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Top rated foot spas – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re looking for the best rated at home foot spa but you have limited time to invest in researching the best models, this short paragraph put together by our research team should tell you everything you need to know. By reading about various models mentioned by user feedback, expert websites, and about their reliability tests, we came to the conclusion that the Kendall FBD1023 is the product you should consider if you want nothing but the best. The many different functionalities and programs the unit comes with will make your day. You can choose between oxygen bubbles, waterfall or water wave massage options, so it is safe to say that this machine is far from being dull. You will surely love the LED display that supplies you with the information you need on the different programs available for your comfort and convenience. Customers also appreciate the fact that you can dry your feet once you are done, as they feel as pampered as if they were attending a real brick and mortar spa, but without the hefty costs. If the Kendall FBD1023 is temporarily out of stock, you should consider the Hot Tools Ultimate 61360 as the next best option.



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Check out the following list of details you should take into account.


Nowadays, it’s more than difficult to understand what the best foot bath really is. The market’s overflowing with good products, so which one should you pick? If you’re feeling a little baffled about what choice you have to make, we’re here to help. Just remember, read as much info as possible before making up your mind on a model, and always go through the customer feedback. Here’s the details you should consider if you’re looking for the best value for the price.

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Controls and ease of use

You’re probably searching for a foot bath that can be plugged in and that can start relaxing your tired feet as quickly as possible. Therefore, you don’t need to go for overly complex machines that need you to have a degree in quantum physics to operate them. Since it’s close to impossible to understand how easy it is to use the device just by reading the product descriptions, be sure to refer to the best rated foot spa reviews.

As for the controls, look for toe touch ones. This will allow you to to enjoy your session without needing to bend over every time you want to adjust a setting.


Know your medical condition

Are you suffering from circulatory disease or diabetes? If you are, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor before buying and starting to use such a device. Otherwise, it might do you more wrong than right.



The bigger it is, the better. Don’t buy a too small machine, as your feet won’t fit in and you’ll have to return it. Always choose a larger size.



Some units come with a variety of extra functions such as infrared therapy, massage bubbles, and motorized rolling massage. Do you need all that or do you prefer a simple option?



Models that we liked



Kendall FBD1023


1.Kendal FBD1023It comes as no surprise that the All in One unit is the best rated foot spa we have come across during our research.

With oxygen bubbles massage, water fall and water wave massage, as well as an adjustable water temperature, it’s safe to say that it’s pretty difficult to ignore this model if you have not yet made up your mind on another one.

Moreover, the LED display and the remove control turn this unit into the most usable one out there.

Moreover, the All in One product has a built-in function that allows users to dry their feet once they have completed their foot spa session. In addition, the lights can let users know when the water has reached the 42 degrees threshold or not.

When it’s below this temperature, the color of the temperature indicator is blue; when it’s gone over 42 degrees, the color turns red.


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Hot Tools Ultimate 61360


2.Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath #61360This is a reasonably affordable machine that might be worth considering if you’re still prospecting the market.

The neat thing about it is that it’s very easy to operate, as emphasized by the countless positive reviews we have gone through.

The model features infrared heat, water heat up and toe touch controls as well as a specially designed pedicure feature. If you’re considering using scented oils with your foot spa machine, you’ll have no issue doing so with this one, as it comes with a unique aromatherapy dispenser.

The roller massagers, the motorized pedicenter with three interchangeable attachments and the heel rest with drainage holes all contribute to the perfect user experience.

Since the model has gathered over one hundred positive reviews, it might be a good idea to check it out. In fact, most of the buyers whose opinions we have consulted claim that the product offers amazing value for the price.


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Kendall FBD2535


3.Kendal FBD2535Not only is this a foot spa, but it’s also a leg bath. It’s true that it’s slightly bulkier and heavier compared to other models, which is why it might not be the best choice if you want to take it on the road with you.

However, since it has a plethora of features that can enhance your experience, it’s definitely worth taking into account.

As is the case with other All in One alternatives, this one comes with heating therapy, motorized rolling massage, oxygen bubbles massage, and digital temperature and timer control.

The temperature of the water can be adjusted from 20 degrees Celsius to 48 degrees Celsius, depending on the personal preferences of the buyer.

This is one of the largest items in the line we have come across, as it fits a Men’s Size 16. It might be a good option for couples who want to use the same foot bath.


Buy from for ($159.98)




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