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Recovery sandals – Ratings & Reviews in 2019


If you’re in the market for the best recovery sandals but you’re not sure about what decision to make, we’ve got your back. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together this short paragraph that might serve as a quick guide in your search. According to the user feedback garnered by hundreds of popular items out there, it seems like the Bob + Telic Unisex ArchSupport model makes a great choice for most situations. These flip flops are uniquely designed to provide relief to those who have issues with managing their plantar fasciitis. The sandals are light, comfortable, and soft, and they’re also winners in terms of durability. If this particular alternative is no longer available, we suggest checking out the features of the next best option, the Gone For a Run PR Soles.



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Because feet are exposed to daily stress, it’s no wonder they require the most special care. So it’s important to give them a break and instead of wearing our tight regular shoes put some good recovery sandals on our feet. With so many models for sale, it might be a tad challenging finding a suitable model for your needs. Therefore, we’ve made a list of features that matter most in your final choice. You can find it showcased below.

Type of activity

Sometimes people tend to opt for items that only look good but don’t provide the support feet and ankles need.  

Don’t fall into that trap and buy a pair of sandals that are fashionable but lack the properties that you need in order to benefit from pain-free feet.

Depending on your activity level, you might get lightweight sandals that are great for walking especially if you have to do the groceries or run some errands. Closed toe sandals are more suitable for simple hikes or walks in the countryside.

If you like to go outside when it rains, make sure to purchase a durable and waterproof pair that prevents water from entering in.

If you’re a jogging enthusiast or you like to compete in running marathons, you know that in the hour following your physical effort, your feet are extremely vulnerable. Since they spend a considerable amount of time doing so much hard work, they need rest just like you do. The best way to do is to invest in the best running recovery sandals that are specially designed to provide supportive footbeds right underneath your arch and full pain relief for your sore muscles and joints.  


Product quality

Recovery sandals aren’t just ordinary sandals that you put on and walk feeling lovely that you’ve bought some expensive brand and you can show off. The whole point is to buy a good pair made of special materials that boost your circulation and relieve the tension from your feet. If you opt for high-quality, you’ll end up saving money because these sandals are durable and can last for quite a few seasons.


Arch and heel support

According to several recovery sandals reviews, it’s crucial to find quality sandals that enable an ample foot support. The negative side is that there are so many cheaply models on the market made of low-quality materials that can cause damages to your feet. Since you plan on wearing your recovery sandals on a regular basis, make sure you get an item that offers full support to your arch and heel and keeps them in a comfortable position.


10 Best Recovery Sandals (Reviews) in 2019


You’ll find products that have this features and can bring you tons of benefits for your feet and overall health. Besides the buying guide, we’ve selected some products that you might want to check out.



1. Bob + Telic Unisex ArchSupport


Since they are recommended by podiatrists, these sandals should be on the list of anyone who’s in the market for a comfortable, light, and easy to wear alternative.

They’re made out of 100% Novalon, which means that they are resistant to abrasion, they have a superior shrink performance, and they ensure that the one wearing them gets more resilience than if they would wear another unit.

Another neat thing about this model is that it is heat-activated, which basically means that you’ll get even more support as you slide your foot into the sandal. The unique design boasted by the product renders it particularly effective in alleviating the pesky pain that most people who have plantar fasciitis are bothered by.

On top of everything, it seems that the construction of this unit makes it possible for those wearing it to benefit from a soft arch support, as well as a somewhat negative heel, which results in considerable pain relief.

When it comes to what buyers have to say about this product, the feedback we’ve come across is mostly favorable. They’re easy to wear, comfy, and budget-friendly. As one customer puts it — what’s not to like about them?


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2. Gone For a Run PR Soles


These sandals are specially designed to provide athletes that endure in a strenuous effort a comfortable pre and post workout footwear that recovers their sore and tired feet.

Plus, the shoes can be worn by anyone who wishes to reduce their aches and put their feet into something more comfortable after long hours spent at the office or running errands.

The sandals feature a unique acupoint technology that consists of a comfortable and durable foam cushion that adapts to your feet size and shape. So you can rest assured these shoes will fit from the very first moment you put them on.

Aside from that, the special sole can activate the nerve endings located in your foot and enable a strong and soothing massage experience that improves circulation and releases the lactic acid that tends to accumulate after a long physical effort.

