Better Health Company Perfect Detox – Complete review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


This is a portable and easy-to-use unit.

Enjoy a fantastic detoxification experience in a simple machine that can be carried anywhere. This foot spa features a heavy-duty acrylic foot basin that has an attachment system to accommodate the controller unit. The large foot basin is accompanied by a free extra array to make two arrays in all. There are 25 free tub liners for hygienic use. The instruction manual ensures easy setup and hassle-free usage every time. The detox brochure comes with a free 16-page informational booklet as well so the user can fully optimize the many benefits of using this device.

There are no difficult-to-activate controls or even cumbersome wrist straps that can limit movement during use. The machine even shuts off automatically to ensure safety.


This best foot spa machine comes with everything you need for out-of-the-box and safe functionality.

Aside from the acrylic basin, instruction manual, tub liners, arrays, detox and informational brochures, this model also ships with 100 percent natural sea salt that contains more than 50 trace minerals to deliver the ultimate detoxification experience. The user simply needs to put water and a little salt into the tub. The machine is pre-programmed to provide a half-hour detox by generating perfectly balanced negative and positive ions to cleanse the body of toxins. The display panel features lights that come on in five-minute intervals so you are aware of the treatment time.

The laminated instructions ensure that they are not easily thrown out. The power supply and controller unit ensure convenient usage every time. The one-year warranty ensures quality craftsmanship.



This device employs modern technology to do its job.

This foot spa is engineered to utilize modern methods of body detoxification. As the user immerses their feet in the tub, the machine emits a timed series of positive and negative ions that reinvigorates, synchronizes and reconditions the natural ionic flow in the body systems. Known as electrolysis, this action is made possible by the included array, which acts as the ion generating device soaked in the water to generate ionic charges that flow throughout the solution.

Every treatment session is comfortable, with the water-and-salt solution transforming from a light-colored liquid to darker shades, signifying that electrolysis takes place with the reaction between dead skin cells, bacteria and fungi and the various substances in the liquid.


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Benefits of using the product


This machine promotes healthy weight loss and toxin elimination.

By increasing your metabolism due to optimal blood circulation, this foot bath encourages healthy weight loss. The fat burning mechanisms of the body are reactivated and the toxins held by the fat cells get released easily. One can get rid of cellulite and also effortlessly maintain their ideal weight once it is attained. All this without discomfort, ensuring soothing release of toxins and chemicals from inside.


This foot spa relieves stress and various body aches and pains.

The warm water provides soothing relief from aching and sore joints, which are common symptoms of bursitis and arthritis. The body is able to eliminate the harmful toxins from all the herbicides and pesticides, additives, preservatives, colorants and other unwanted chemicals present in the air, food and water you regularly take in and that cause innumerable health problems.


This machine helps you feel and look good inside out.

With good energy reserves, you get more done and enjoy a balanced state of body and mind. You not only feel lighter but are also able to think more clearly. Enjoy an enhanced immunity for yourself so you are not affected easily by allergies and flu, suffer less from pains and aches and have long term wellness throughout. This will help slow the aging process and make you look better, too.



Owner feedback


This machine should not be used with distilled water, which is devoid of trace minerals that are needed to react with the emitted positive and negative ions by the array in the water. Tap water is more readily available so regular use will mean no repeated purchase of distilled water that will only be wasted since you throw the liquid out anyway.


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