

Since this stone is entirely of natural provenance, no harmful ingredients have been added. It’s not likely to cause any allergic reactions nor put your skin in contact with dangerous chemicals. Due to its increased size, it only takes a few strokes to exfoliate the skin.

If you’re not satisfied by the results, the manufacturers advise you to send back the item and get a complete refund.

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Pumice Valley Natural Earth


Given that pure volcanic lava is naturally black, it’s easy to tell that this product is of natural provenance, not tainted by any artificial toxins.

Pumice stones will remove the excess dry skin and leave your feet feeling rejuvenated and soft. You can forget about calluses, corns, and cracked heels.

You can use this item on other areas of your body that require the same treatment, such as dry elbows, for example.

Aside from removing the excess skin, pumice stones also have therapeutic properties, and using them for massages stimulates blood flow and improves the health of the skin.

They relieve fatigue and make your skin smooth. This product comes in an ideal shape and size, which fits in the palm of your hand, so it’s not difficult to travel with, but also it’s large enough to get the job done in just a couple of strokes.

If you’re looking for a natural and affordable method of peeling off dry skin, definitely try this model.

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Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar


If you want your pedicure to be flawless, we recommend that you try this treatment. It will give you smooth skin and remove any calluses or hardened bits.

You can use it for cracked heels, but it can be adapted to other areas of your body that also require attention, such as elbows or hands.

In case you only trust verified sources, you should know that this product is recommended and sought after by most beauty salon professionals for its smooth finish and health benefits. It will improve the blood flow and make your skin look younger and more elastic.

The texture of the stone gradually erodes as you’re using it, preventing any buildups of unsanitary particles. If you think that is the case, use some hot water to clean and sterilize the item.

Unlike other alternatives, this one is a custom frothed polyurethane synthetic replica of the natural stone, and it’s more affordable than other similar options.

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