Quite lightweight, the sandals are easy to wear and to put on. Also, the breathable material allows your feet to stay dry no matter how much you wear the sandals.

After trying on the recovery sandals, you’ll notice your feet being less swollen and tensed. Also, they recover faster, and the benefits are carried throughout the entire body. In order to get the perfect fit, consult the size chart provided by the manufacturer.


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3. Gone For a Run PR SOLES Running Recovery Flip Flops


If you’re a flip flops fan that likes to wear them every day especially during the summer season, you’ll be more than pleased with this recovery model. Specially designed to provide significant comfort for athletes that engage in hard physical efforts or people that spend long hours standing up, these sandals are able to relieve pain and stress from your feet and entire body.

The sandals can increase the blood flow and boost your feet recovery from the very first moment you start wearing them.

Lightweight and incredibly comfortable, the sandals are outfitted with a special technology called Acupoint that enables the sole made of durable soft foam to adapt to your feet size and shape. So when to put on the sandals, they’ll activate your nerve endings in your feet and provide a wonderful, powerful massage. This way, the circulation is improved, and the pain is diminished because the acid lactic is forced to break up.  

Because the sandals boast a modern look, you can wear them on the street, at the gym, or for a walk in the market. The sandals come in handy during the hot season when it’s impossible to wear other types of shoes that leave your feet sweaty and tired.


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4. OOFOS Women’s OOlala


This pair of sandals were designed to speed up the recovery process. They are scientifically proven to decrease stress on the body and help the user feel much better after a hard workout or during a very long day on your feet. 

These models are made from OOfoam that is known to absorb 37% more impact compared to standard footwear foam materials. This reduces stress on your joints and feet. The OOFOS Women’s OOlala Thong Flip-Flops feature a construction that eliminates unnecessary layers leaving only the OOfoam between the ground and your feet. 

Thanks to this innovative technology, the recovery process is improved and you get to wear an outstandingly comfortable pair of shoes. Furthermore, the patented footbed supports and cradles your arches in order to decrease energy exertion in the ankles by up to 20% compared to other footwear. This model is even shower and beach-ready. 

The flip-flops are bacteria and moisture-resistant, so they will not retain any smell. These sandals are made to look good and allow you to wear them all day long. Not only that, but you will feel very comfortable and your feet will not hurt even if you have to walk a lot or stand up for a longer period.


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5. OOFOS Unisex OOahh Sport


This company is known for creating incredibly comfortable footwear that reduces stress on the body and helps you feel better. The model is an excellent option for post-run recovery. Since the sandals are made using the OOfoam technology, they are able to absorb 37% more impact than classic foam footwear materials. 

Their patented footbed is designed to cradle your arches and to reduce stress on sore knees, ankles, feet, and even the lower back. The OOFOS Unisex OOahh Sport is biomechanically designed to allow natural motion. This slip-on, after-sport model holds tight and also conforms to your feet in order to ensure arch support, great impact absorption, and natural motion. 

The sandals are a great option for post-workout recovery and they are also moisture-resistant which makes them great in the shower as well. These slip-on sandals make walking easier and recovery faster. Also, you will feel better. There are many customers out there who decided to try this model and they are very pleased with their purchase. 

People who suffer from plantar fasciitis, foot pain, heel pain or other similar issues mentioned that they started feeling much better after wearing these sandals. Some of them even mentioned that they do not care they are not so pretty because they are incredibly comfortable.


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6. HOKA ONE ONE Mens Ora


You can now rescue your tired feet by wearing these recovery flip thong sandals. If you are on the run all day long or worked hard in the gym, your feet will surely feel tired and sore. These sandals are there to help you recover and feel great. 

You know, it is human nature that we continually put our feet through the wringer every single day. Whether it is morning jogs, standing a lot at your job, or walking your dog, this model can accommodate any schedule without the annoying pressure and pain in your feet. 

The oversized midsole of the HOKA ONE ONE Mens Ora Recovery Flip Thong Sandal provides a cloud-like cushion that your feet will love. Moreover, this model helps maintain the restorative comfort factors the company is known for. The easy slip-on design allows the user to tackle anything from the streets to the beach. 

