Brookstone 728219 – Complete review

Last Updated: 19.09.20


Main product characteristics


A spa massage is one of the best ways to unwind and relax, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford going to the spa as often as they want, because of the hefty fees practiced and the inconvenience of having the leave their home in order to get the desired treatment. The Aqua-Jet Foot Spa and Foot is the ideal way of cutting the middleman and getting all the foot massage you want without leaving your home. This model works with heat and powerful water jets that deliver the best massage for relieving fatigue and tension in the feet in a timely and comfortable manner.

1.2 Foot Baths - heated foot bath

One of the usual drawbacks of water therapy, when you want to get a good foot massage is that water tends to get cold too quickly. However, if you use the model reviewed here, you will not have to worry about this aspect. The water heats to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and it is maintained that way, so you will be able to soak your feet and keep them there for as long as you long, without having to put up with barely lukewarm water and without having to replenish the container with hot water all the time.

Accessories make a good product really great, as this one proves. The model comes with a removable pumice stone you can use for a complete spa experience. Use the stone to exfoliate the skin on your feet and to remove the rough dry flakes the skin in these areas usually develops. After exfoliating your feet, leave it to the best foot bath, as this model is often called, to do the cleaning and to ensuring the best fatigue relieving massage with the help of hot water and the rolling nodes provided for a deep kneading massage.


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Benefits of using the product


Even if you do not have to walk or stand on your feet all day long, feet have the bad habit of accumulating a lot of tension, so it is very important to have them relaxed and relieved of all the fatigue and tension caused by daily activities, so you can enjoy good health and a good night’s sleep. Actually, it has been revealed by studies that a good foot massage promotes restful sleep, and this is good for your overall health.

Improved blood circulation is a second great benefit of the type of foot massage you can get with the help of the Aqua-Jet Foot Spa and Foot. Do not forget that this type of massage helps you relax, so, in case you suffer from depression or other psychological conditions, you will be able to relieve some of the symptoms and enjoy a better, more fulfilling life.

1.3 Foot Baths - heated foot bath


Owner feedback


The unit is built to accommodate men’s feet, so it is larger than average. Still, there are some consumers who mention that the container is still not large enough to accommodate people with large feet in a very comfortable manner. Even so, those who complain about this aspect say that they would not trade their foot spa bath for any other.


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