Brookstone Aqua-Jet 728219 – Complete Review

Last Updated: 28.09.22


Main product characteristics


It offers spa treatments without having you leave your home

Spa treatments are great for relaxation and overall health, but their main downside is that they are expensive. This is the great thing about the Brookstone Aqua-Jet: it offers you all the benefits of spa treatments without having to pay each time you want to relax and without forcing you to leave the comfort of your own home. Basically, you will get the same high quality relaxation treatment without any other obligations, financial or otherwise, attached.



Your foot massages are personalized

When going to the spa, you may be able to choose from the treatments offered by their business, but you cannot opt for all kinds of optimization options. This is where this machine comes on top once more. The adjusting speeds on the unit make sure that you get just the right amount of pressure you need, so you can enjoy the best massage possible, as you see fit.


Comfortable for both men and women

One thing that puts the Brookstone Aqua-Jet head and shoulders over the competition is that it caters to both men and women, by having a larger container where you will place your feet. Men with feet size up to 14 can use this model without feeling inconvenienced in any way.


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Benefits of using the product


The unit increases blood circulation

The most important benefit of this machine is that it helps with improving blood circulation. The water jets, combined with hot water, help your feet relax, and the stagnating blood in the lower area of your body will begin flowing with ease. This is a very important aspect, since you can greatly improve overall health by ensuring proper blood circulation through such treatments.


It offers a great exfoliating treatment for your feet

The unit comes with a pumice stone – which you can replace as it wears off – that provides you with a great exfoliating treatment for your heels and soles. Dry chapped skin often appears on these areas, and it can be particularly uncomfortable, as well as unsightly. For beautiful, great looking feet, an exfoliating treatment will work wonders, and this is exactly what you will get.


It stimulates reflexology areas in your soles

Ancient Chinese believed that properly massaging one person’s feet can help with overall health, by contributing to the healing of internal organs. The two rolling nodes the Brookstone Aqua-Jet comes with are designed to provide you with a very pleasant kneading massage on the arches of your soles, stimulating important reflexology zones.



Owner feedback


Customers are particularly pleased with this home foot spa, because the unit can heat up the water on itself and maintain it at proper temperature without having you move to get hot water all the time. They also appreciate being able to have their feet properly covered in water and massaged by powerful water jets that simply melt away the accumulated tension. For those spending many hours standing on their feet, this is a great machine to have at home.


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