Furthermore, the plush EVA footbed offers outstanding comfort, spring, as well as durability. If this is an aspect that interests you, you should know that the EVA material is environmentally-friendly as well, so you can wear your pair with confidence. This product comes with great reviews, as most customers are very happy with this purchase.


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7. Superfeet Women’s


The next product on our list was designed with a shape and deep heel cup that was intended for the life on the go. It is certainly not your average flip-flop. The dual strap adds delicacy to your new warm-weather favorite footwear. 

This model was designed specifically for women; therefore, the slimmer heel, as well as arch length, are designed to fit the proportions of female feet. The Superfeet Women’s Rose Sandal is slip-resistant, made of high-quality synthetic rubber. With this model, you will get comfortable and supportive feel insoles that are hidden in this beach-ready flip-flop. 

The dual synthetic leather straps are placed comfortably against the skin and also look great. These sandals are extremely comfortable and you can literally wear them all day long without getting sore feet. Moreover, they are surprisingly comforting after a hard workout because they also absorb shocks and allow your soles to recover. 

You will also like the support they offer. Most customers who tried them mentioned that they offer great value for the money and admit that they are a product exactly as advertised. According to a few buyers, this model runs a size bigger. You might want to consider this aspect before placing that order.


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8. AEROTHOTIC Original


It does not matter if you are looking for comfortable or chic sandals – this model is both. Moreover, these sandals are always in trend. Therefore, you will be wearing an incredibly comfortable pair of sandals that also look great. This model is a multifaceted blend of well-being and elegance. 

This pair of flip-flops with ankle strap deliver a sense of security to the foot and the wearer and that is why you will feel confident while walking. Since they include water-friendly soles, these sandals can be worn in your summer holidays at the beach, or by the poolside. 

Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight, and you will barely feel them. And that is not all! This model is available in various colors and designs. Allow your feet to experience true comfort due to the combination of leather and foam. The sandals were not designed just to be comfortable, but also to deal with issues such as plantar fasciitis. 

People who suffer from this or other similar problems can finally wear sandals that are designed with them in mind. Thanks to the PU material that was used for the platform and overall design, this model can be used as all-purpose wear sandals.


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9. OOFOS Unisex OOahh Sport


This company is well-known for making high-quality footwear for recovery. Thanks to their patented OOfoam technology, the recovery process is accelerated. These sandals are proved to decrease stress on the body. 

They also make you feel better after a hard day or a powerful workout. You can recover much faster and feel much better with this pair on your feet. The soles absorb more impact than traditional footwear foam materials. 

This reduces stress on the joints and feet. For this reason, the OOFOS – Unisex OOahh Sport – Post Run Recovery Slide Sandal is a very popular model and it is worn by many happy customers. 

Moreover, the patented footbed is designed to cradle your arches and decrease stress on sore ankles, feet, knees, and lower back. These sandals are also biomechanically designed to support natural motion. Another advantage of using this model is that it can conveniently be cleaned in the washing machine. 

We are not going to lie to you – these sandals are not beautiful. Some even mentioned that they are ugly. However, according to a large number of buyers, the footwear is so comfortable that they do not care about the aspect. 


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10. Spenco Women’s Fusion


This is a simple, kick-on and kick-off sandal that is perfect for after-workout recovery or for walking around the house. The model is waterproof and antimicrobial which helps reduce odor. Thanks to the deep heel cup, the model delivers better stability and helps defend against over-pronation, which is the foot’s tendency to roll inward. 

Moreover, the sandal offers great arch and heel support, due to the patented The Shape That Feels Great technology. At the same time, the lightweight Fusion Material offers heel-to-toe cushioning. The Spenco Women’s Fusion 2 Sandal Flip-Flop features extremely soft, natural-feel toe post that is non-irritating. It will not chafe and there is no need for break-in. 

The sandals cushion strike impact and reduce pressure at the forefeet. In addition, they disperse pressure away from the metatarsal heads in order to enhance foot motion and to offer increased comfort beneath the foot’s ball. 

Furthermore, the anatomically designed heel dome offers additional material right at the impact zone which decreases pressure at the heels. Thanks to the proven geometry ratio that Spenco is known for, this model has a great alignment of elements that deliver maximum comfort. What more could you ask for from a pair of flip-flops?


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