Beurer Shiatsu Foot – Complete Review

Last Updated: 26.05.19


Main product characteristics


This item is a great investment, mainly if you work in a stressful environment or if you have to spend many hours standing. This model imitates the Shiatsu massage technique in order to decrease stress and loosen the tension. To do so, the unit uses 18 rotating massage heads that reach deep into the tissue of your feet.

The product offers two massage speeds that you can pick between

One of the most relished features of the unit that distinguish it from other similar devices is the fact that it features two massage speeds. Therefore, differently from similar counterparts that only feature one speed, this model allows its users to decide on the proper speed during the massaging session.


The unit is height adjustable

Another feature of the device that you should be aware of is the fact that the model is height adjustable. As a result, you can make use of the twisting pegs that are placed at the bottom of the device in order to adjust its height in accordance with your needs and preferences.


You can operate the device by using your foot

Last but not least, you should know that this model can be operated by using one of your feet. Therefore, to make this product work, you just have to select a power level and enjoy the massage. Moreover, a shut off button is also within close reach.


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Benefits of using the product


The model imitates the Shiatsu massage motion

The device mimics the Shiatsu technique by using the 18 massage heads that it includes. As a result, the massage heads touch the tissue of the foot and loosen the tension from the muscles. Because of this, this item can make you feel comfortable and to leave you stress-free.

Foot reflex massage

According to the seller, this model also uses reflexology in order help you relax. In other words, the device applies pressure to different reflex zones on your feet, so that your entire body feels relaxed. As a result, you will be able to enjoy an improved blood circulation.


The heat function

On top of that, this device comes supplied with a heat function that you can switch on if you want more comfort and a more soothing massage. However, you don’t have to make use of this function if you don’t want to.

Owner feedback


At the time we completed our research, the massager had received plenty of great reviews. According to prior buyers, this item can supply you with the much-needed foot pain relief that you are searching for.

Additionally, this model is said to work best for people with big feet that have difficulties finding a product of this type that is suitable. Also, this model is somewhat portable, as it comes provided with a cord that is quite lengthy. Therefore, you can take the unit with you whenever you are on the move. Lastly, the heat function has received many positive feedback comments from the users.


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