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uComfy foot massagers – Ratings & Reviews in 2022


After a hard day at work, it’s almost unavoidable that your feet swell a little and start to hurt. Fortunately, having dozens of cool and practical gadgets at our disposal, there are manufacturers that have managed to come up with the technology necessary to soothe and calm the aching muscles and joints of your feet. Should you find yourself short on time while searching for a good product, we have scoured the web for you and found that the best massager from uComfy is the Acupressure with Heat model, with its 24 infrared heating points and 192 vibrating acupuncture points. Also, it features three levels of inflatable pressure and four unique airbags. However, if this product is currently unavailable, you really should check out the uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat as your next best option.



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Given that the foot massagers available for sale come in many shapes and sizes, with different specifications and particularities, it can be somewhat confusing and time-consuming to find a product that’s right for your needs. Fortunately, we are here to assist and help, with the aid of this buying guide that should make your task a lot easier and effortless.

Level of comfort

In the case where you wish to acquire a good uComfy massager, you need to first determine what you want in terms of comfort. When we say comfort, we mean the way your feet are treated when using the product.

The last thing you would wish for when you come home tired and in want of a good massage is a weird and uncomfortable angle for your feet when using the massager, not getting as many areas massaged and soothed as you’d wish and so on. Try to imagine these aspects beforehand, so that when you actually buy a foot massager, you have a clearer picture of what you truly want.



Another essential part of purchasing a foot massager that’s exactly what you want is the need to draw up a list of features you would wish your product to come with. Do you want more cushioning? Perhaps an adjustable speed feature, so that you can truly relax while the massager does its job?

How about features that imitate acupressure and reflexology? Don’t forget about an adjustable temperature option or button that can contribute to making the whole interaction with your product more controlled and pleasurable.



When browsing through the different uComfy foot massager reviews, the first thing you naturally want to know is their prices. This is perfectly understandable and justifiable, especially if you’re on a budget and still wish to buy the best uComfy massager.

Here, we advise you to really take your time and ponder the different options at your disposal, so that at the end you make the best choice for yourself. The sections above are very important in relation to the price of the product you ultimately come home with, therefore don’t rush into buying the most sophisticated-looking possible foot massager without studying its features.


Models that we liked


To back up our suggestions to have in mind when looking for a foot massager worthy of the name, we have also selected a few models we believe would do the trick for you. Check them out below.



Ucomfy Acupressure with Heat


This bad boy reunites the most features one could wish for in a foot massager. It does a good job at soothing your aching, tired feet and relieves them of tightness thanks to its 24 infrared heating points and the three levels of inflatable pressure so that your feet can be massaged as comfortably as possible.

Also, it has 192 vibrating acupressure points that render a paid feet reflexology session with an expert a thing of the past, making you able to experience it in the comfort of your home. Another great feature is represented by its four unique airbags, used in tight conjunction with the acupressure function.

The intensity of this function can also be altered. If you make up your mind about buying it, make sure you have enough room to spare, as the product is quite large.

Otherwise, it might just be what you’ve been looking for in a product of this type.


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uComfy Shiatsu


Another good option, this product also uses heat, but in the form of air massage; based on the Shiatsu therapy, it comes with a standard plug-in power source and a washable cloth cover. The foot massager in question has the important role of improving respiration and regulate the blood pressure and flow.

It is light and portable, in comparison with the first product, having a sleek appearance and design. The kneading button activates a similar motion of the rollers placed under your feet, and their action is quite palpable, so to speak.

Thanks to the air massage, the top part of your feet gets some action too. While you can’t turn on just the kneading or just the heating, it’s still a beneficial and soothing product.

Keeping these features in mind, it would be the perfect relaxing gadget for those of us almost constantly on the go (therefore, whose feet hurt more frequently).


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uComfy Pro Deep Tissue


What makes this massager special is its ability to tackle several different areas of the body, not just the feet. In the form of a hair comb, it is very handy and ergonomic, its main role being to relieve pain, aches, and stiffness.

The result is the activation of oxygen-rich blood circulation to and from the affected muscle tissues.

It is suitable for use on the neck, back, feet, legs, and arms and has a user-friendly interface, with all control buttons placed on the back of the handle: the switch mode button, the power button and the button to increase and decrease the intensity.

Also, the four massage modes and the three intensity levels which it features instantly make it a winner with most people in need of a good whole-body massager.

It has 15 inches in length, and the package comes with six massage heads, stand and charger. What more can one desire, really?


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